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Some people in order to be loved, by the people concerned are often at the forefront of fashion, while ignoring what they really need. Only a clear understanding of what is needed that will not become victims of advertising.


Some people, in order to be loved by the people concerned, often show in the fashion, while neglecting the cutting edge of what they really need. Only when people clearly identify what is needed for themselves, is not to become a victim of advertising.


In order to some people are loved by the human, are paid attention by the people walk frequently in the fashion front, has neglected any is actually their true need.The people only then clearly recognized any is, only then cannot become the advertisement which oneself needs victim.
aLa couleur peut vanrier en raison des extraits naturels 颜色也许变化由于自然萃取物 [translate] 
a例如,我们的外表 For example, our semblance [translate] 
a3. Propose and sell the appropriate product-services for the customer's needs 3. 为顾客的需要提出并且卖适当的产品服务 [translate] 
awong word sorr 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a鞋垫 尿布 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a未读RFQ Has not read RFQ [translate] 
aIn all respects the Client is responsible and liable that the work, which the Client has requested the Incubator to perform, does not infringe any third-party rights 在各方面工作,客户请求孵养器进行,不违犯任何第三方权利的客户是负责任和有义务的 [translate] 
ahe destroyed just waiting and seeing 他毁坏了等待和看见 [translate] 
a取款機 Draws money machine [translate] 
ainoring inoring [translate] 
a我等不及要告诉你这个好消息 I wait to have to tell you this good news [translate] 
aThis increase in visitation (particularly overnight visitation) spurred the development of over 50,000 hotel rooms and resulted in the direct employment of over 250,000 persons. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ais it time to make love yet 是它时刻办事 [translate] 
a•Have you entered your email correctly? You have entered dehouluo1@sina.cn, if it’s incorrect, you will not receive your email. [translate] 
aCARGILL Nursery-Fn PMX CARGILL托儿所Fn PMX [translate] 
aContent Knowledge: 美满的知识: [translate] 
aparent is singnature 父母是singnature [translate] 
a凉爽的 Cool [translate] 
a; IMG Header Allocation [translate] 
ahi,i'm kate jones i'm writing an article about the bosketbaii team for the school magazine can i ask you some quetions? 高, i'm kate写一篇文章关于bosketbaii队的琼斯i'm为学校杂志可能我问您有些问题? [translate] 
ammsuaprofurl mmsuaprofurl [translate] 
a也许我见到你了会愿意和你办事 也许我见到你了会愿意和你办事 [translate] 
aOldVerDataPathType=0 OldVerDataPathType=0 [translate] 
aビワ [biwa) [translate] 
afuhonghui fuhonghui [translate] 
aIf u never met a person who changed everything. 如果u未曾遇见改变一切的一个人。 [translate] 
afour one zero zero two eight nine three three 四一零零二八九三三 [translate] 
aher father from drowing 她的父亲从drowing [translate] 
aAlthough the system model of dispersion and single enterprise can not meet the demand of the development of automobile industry, electronic business model is based on supply chain can satisfy these needs, is the development of e-commerce mode, in the automotive industry. See Fig. 1 虽然分散作用和唯一企业系统模式不可能适应汽车业的发展的需要,电子商务模型根据供应链可能满足这些需要,是电子商务方式的发展,在汽车制造业。 看见。 1 [translate] 
a法庭审理 Court trying [translate] 
a脱下衣服 Takes off clothes [translate] 
aOral & Maxillofacial Surgery 口头& Maxillofacial手术 [translate] 
aBut the one million people of the city.who thought little of these events,were asleep as usual that night 但被认为一点的city.who的一百万个人这些事件,是睡著和平常一样那夜 [translate] 
aout of singt out of mind out of singt out of mind [translate] 
aI see the same things every day and they don't interest me as much. 我看见同样事和每天他们不感兴趣我象。 [translate] 
a很多人遇到困难或者伤心事会哭泣,但我不会,我会选择坦然面对,认真思考问题的原因,找出解决的方法,这样心情就会好了 Very many people encounter the difficulty or the painful event can sob, but I cannot, I be able to choose face confidently, pondered earnestly the question the reason, discovers the solution the method, such mood could be good [translate] 
adepends on 依靠 [translate] 
aThis message and any attachments are confidential and intended solely for the addressees. If you receive this message in error, please delete it and immediately notify the sender. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any unauthorized use, copying or dissemination is 这则消息和所有附件是机要和单一地打算供收信人使用。 如果您收到这则消息错误,请删除它和立刻通知发令者。 如果这则消息的读者不是预期的接收人,您特此被通报所有越权应用,复制或者传播被禁止。 电子邮件是易受改变。 两者都不Polyconcept香港有限公司。 亦不它的辅助者或会员中的任一 [translate] 
areally not know you once i doing 真正地一次不认识您i做
a在育英中学读书 Is nurturing English Middle school to study [translate] 
a他们没有足够的学习用品和衣物。 They do not have the enough study materials and the clothing. [translate] 
aThat's what I figured 那是什么我计算 [translate] 
a大学校长批准了他在系里的任命 University principal has authorized him in is in appointment [translate] 
a文化因多元而美丽,文化也因趋同而更加综合。文化多元和文化趋同是可以共同存在的,是可以取之共同长处,相互补足的整体。 Culture because of multi-dimensional and beautiful, but the culture also because of hastens with comprehensive.The culture multi-dimensional and the culture hastens with is may coexist, is may take the common strong point, makes up mutually whole. [translate] 
a電気代も経済的 Also electric generation is economic [translate] 
a你好,本款手机听筒并不保证所有的手机同苹果4手机一样的效果的,本店销售出去的听筒都是一一测试所有按键,听和说都是没有任何问题才发出的,之前有客户反应收到的产品不能接听,对方听不到,发回来后测试根本没有任何问题, You are good, this section handset receiver did not guarantee all handsets with the apple 4 handset same effects, the receiver which this shop sells all are 11 test all pressed keys, listens and said all does not have any question only then to send out, before has the customer to respond receives th [translate] 
aheat calium 热calium [translate] 
awithout nothing I can't give up 没有没什么我不可能放弃 [translate] 
a夹紧机构 Clamp organization [translate] 
a一系二系垂向 One is two is vertical [translate] 
a不如我们去看电影吧 Was inferior we watch the movie [translate] 
a我们一致认为view ,每个人不管有没有天赋,只要对社会作出一定贡献,都是成功人士。 We think view, no matter each person does have the talent, so long as makes certain contribution to the society, all is the successful public figure. [translate] 
a卢森堡人 Luxembourg people [translate] 
aEmerald 绿宝石 [translate] 
a有些人为了被人爱戴、被人们所关注常常走在时尚的前沿,却忽略了什么是他们真正需要的。人们只有认清什么是自己所需要的,才不会成为广告的受害者。 In order to some people are loved by the human, are paid attention by the people walk frequently in the fashion front, has neglected any is actually their true need.The people only then clearly recognized any is, only then cannot become the advertisement which oneself needs victim. [translate]