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My holiday last week




My last weeks holiday




On me a week has a vacation
a感到幸福 Feels happy [translate] 
aIn many countries it is common for teenagers to take part-time jobs while they are still in high school, while in other societies this is virtually unheard of. In the latter situation, students are expected to spend all of their time on their studies and consider schoolwork their "job". In my opinion, students benefit 在许多国家它是共同的为了少年能采取半日工作,当他们仍然在高中时,而在其他社会这是实际上未被听到的。 在后者情况,学生预计在他们的研究上花费所有他们的时间和认为schoolwork他们的“工作”。 以我所见,学生从一种更加平衡的生活方式有益于更多,也许包括工作在一个半日工作。 所以,我相信它是一个好想法为了学生能工作,当学习时。 [translate] 
aIt is a significant feature and debates about the future development of the research sector’s 它是一个signifi伪善言辞特点和辩论关于研究区段的未来发展的 [translate] 
a由买方按CIF成交金额的110%投保中国人民保险公司海运货物水渍险、碰损破碎险和战争险 110% takes out insurance the People's Insurance Company marine transportation cargo with particular average by the buyer according to the CIF deal amount, bumps damages the risk of breakage and the war risk [translate] 
a目前我国学生近视发生率接近60%,居世界第一位。有调查显示青少年近视眼95%是缘于错误的握笔姿势,也有遗传因素之说,但课业负担过重导致的近距离用眼时间过长,仍然是学生近视的主要因素。比如运动和睡眠时间不足或者没有养成良好的用眼习惯。这些都会严重影响我们的视力。因此,我建议,每半年至少进行一次视力检查。 [translate] 
aAndroid SDK tool 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a网络数据产品 Network data product [translate] 
acard games 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahighest education for undergraduate 高等教育为大学生 [translate] 
a所以你他妈的闭嘴 Therefore your his mother's shutting up [translate] 
a一些学生希望继续唱歌,这有助于改善父母的生活 Some students hoped continues to sing, this is helpful in improving parents' life [translate] 
a渡口工作处 Ferry spot work place [translate] 
aForm Redraw 形成重画 [translate] 
a使亚洲学生学业成绩优秀 Causes the Asian student academic achievement to be outstanding [translate] 
aDo you have any noodles? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们一起回教室 We return to the classroom together [translate] 
a为刺激而冒险 In order to stimulate take risks [translate] 
a日语我爱你直到永远 日本語はI永久にまでの愛する [translate] 
a结婚了吗 Married [translate] 
anetscape navigetor 网景navigetor [translate] 
a我不知道这首歌的歌词意思,但我想你会给我它的意思。它应该是美丽的爱情之意。 I do not know this first song the lyrics meaning, but I thought you can give me its meaning.It should be meaning of the beautiful love. [translate] 
a最后过渡到完全用新的奶粉代替老的奶粉。 Finally transits to uses the new powdered milk to replace the old powdered milk completely. [translate] 
aExtend a (possibly long) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aChapter One桭irst Strike [translate] 
a污染已成为全球性问题,对人类、动物和植物危害很大。 The pollution has become the global question, to the humanity, the animal and the plant harm is very big. [translate] 
aEstimated GFR 估计的GFR [translate] 
aAn ongoing process to obtain feedback on processes and practices related to this Code and to foster continuous improvement. 获得反馈的一个持续的过程在过程和实践与这个代码和与养育连续的改善有关。 [translate] 
a正是这种无形的力量是我们克服所有困难 Is precisely this invisible strength is we overcomes all difficulties [translate] 
athe correct answers are not available or published 正确应答不是可利用或出版 [translate] 
a今天早上,我去上学,然后去食堂吃饭,我吃了米饭,鸡蛋和馒头, This morning, I go to school, then goes to the cafeteria to eat meal, I have had the rice, the egg and the steamed bun, [translate] 
a你知道万圣节吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ain a manner,be associated with 有些,同联系在一起 [translate] 
a每天坚持锻炼 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你为什么会来中国读书呢? Why can you come China to study? [translate] 
aI believe these days will last forever 我相信永远那些日子将持续 [translate] 
a除特殊情况,任何人不得随意拿用 独特な情況を、誰でも使用を自由に取る必要がない除去する [translate] 
a她正站在我后面 她正站在我后面 [translate] 
a吸烟导致咳嗽 Smoking causes the cough [translate] 
a孕妇应在原来睡眠的基础上增加1—2小时的午休,尤其是在夏天。睡眠时多以左侧卧位。 The pregnant woman should increase 1-2 hour midday rest at in the original sleep foundation, in particular in summer.When sleep many by left side decubitus. [translate] 
a  飘潘当天下午与中国公安部副部长张新枫会面后在接受媒体采访时表示,这9名军人的所作所为系个人行为,与泰国军队和官方无关。 [translate] 
aAccording to the passage, the reason that tourist industry will continue to develop is _____. 根据段落,原因旅游业将继续开发是_____。 [translate] 
apublic relations 公共关系 [translate] 
atired of tired of [translate] 
a五星摇铃 [translate] 
a国内企业 Domestic enterprise [translate] 
a桌底清理干净 The table bottom cleaning up is clean [translate] 
a他弹的曲子十分好听 He shoots the song is extremely pleasant to hear [translate] 
aThere were autumn days when all the valleys were filled with mist and the crests of Apennines rose darkly out of a flat white lake. 有秋天天,当所有谷充满了薄雾时,并且Apennines冠黑暗地上升了在一个平的白色湖外面。 [translate] 
awhat does your sister do? 您的姐妹做什么? [translate] 
athe moonlit bay the lights were no more than a sparkling chain 被月光照亮海湾光比一个闪耀的链子是没有 [translate] 
aperfertional perfertional [translate] 
aLifetime care 终身关心 [translate] 
a快开门 Opens the door quickly [translate] 
a请把这些书给你弟弟带去 Please the younger brother take away these books for you [translate] 
ado not be sorry 不要抱歉 [translate] 
a我上个星期放假 On me a week has a vacation [translate]