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a它能够提高我的技能,当够带来健康和快乐 It can enhance my skill, when suffices to bring healthy and joyful [translate] 
a巡店 Patrols the shop [translate] 
a门板上盖 シャッター上の頭部 [translate] 
aBootMenu画面选择Recovery BootMenu画面选择补救 [translate] 
ayou should ask or invite some BU colleagues attend your meeting next time. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a因为极度的贫穷,克里斯•加德纳甚至去卖血。功夫不负有心人,凭借自己的努力,克里斯•加德纳最终脱颖而出,获得了股票经纪人的工作,后来还创办了自己的公司。 Because of extreme poverty, Chris•Gardner even sells the blood.The time does not lose the person with high aspirations, relies on own endeavor, Chris•Gardner finally fully exposed talent, has obtained stockbroker's work, afterwards also organized own company. [translate] 
a国大在啊 Country greatly in [translate] 
a预煮 Boils in advance [translate] 
a珊瑚 Coral [translate] 
aKeep On Dancing 保留在跳舞 [translate] 
aYou are my sun 您是我的太阳 [translate] 
aI agree that the information collected via this registration form (including my photograph, if applicable) may be subjected to digital processing by L’Oréal S.A. and its worldwide subsidiaries (list available here). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThank you We can try I hope we will be OK 谢谢我们可以尝试I希望我们将是好的 [translate] 
a戴维穿过一片森林,然后到达了目的地。 David passed through a forest, then arrived the destination. [translate] 
awell he already said on main UCGO forum 很好他在主要UCGO论坛已经说 [translate] 
a"do you know where she lives?"he asked “您是否知道哪里她居住?“他要求 [translate] 
a为了经济利益,家人之间发生争吵 In order to the economic interest, between the family member has the quarrel
a你没有那么胖 You not that fat [translate] 
a做一个诚实,勤奋的好学生。 Makes an dishonesty, diligent good student. [translate] 
asignificant proportion 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a传动文化的不同。 1价值取向不同。美国人注重个性。他们的价值取向基础上是个人主义。注重自己的利益。提倡个性的改善和找到自己真正的价值。这就是美国文化的核心。以为美国学者指出:在一个民主的社会,每个公民都有他自己的目标,是他自己的目的。在一个家庭,个人是最基本的,,独立于其他的家庭关系也不依赖他人。美国家长很重视享受他们的生活,他们不会因为孩子放弃去电影与。中国人注意一把性质集体主义是他们最终要的构想,换言之,这意味着把事物以一个整体考虑。中国人认为一个的生活和其他人是相关联动。从古至今,自我,这一概念的源于与其他人的对比的结果。在中国家庭,父母失去自我的同时,,也没有尊重他们的子女。 [translate] 
a给你自由的爱,冻结我们美好的回忆 For you free love, freezes our happy recollection [translate] 
a人文科学素质和基础科学文化知识 人文科学素质和基础科学文化知识 [translate] 
abecause anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxside result primarily the combustion of fossil fuels. 因为碳dioxside人类放射发生矿物燃料的主要燃烧。 [translate] 
a你的意思你在中国受到过伤害 Your meaning you have received the injury in China [translate] 
ai an writing to inform you that the above named patient is currently in patient of QEH medical unit i通知您的文字以上命名的患者当前是QEH医疗单位的住院病人 [translate] 
a3. Verify the explain about the Vector Displacement Map, hold the cursor over the options and observe the tooltips 3. 核实解释关于传染媒介位移地图,拿着游标在选择并且观察tooltips [translate] 
awhat did your mother do yesterday? 您的母亲昨天做了什么? [translate] 
aAlso, did your team have any concerns on meeting the specifications on the drawings? 并且,您的队是否有任何关心在符合规格在图画? [translate] 
abe prasied high for what he had done 是prasied高为什么他做了 [translate] 
a厚度2~5mm,施工方提供石棉绳 Thickness 2~5mm, the construction side provides the asbestos yarn [translate] 
a鱼离开水 The fish leaves the boiling water [translate] 
a录音机 Tape recorder [translate] 
ayou may go out for a walking 您可以为走出去 [translate] 
a你看我不顺眼 You looked I am not pleasing to the eyes [translate] 
a听起来很有趣 Sounds very interesting [translate] 
aipad1在2010年推出 ipad1 promotes in 2010 [translate] 
a你拥有越高的学历,越容易找到好的工作 You have a higher school record, easier to find the good work [translate] 
a我们希望改为出货后三十天付款 We hoped changes produces goods the latter 30 days payments [translate] 
aMr. Choy Wai-kwan 先生。 Choy Wai-kwan [translate] 
a手表可以告诉我们时间 The wristwatch may tell us the time [translate] 
a哥是你们养不起的神 The elder brother is you cannot raise the god [translate] 
a绿色,请给我 The green, please give me [translate] 
aNext week: the scandalously generic ways in which brands are positioned, why most companies opt for the same tired old brand values, what they are and why they don't work. 下个星期: 品牌被安置的诽谤性普通方式,为什么多数公司选择同样疲乏的老品牌价值,什么他们是,并且为什么他们不运作。 [translate] 
a毕竟,我们学习英语这么多年了 After all, we studied English to be such many the year [translate] 
a通过验证 Through confirmation [translate] 
aMore men and women are waiting longer to get married and are using birth control devices and methods to prevent or delay pregnancy. 更多人和妇女长期等待结婚和使用避孕设备和方法防止或延迟怀孕。 [translate] 
a延时 Time delay [translate] 
a强者傲视一切 The powerhouse shows disdain for all [translate] 
aIn what aspect of your major will you study 在您的少校意志的什么方面您学习 [translate] 
a广博思维 Vast thought [translate] 
ahow about if our company 怎么样,如果我们的公司 [translate] 
acommission in consultation with 委员会在咨询与 [translate] 
aI was at the bus stop ,heading home after a long ,busy day,wh... 我是在公共汽车站,朝向在家在一长,繁忙的天, wh以后… [translate] 
abaffle 挡板 [translate] 
amechanical friction, 机械摩擦, [translate] 
abut to accommodate you 但容纳您 [translate]