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In our first mentioned in 303 in New York quoted CIF price of $ 10 per dozen, including our five per cent commission




We mentioned in the quote, No. 303 of CIF prices to New York for $ 10, including our 5% Commission


In addition to our No. 303 of the quotation referred to in the New York CIF price for $10 per hit, including our 5 % of the Commission


Mentions in our 303rd quoted price to the New York CIF price for each dozen 10 US dollars, including we 5% commissions
a实际上,达芬奇"先出口再转内销"的"假洋货"形式并非个例。中国的雪地靴行业,同样发生着这样的事,去年,在淘宝网上,涉嫌销售假冒UGG注册商标商品被捕的人就有很多,他们大量销售假冒UGG品牌的雪地靴,销售数额累计达百余万元。山寨UGG雪地靴遭受重创,而就在这样的环境下,我们的国产品牌北极天使雪地靴(www.gouai.com),却获得了巨大的成功。 In fact, Da Vinci " exports the extension to sell internally again first " " a vacation imported goods " form by no means example.China's snowy area boots profession, is having such matter similarly, last year, in washed on the valuable net, was a suspect the sale to pretend the human who the UGG re [translate] 
a开山岛 Opens the mountain island [translate] 
athe twice day , you are dying for who 两次天,您垂危为谁 [translate] 
aapproved fit tension 批准的适合的紧张 [translate] 
a星座的预测 Constellation forecast [translate] 
a你想你 You think you [translate] 
a我突然很难过,马上笑笑并告诉你"我不相信,你骗人." 私は非常に悲しいAM突然すぐに微笑し、「私を信じないように言う人々を欺く。 「 [translate] 
a你还不睡啊 You do not rest [translate] 
a把问题当做挑战来解决 Solves the question regard challenge [translate] 
a如果你们一定要用pms c If you must certainly use pms c [translate] 
a⑶有時新的燈管會發出閃爍或螺旋狀的光,不用憂慮,這不會影響燈管的光譜. ⑶Has the stylish tube to be able to send out the twinkle or the spiral-shaped light, does not use the anxiety, this cannot affect the tube the spectrum. [translate] 
aexist 存在 [translate] 
aIn the area of professional study, my hard work, attitude is good, good, mastered basic knowledge and expertise 在专业研究区域,我的坚苦工作,态度是好,好,被掌握的基础知识和专门技术 [translate] 
ascholarships 奖学金 [translate] 
aMustard package 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awith network sniffing data to analyze telnet and [translate] 
a我说在我阅读完它之前 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a55公斤 55 kilograms [translate] 
a20世纪80年代,OLAY又加入了有一百多年历史的宝洁大家庭中,宝洁公司的雄厚的实力为OLAY注入了新的发展机遇 1980s, OLAY joined had in more than 100 year historical treasure clean big families, the valuable clean company's abundant strength was OLAY has poured into the recent development opportunity [translate] 
a1.7 The Contractor shall be cooperative and be coordinated with other trades on all issues including but not limited to access and works by other contractors such as designers, carpet contractor, security system contractor, system furniture installers, it, etc. 1.7 承包商将是合作的和协调以其他贸易关于所有论点包括但不限于通入和工作由其他承包商例如设计师、地毯承包商、保安系统承包商,系统家具安置者,它等等。 [translate] 
aYou have 1 application in to-be-approved list. 您有1种应用在对是批准的名单。 [translate] 
amilk that you want to see? 挤奶您想要看? [translate] 
aBachelor of Arts degree in law 文学士学位在法律 [translate] 
aGod's Angel 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们计划为他们组织一天外出 We plan for them organize one day to egress [translate] 
aChinese Chat Chinese Singles Seek Chat & Dating. Find Love Today. Join Free Now! www.ChineseLoveLinks.com 中国人闲谈汉语选拔寻求闲谈&约会。 今天发现爱。 现在任意加入! www.ChineseLoveLinks.com [translate] 
a虽然我们面前仍有困难,但我肯定我们中国人有智慧靠自己实现国家的和平统一 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atap the area code first 首先轻拍区号 [translate] 
a新闻体裁 News literature style [translate] 
aIn Situ Hybridization 在原处杂交 [translate] 
aEmerald 绿宝石 [translate] 
aI wish I could have been there with you.   Your were Jenny,I am not a smart man,but I know what is love. 我祝愿我可能在那里以您。   您是雌鸟,我不是一个聪明的人,但是我知道什么是爱。 [translate] 
a视动行为 Apparent motion behavior [translate] 
agarey ave garey ave [translate] 
a无论任何时候,请安心的在我怀里哭泣 Regardless of any time, please relieved in my bosom sob [translate] 
askin clarifying mask 皮肤澄清的面具 [translate] 
a无论什么颜色性能都一样 Regardless of any color performance is all same [translate] 
a巫婆 Sorceress [translate] 
aYOUR YOUNGER BROTHER STILL HERE? 这里仍然您的弟弟? [translate] 
a在早期,中国每个省也就只两三个外贸公司有权利才能开展进出口业务,而这种外贸公司都是在政府主导下进行。 In the early time, Chinese each province also has the right on the only 23 foreign trade companies to be able to launch the import and export business, but this kind of foreign trade company all is carries on under the government leadership. [translate] 
aIn my heart you will always be the most help 在我的心脏您总将是多数帮助 [translate] 
a这个单肩包由什么材料制造的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aisawyou isawyou [translate] 
aI'm beginning to put on weight 我开始投入重量 [translate] 
a在过去,我以上提到的这些事情都不会实现 In the past, these matters which my above mentioned all cannot realize [translate] 
a他们的婚姻加起来没超过一年 Their marriage adds has not surpassed for a year [translate] 
a柔术 Jujitsu [translate] 
a意思就是 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a美国情报局对思想进步的爱国华人,以莫须有的罪名横加在他们头上,进行政治迫害,不少的华人受尽歧视和虐待。 American Intelligence agency the patriotic Chinese people who progresses to the thought, by the fabricated charge willfully on their, carries on the witch hunt, many Chinese people experience suffering the discrimination and the maltreatment. [translate] 
a从工资里扣 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aand the inland areas around Bourk,Narromine and Alice Springs. 并且内地在Bourk、Narromine和阿丽斯春天附近。 [translate] 
athe listener 听众 [translate] 
aPrevention of Under Age Labor 下面年龄劳方的预防 [translate] 
a很你 My very you [translate] 
a法庭审理 Court trying [translate] 
a昨天他们把你带到了哪儿? Where yesterday did they lead you to arrive? [translate] 
a在我方第303号报价中提到的到纽约CIF价格为每打10美元,包括我方百分之五的佣金 Mentions in our 303rd quoted price to the New York CIF price for each dozen 10 US dollars, including we 5% commissions [translate]