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athose who were born during world warll had a difficult life in their childhood 在世界warll期间是出生的那些人有困难的生活在他们的童年 [translate] 
aA decision will normally be given to you within 10 working days of the hearing or such further period as is agreed. The decision will be final, and the grievance procedure is exhausted at this stage. Request to be accompanied at the Grievance Hearing 决定通常将做出您在听力或这样进一步期间的10个工作日内象同意。 决定将是最后的,并且委屈做法在这个状况下被用尽。 请求伴随在委屈听证会 [translate] 
a你自己去看看吧 You have a look [translate] 
ajust then, my father came over. "are you enjoying yourselves, you two?" he asked. then he saw the strange black thing. "what is it?" he said, bending down to take acloser look. suddenly, he said,"quick kids, get away from here. go and play somewhere else." [translate] 
a当苹果散发出诱惑人的清香时,世界正为三个具有传奇性质的苹果感慨 When the apple sends out entices the human the delicate fragrance, the world just is three has the legendary nature apple feeling [translate] 
a不仅投身专业知识中,还通过了GRE和托福考试。 Not only joins in the specialized knowledge, but also passed GRE and the TOEFL. [translate] 
ai was ever a fighter 我是战斗机 [translate] 
aProcess Failed, Repowering Mobile 处理不合格,补充动力机动性 [translate] 
abye baby mis 次级婴孩我 [translate] 
a我是宝贝。你很难受吗?哈萨克语 I am the treasure.You very uncomfortable? Khazak language [translate] 
ai have my pride, with what to U go humble yourself 我有我的自豪感,与什么到U是谦逊你自己 [translate] 
aAfter four hours he was still standing on the side of the road. Nobody had stopped. Noel had an idea. He went home. He wrote Melwood, a town about one hundred kilometers to the south on the back of his piece of paper. Then he went back to the road. [translate] 
a担担面 Bearing bearing aspect [translate] 
aLeonardo Galasso Leonardo Galasso [translate] 
a打擊 Attack [translate] 
aThis may take a few minutes 这也许需要几分钟 [translate] 
achopped 砍 [translate] 
a亚克力钻石 Asian gram force diamond [translate] 
a这些照片使我回想起了我的学生时代 These pictures caused me to recollect my school days [translate] 
a我只想让你知道在摄影上和在我的情感上我爱上了你 I only want to let you know and I has fallen in love with you in the photography in mine emotion [translate] 
a你的父母身体不好,你应该多去看看他们 Your parents body is not good, you should have a look them [translate] 
a由于,制造业绿色工艺创新系统符合因果关系,具有多重回路特性,且制造业绿色工艺创新属于复杂的社会经济管理系统中的科技子系统,包含在系统动力学的研究对象之列,因而适合运用系统分析的方法从系统整体角度来认识制造业绿色工艺创新。 Because, the manufacturing industry green craft innovation system conforms to the causal relation, has the multiple return route characteristic, also the manufacturing industry green craft innovation belongs to in the complex social economy management system management system technical subsystem, co [translate] 
a不是抱怨工作多么的难做 Is not complained the work how difficult to do [translate] 
a,可以将发顶部位拉高并凸出蓬松感(请参考赫本在《Tiffany的早餐》中的造型)。喜欢略带慵懒的现代造型,可以将发髻松松挽起,再留出些许碎发。 [translate] 
aThis IMEI number seems to be correct, but we do not have any information on this specific handset. Please add the missing information below. 这个IMEI数字似乎是正确的,但我们没有任何信息关于这个具体手机。 请增加缺掉信息如下。 [translate] 
aService Unavavailable Service Unavavailable [translate] 
aaugencreme 眼睛奶油 [translate] 
aR.B.Space R.B.Space [translate] 
acautionly cautiouly [translate] 
a美丽的早晨,因为想念你 Beautiful morning, because thinks of you [translate] 
a不好意思哦 我不会英语 Embarrassed oh I cannot English [translate] 
aHave you seen Tom recently? 您看见了汤姆最近? [translate] 
a我不能还没实现自己设定的目标就离开这个世界 I cannot not achieve the goal which oneself establishes to leave this world
a厂家 Factory [translate] 
aConcentrate on 集中 [translate] 
ait declares that such committees "are frequently a useful and beneficial means of furnishing expert advice,ideas,diverse,opinions to the Federal Government" 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a因为这里空气清新、气候凉爽 Because here air fresh, the climate is cool
a毛毯 Wool blanket [translate] 
aWARNING! Do not change these values until you have consulted with your Broadband Service Provider 警告! 不要改变这些价值,直到您与您的宽频服务提供者咨询 [translate] 
a这是给你们公司的第三次短信和传真,如果本月底仍然没有供应给我们,我们将由于拖后我工期而对你们进行罚款 This is for you company's third short note and the facsimile, if end of this month still has not supplied gives us, but we after will tow my time limit for a project to carry on the fine to you [translate] 
a'불쾌 한 수 있습니다 ‘有可能性的是令人不快的 [translate] 
a那你还去考试吗 Then you also take a test [translate] 
a管理员,你是废话,我的问题还没回答呢 The manager, you are the idle talk, my question does not have the reply [translate] 
aRough 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a连杆与机壳干涉 Connecting rod and cabinet interference [translate] 
a十一月中旬 Mid-November [translate] 
a研究目的 Research goal [translate] 
aDelivery Status Notification 交付状态通知 [translate] 
aThanks for your fully support 感谢您的充分地支持 [translate] 
a为研究提供了一种新的方法 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a听了妈妈的话,我知道了耐心很重要,因为耐心是成功的一部分。从那时候起,我做什么事情都会有耐心,在生活中耐心做事,把事做到最好,在学习上耐心学习,凡是不气馁,这样才会慢慢成功。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a自己都没有肯定自己、如何让他人来说你的好 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a祝贺你 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asend me size of packing (full logistic information) for position which I interested 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe proper function of man is to live, but not to exist. 人的适当的作用将居住,但不存在。 [translate] 
a首先,我非常佩服你有勇气来中国做生意! First, I extremely admire you to have the courage to come China to do business! [translate] 
aI love the people 我爱人民 [translate]