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告诉我,我要 forget.show 我可能不是 remember.let 我尝试,我明白。




告诉我,并且我意志forget.sh ow我和我不可以remember.let我尝试,并且我将了解。
a他过去总是担心考试,但现在不在乎考试了 He passes always worries the test, but presently cared about took a test [translate] 
a给我带来什么 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们约好过来看房子的 We feel better approximately look at the house [translate] 
aRegistrant Organization: 被登记者组织: [translate] 
aHuman beings, and the features of our species that we most prize, are radically contingent. 人和我们多数奖,是根本地意外的我们的种类的特点。 [translate] 
aby far 显然 [translate] 
adried cherries 干樱桃 [translate] 
afold it 折叠它 [translate] 
a某某, Man Male [translate] 
a但我没有钱买买 But I do not have the money buy [translate] 
aApproximate round trip times in milli-seconds: [translate] 
a保护老虎的措施 Protection tiger's measure [translate] 
aPlease choose a different email 请选择不同的电子邮件 [translate] 
aReturns a feature if the intersection of the interiors of the two shapes is not empty and has a lower dimension than the maximum dimension of the two shapes. Returns a feature if the intersection of the interiors of the two shapes is not empty and has a lower dimension than the maximum dimension of the two shapes. [translate] 
a家庭消费决策中主要有以下五种角色。 In the family expense decision-making mainly has following five kind of roles. [translate] 
a我还担心你病了了 I also worried you got sick [translate] 
aa comment 有怎么 [translate] 
aSorry,Don't bother me,Today I am very tired, want to rest 抱歉,不要打扰我,今天我非常疲乏,想要休息 [translate] 
a党委中心组学习管理 Party committee center group study management [translate] 
a乘飞机 Going by plane [translate] 
a作为特性负责人, As characteristic person in charge, [translate] 
adifferent from the day before 与前一天不同 [translate] 
aI feel the breeze,I feel at ease.. 我感觉微风,我感觉轻松自在。 [translate] 
a照顾他自已 Looks after him from already [translate] 
a我讲一下我暑假期间在富士康打工的经历,当时可能是心血来潮,想去体验一下生活,就在网上找招工的信息,看到了富士康招工的信息,就去富士康体验一下,刚到富士康的时候,看到富士康的名字就感觉这里肯定很苦,他的名字前面有个fox,肯定又是一个很滑头的老板,工人生活肯定不好过。在工厂里管理的真的挺严的,每个人都有厂牌,进出工厂的任何地方都需要厂牌,没有厂牌可以说是寸步难行,我去的时候刚好赶上忙季,每天都要工作十一个小时,而且都要站着,才开始的时候很不适应,脚疼得受不了,慢慢的就习惯了,在那里的工人的年龄都很小,我差不多是我们车间最大的了,好多年龄都是十六岁到十九岁之间,他们下了班还去滑冰唱歌逛街,我才去的时候有点受不了,工作完回去就到头就睡,慢 [translate] 
a请输入您需要muropeptides翻译的文本! Please input you to need the muropeptides translation the text! [translate] 
ag) Selected sliding pressure mode and the pressure increases to the operating point [translate] 
aWartaken Wartaken [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本! Pending 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你可以去北京,北京是一个很漂亮的地方。那里有很著名的风景名胜,包括故宫和长城。在那可以感受到传统的中国文化。而且人们都很友好。你也可以去杭州旅游。杭州的风景优美,气候宜人,是中国最著名的风景旅游城市之一 You may go to Beijing, Beijing are a very attractive place.There has the very famous scenery scenic spot, including Imperial Palace and Great Wall.May feel the tradition in that the Chinese culture.Moreover the people very are all friendly.You also may go to Hangzhou to travel.Hangzhou's fine scener [translate] 
a玉龙雪山 Jade dragon snowy mountain [translate] 
a所有人 All people [translate] 
a中国人待人注重礼节,重人情,讲关系,故中国素有“礼仪之邦”的美称。中国人谈吐含蓄,不易直接表露真实思想,思想比较保守,不轻易冒险:反映在外交中则显得中规中矩.用毛泽东话来说"人不犯我我不犯人;人若犯我我必犯人” The Chinese treats people the attention courtesy, the heavy human sentiment, speaks the relations, therefore China is known as “nation of the etiquette” laudatory name.The Chinese style of speaking contains, is not easy to reveal directly the real thought, the thought quite is conservative, take ris [translate] 
aYou will receive an email once your blog is published! 一旦您的blog被出版,您将接受电子邮件! [translate] 
aputty on the beam 油灰在射线 [translate] 
a所以电脑有好处也有坏处 Therefore the computer has the advantage also to have the fault [translate] 
a私はこのすべてで快適になります 为了做綠它在镇继续我们TAKENAKA做富有的舒适的生活空间 [translate] 
aI buy some food on my way home. 我在我的途中买一些食物家庭。 [translate] 
aI recentlylostmy colleaguessay,ohI do not wantthis,butrecentlydidalittleappetitebadOh! I recentlylostmy colleaguessay, ohI不wantthis, butrecentlydidalittleappetitebadOh! [translate] 
a西塘 West pond [translate] 
a距今2700年历史 Est indépendamment de maintenant dans 2700 l'histoire [translate] 
aJue 13, Ene 2011 Jue 13日, Ene 2011年 [translate] 
a因为最后两页不重要,你不需要它 Because the final two pages are unimportant, you do not need it [translate] 
a现代人的生活很忙碌 Modern people's life bustles about very much [translate] 
a自贡市宏益建筑安装有限公司 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a当我考试失败 When I take a test the defeat [translate] 
a脂、BHA抗氧剂、色素。 [translate] 
a1985年,OLAY正式与宝洁公司合作 In 1985, OLAY official and the valuable clean company cooperated [translate] 
a这些学生常犯语法错误 These student habitual criminal grammatical error [translate] 
aAngels feather 天使羽毛 [translate] 
adisplay results 显示结果 [translate] 
a阴干 Drying in the shade [translate] 
a温度指示控制仪 Temperature instruction control meter [translate] 
ahard work or work hard? happies 坚苦工作或工作艰苦? happies [translate] 
a恩呢 Graciousness [translate] 
a而OLAY在护肤行业和广大女性心目中良好的口碑与声誉为宝洁公司带来了全新的活力 But OLAY the good oral traditions and the prestige has brought the brand-new vigor in the skin care profession and the general feminine mind for the valuable clean company [translate] 
atell me and i'll forget.show me and i may not remember.let me try and i'll understand. 告诉我,并且我意志forget.sh ow我和我不可以remember.let我尝试,并且我将了解。 [translate]