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n. (Trad=連接器, Pinyin=lian2 jie1 qi4) connector, adaptor, adapter
a幸福就是一家人都健康,都在一起。快快乐乐过完每一天 Happiness is the whole families is all healthy, all in same place.Joyful every one day [translate] 
a天空太阳 Sky sun [translate] 
abunch 束 [translate] 
a设备识别码 Equipment identification code [translate] 
ations: rigid motion and nonrigid motion 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a分析、解决问题的能力 The analysis, solves the question ability [translate] 
a我叔叔后天要来我家 My uncle will have to come my family the day after tomorrow [translate] 
aa few times 几次 [translate] 
a污水池中的污水基本处于静止状态,随着污水的排入,污染物逐渐沉积在水池的底部,而这些沉积物在水泵正常运行时单靠进水口的吸水力不可能将污水排放出去 In the pool sewage is at the static condition basically, along with sewage injection, the pollutant deposits gradually in the basin base, but these deposit when water pump normal operation only depends on the water inlet the water absorbing force not not impossibly to discharge the sewage [translate] 
aCan You Undersand 能您Undersand [translate] 
ai cant be too scary, i'm the principle 我倾斜是太可怕的, i'm原则 [translate] 
a公文 Archives [translate] 
a因为你,我成了疯子 Because of you, I have become the lunatic [translate] 
aaccpet accpet [translate] 
a405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.The page you are loo 405 -用于的HTTP动词访问这页不允许。页您是厕所 [translate] 
anot say thank you to parents 不是言感谢您对父母 [translate] 
a因此,需要您提供这三款产品的细节图片,进一步确认。 Therefore, needs you to provide these three section products the detail picture, further confirmed. [translate] 
a随着社会进入信息化及电子智能化时代,电子技术发展越来越迅速,应用越来越广泛,对人类生活的影响也更加深远。节能减排、保护环境,是全世界、全人类共同关心的问题,也是我国社会经济发展的重要问题 Enters the informationization and the electronic intellectualization time along with the society, the electronic technology development is more and more rapid, the application is more and more widespread, lives the influence to the humanity to be also profounder.The energy conservation reduces the p [translate] 
aBut it at my home 但它在我的家 [translate] 
a在球场上学会的踏实沉着、竞争拼搏 In the field the academic society steadfast calm, the competition strives for success [translate] 
a* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * [translate] 
atreatment-powder coated 被涂上的治疗粉末 [translate] 
ahypoglycemia 低血糖症 [translate] 
a我们预计明天中午12点返回。 We will estimate the tomorrow noon 12 o'clock returnses. [translate] 
a权力 Authority [translate] 
amost junior hospital doctor work 70 hours 多数小辈住院医生工作70个小时 [translate] 
a第四届班级英语对抗大赛表现突出个人 The fourth session of class and grade English resistance big game displays highlights individual [translate] 
a虽然衣服都弄脏了但是我们在一起玩的很开心 But although clothes all smeared us to play together very happy [translate] 
a独立完成PLC可编程控制器、电子工艺实习及电力系统潮流计算、发电厂电气、继保等课程设计 The independence completes the PLC programmable controller, the electronic craft practice and the electrical power system tidal current computation, the power plant electricity, continues guarantees and so on the curricula to design [translate] 
a最后一点,也许你在现在的岗位上做得很快乐、很开心,但是你发现自己内心并不是追求的这一切,那么也不必过分恋栈,你还年轻,应该追求自己的幸福。 Perhaps last, you do on the present post very much joyfully, very happy, but you discovered oneself innermost feelings are not pursue all these, then also does not need to hate to leave the stable excessively, you are also young, should pursue own happiness. [translate] 
athrottle select switch 节流孔选择开关 [translate] 
a随着人民生活不断发展 Develops unceasingly along with the lives of the people [translate] 
a核辅助系统 Nucleus servosystem [translate] 
a他不在这他在度假 He is not taking vacation in this him [translate] 
a效力于 Potency in [translate] 
a教师节你想给张老师买什么礼物 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayour graphics card does not support multipie render target 您的图形卡不支持multipie回报目标 [translate] 
ayhey are on the school yhey在学校 [translate] 
arainfall 降雨量 [translate] 
a你们还真知接翻译英文,我说句你们无发翻译的!中国城! Your also true knowledge meets the translation English, I said the sentence you not send the translation! Chinatown! [translate] 
awhichever is the size of peanuts can also be used when the day and night cream 哪些是可能也使用花生的大小,当日夜奶油色 [translate] 
a司法局法律援助中心 Judicial bureau legal help center [translate] 
a这就是我的情况。 This is my situation. [translate] 
a发布招聘信息、筛选应聘人员资料;协助制定培训计划和组织实施; The issue employment advertise information, screening responds to a call for recruits the personnel material; Assists to formulate training to plan and organizes to implement; [translate] 
a真他妈的快疯了 His mother quick was really insane [translate] 
aa transformer is an electrical device consisting of one or more coils 变压器是包括一个或更多卷的一个电子设备 [translate] 
a图3.1重庆市血液中心人员构成 Figure 3.1 Chongqing blood center personnel constitutes [translate] 
athat's really something 那真正地是某事 [translate] 
aたま 弹药筒 [translate] 
atravei travei [translate] 
a你们还不知道到吧中国把数码宝贝抄袭的一塌糊涂而且还盗用数码宝贝的音乐 また完全な混乱で中国にさらに横領するデジタル宝物剽窃をデジタル宝物音楽知らない [translate] 
a你们班谁经常上网聊天 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a伊拉克 Iraq [translate] 
a你们的组是什么? 你们的组是什么? [translate] 
ahowever,smiling can make us attractive 然而,微笑可能使我们可爱 [translate] 
a称取4克粗盐到盛有12毫升水的烧杯中。 The name takes 4 grams coarse salt to have in abundantly 12 long and fine hair premium beakers.
a连接器 Coupling [translate]