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I can't see your face


I can't see your face


I can't see your face


I do not see your face


I cannot see your face
a  now say others....um....yeah! Jing`s boy friend is a french ,he is very kind ang good man .He`s said :"I`m 32 years old now,'' but I think he is just 25 or 27 . he is look so young ,and he`s father with france president are besst friend! It`s so cool! oh! time is money! That`s all. bye bye!   现在言其他….um….呀! 京`s男朋友是法国人,他是非常亲切的ang好人。他`s说:“我`m现在32年, ",但我认为他是25或27。 他是神色,因此年轻人,并且他`s父亲与法国总统是besst朋友! 它`s很凉快! oh! 时间是金钱! 那`s全部。 再见! [translate] 
aProhibit hunting of animals 禁止动物狩猎 [translate] 
athe better time to wish people that is around bed time 更好的时候祝愿是在床时间附近的人 [translate] 
a她现在设计衣服 She designs clothes now [translate] 
a但我们也相互学会了很多东西 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aheteroatoms heteroatoms [translate] 
a同时也对比了音频会议和视频会议 Simultaneously has also contrasted the audio frequency conference and the video frequency conference [translate] 
a会带来一系列的麻烦 Can bring a series of troubles [translate] 
aEnter a valid working email address. 输入一封合法的运作的电子邮件。 [translate] 
a我不知道你在说什么,你可以说中文,我不介意 I did not know you were saying any, you may speak Chinese, I did not mind [translate] 
aI will do, if you need everytime 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIam going on holiday in Beijing 去休假在北京的Iam [translate] 
a表演 Performance [translate] 
a只要付出等于回报 So long as pays is equal to the repayment [translate] 
a3.政策的倡导者 3. policy initiators [translate] 
a圣诞假期 Christmas vacation [translate] 
a我爸爸每天步行上班花费20分钟 My daddy walks every day goes to work spends 20 minutes [translate] 
aACCUMULATOR 累加器 [translate] 
astrengths 力量 [translate] 
ayogurt 酸奶 [translate] 
a中西方饮食文化的差异。 Western diet culture difference. [translate] 
aorganoleptic 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAnkle-Brachial Index for Assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease 脚腕上臀索引为对周边动脉疾患的评估 [translate] 
acome over!! lol im horny 过来!! lol im有角 [translate] 
a这两个月以来,发生的事情实在太多了。。。。。让我没有来得及准备、没有时间去伤心难过、命运打了我一个冷不防;彻底让我失去了幸福的理由、失去了追求理想的能力和可能性;如果上天终究还是要收回我妈妈的灵魂,那么我会让她在活着的时间里面过得开开心心、和和美美的。我不会让妈妈带着遗憾和痛苦离世的~~不管命运是怎样安排着,虽然不知道明天会发生什么,但是我会认认真真地照顾好妈妈,让她踏踏实实的过好今天。我爱你!妈妈。。。。。。。。 These two months, have occurred the matter too are really many.。。。。Let me not have to prepare, not to have the time with enough time to go to sad, the destiny sadly has hit my one suddenly; Let me lose the happy reason, lose the pursue ideal ability and the possibility thoroughly; If ascends the sky [translate] 
aHere you can modify the default Broadband settings that connect you to your Broadband Service Provider 您能修改联络您到您的宽频服务提供者的缺省宽频设置 [translate] 
aLégende des boutons et des couleurs Caption buttons and colors [translate] 
a目的:通过黄芪多糖联合长春瑞滨对老年肺癌患者疗效的观察,探讨长春瑞滨在老年肺癌中的治疗效果以及黄芪多糖在治疗老年肺癌作用、提高患者免疫功能和减轻化疗药副反应的机制。 Goal: Unites the Changchun auspicious shore through the yellow qi polysaccharide to the old age lung cancer patient curative effect observation, discusses Changchun auspicious shore in old age lung cancer treatment result as well as the yellow qi polysaccharide in the treatment old age lung cancer f [translate] 
a是我的错 Is my mistake [translate] 
a逐步的 Gradually [translate] 
aGood one~but I think it depend 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你可以从各方面说说 You may from various aspects said [translate] 
aHard as his life was 艰苦作为他的生活是 [translate] 
a这是锻炼和发挥才能的好场所, 我期望能加入其中, 为公司的宏伟事业添砖加瓦, 奉献自己的一份力并取得个人的价值提升。 This is the exercise and the display can the good place, I among expected can join, contributes labor and materials for company's grand enterprise, offers an own strength and obtains individual value promotion. [translate] 
aGrowth opportunities 成长机会 [translate] 
aDone in or before the iteration in which the implementation is to be performed. 做在或在实施将执行的叠代之前。 [translate] 
a加强道路交通管理,科学地实行交通管制。城市主干道尽可能建设“绿波工程”,可大大提高道路通行能力,加强对违章驾驶的查处力度,提高处理交通事故的效率,都可减少交通拥堵的出现。 The enhancement road traffic management, implements the traffic control scientifically.The city host yang or male principle constructs “the green wave project” as far as possible, may sharpen the road capacity greatly, strengthens to the investigation dynamics which violates regulations to drive, en [translate] 
acan not help laughing 不可禁不住笑 [translate] 
ano horn 没有垫铁 [translate] 
ais this table fine? 这张桌是否是美好的? [translate] 
a我希望我有一个温暖的家庭 I hoped I have a warm family [translate] 
a汽车与机械工程学院 Automobile and mechanical engineering institute [translate] 
aFUCK GIRL HARD 交往女孩坚硬 [translate] 
a实现自我 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aChinese I are not well, you have my English exam 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHuman nature is selfish, is always the look not thoroughly 人类本性是自私的,不周到地总是神色 [translate] 
a到消失在你生活的时间了 To vanished the time which lived in you [translate] 
aswalls and ceilings swalls和天花板 [translate] 
ai may also be reached at my e-mail address :matkinson@kdsi.net 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aahead only 向前只 [translate] 
a专卖店买 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI don't know what you mean, but I know it's not what you think 我不知道什么您意味,但我知道它不是什么您认为 [translate] 
a。Small men 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asecret is not valid 秘密是无效的 [translate] 
a编制银行余额调节表,代表事务所进行业务投标等。 The establishment bank balance adjustment table, carries on the service bid on behalf of the office and so on. [translate] 
a我看不见你的脸 I cannot see your face [translate]