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Victory is persistently


The insistence is the victory
aWhen we first met, I had no idea you would be so important to me 当我们首先见面了,我不知道您会是很重要对我 [translate] 
aWind energy is a rather young industry, but one which already makes good economic sense 风能量是相当年轻已经有好经济道理的产业,但一个 [translate] 
a电子线路插板 Electronic circuit flapper [translate] 
aSOME QUESTIONS FOLLOWING 有些问题跟随 [translate] 
ajonnenan jonnenan [translate] 
atemperatune inside air temperatune在空气里面 [translate] 
a办公专家 Work expert [translate] 
aPian er chuan 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adimensioned features 被度量的特点 [translate] 
amultiple modal 多语气 [translate] 
a没有回不去,只有过不去 Could not have gone back, only then cannot pass [translate] 
a还礼了 Returned salute [translate] 
a一些事,只配当回忆。一些人,只能做过客。既不回头,何必不忘。既然无缘,何必誓言。这个世界那么脏,谁有资格说悲伤。 Some matters, only match when recollects.Some people, only can be a guest.Also does not turn head, why does not forget.Since does not have the good fortune, why pledge.This world that internal organs, who has the qualifications to say sadly. [translate] 
a我敢发誓:我没有做任何对不起你的事,更没有想过要夺走你男友 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a停止 Stop [translate] 
a我们经常在一起跑步 We together are jogging frequently [translate] 
a过去,很多人患了呼吸道疾病,有的人甚至得了肺癌 In the past, very many people have contracted the respiratory disease, some person even lung cancer [translate] 
a到时我们将使用免费房券付款,预定完成后请回复确认书,非常感谢! [translate] 
asteamed 蒸 [translate] 
a他和我是同一个专业的,只是比我高一个年级。 He and I are identical specialized, only is higher than a grade me. [translate] 
a人才。 Talented person. [translate] 
a鱼不会闭上它的眼睛吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe real measure of our wealth is how much we'd be worth if we lost all our money.Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures 我们的财富真正的措施是多少我们会值得,如果我们丢失了所有我们的钱。自已怀疑是大多的起因我们的失败 [translate] 
a【目的】 了解福田区糕点食品以及食品生产过程的卫生状况。【方法】 随机在辖区内的学校食堂、包子店、蛋糕面包店以及超市抽取糕点类食品511份,测定其微生物指标和重金属含量,用自制问卷调查148家糕点制作单位的卫生状况。【结果】福田区511份糕点食品中微生物指标合格率为73%。理化指标的合格率 75%,糕点食品卫生合格率为61%;糕点制作单位卫生许可证合格率72%,从业人员健康证持有率71%,糕点制作单位卫生状况合格率为60%。【结论】 福田区糕点类食品卫生存在较为严重的问题,必须引起重视,卫生监督部门应加大管理力度,保障人们健康。 [Goal) Understands Fukuda area cakes and pastries food as well as food production process hygiene condition.[Method) Stochastically in the area of jurisdiction school cafeteria, the steamed stuffed bun shop, the cake bakery as well as supermarket extraction cakes and pastries class food 511, determi [translate] 
a请稍候,正在下载专家名单 Please slightly wait, is downloading the expert name list [translate] 
aspirax spirax [translate] 
a入职日期 Enters the duty date [translate] 
aEnjoy it 享用它 [translate] 
a我骗了你 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou can do that? 您能做那? [translate] 
aauf die haube nicht vergessen 不要忘记在敞篷 [translate] 
aI will also contact with a lot of banking business 我与很多银行业务也将接触 [translate] 
adate f.a.i.r.performed date f.a.i.r.performed [translate] 
a希望你们可以成为我们中的一员 Hoped you may become in us [translate] 
a当热处理稳定后 After heat treatment stable [translate] 
a一年前 A year ago [translate] 
aDoctors to be a professional 是医生专家 [translate] 
a  According to the fifth population census, 2000, 0-9 age ten 12.77 million more boys than girls in the age group. Removing natural part of the millions of girls are without birth or death after birth, the girls the right to life of deprived by their family. Some media have reported that the rising sex ratio at birth w   根据第五人口普查, 2000年, 0-9年龄十12.77百万个多男孩比女孩在年龄组。 去除成千上万的自然部分女孩是没有诞生或死亡在诞生,女孩以后生活的权利由他们的家庭剥夺。 有些媒介报道上升的性比率出生时导致未来一定数量的“学士”,导致男性配偶拥挤和影响未来社会,经济和文化方面全部。 [translate] 
aProfilometer 轮廓测定器 [translate] 
a为确定房地产抵押贷款额度提供参考依据而评估房地产抵押价值。 In order to determine the real estate mortgage loan specified amount provides the reference to appraise the real estate mortgage value. [translate] 
aWorld Trade Center, mad cow or bird flue 世界贸易中心、疯狂的母牛或者鸟通气管 [translate] 
anext time we will chat.so nice to chat with you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a有三种配置 Some three kind of dispositions [translate] 
a那将是即辛苦又有挑战性的工作 That will be namely laborious also has the challenging work [translate] 
a电话:0755-27958398 Telephone: 0755-27958398 [translate] 
a两驱都市型 Two drives the metropolis [translate] 
aThey are of the view that human cloning means, in a sense, is a natural boundaries. 他们是看法人的克隆手段,实际上,是天然分界线。 [translate] 
a他们认为克隆手段在某种意义上是在在弄自然。 They thought the clone method is in is making the nature in some kind of significance. [translate] 
a我现在还在澳门,我下班过大陆就寄钱到你账户,记得去看医生 I also in Aomen, I get off work the mainland to remit money now your account, remembered goes see a doctor [translate] 
aI'm still in Macau, I got the Mainland will send money to your account, remember to go to the doctor 我仍然是在澳门,我得到了大陆将寄发金钱到您的帐户,记得去医生 [translate] 
a中国传统服装 高档织锦缎 女士唐装 秋装 外套上衣 Chinese tradition clothing upscale tapestry satin woman Chinese-style clothing fall clothing coat coat [translate] 
a你在哪儿下车 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a硫含量的不同将导致颜色的不同 硫含量的不同将导致颜色的不同 [translate] 
a我每天晚上 My every evening [translate] 
auptown girl 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIt is the unexpected nature of events that creates a crisis situation. 它是创造一个危机情况事件的意想不到的本质。 [translate] 
a坚持就是胜利 The insistence is the victory