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aa day of school 一天学校 [translate] 
a电影《唐顿庄园》看后感。 The movie "the Downton Manor" after looked feels. [translate] 
aFor the continuous improvement of our Sustainability Chain program your feedback is very valuable to Siemens and will help us to further improve our process and the collaboration with our suppliers. Your feedback will not influence the evaluation result of the previous questionnaire. 为我们的能持续力链子节目的连续的改善您的反馈对西门子有价值,并且帮助我们进一步改进我们的过程和与我们的供应商的合作。 您的反馈不会影响早先查询表的评估结果。 [translate] 
a为学生的将来作准备 Will prepare for student's future [translate] 
aHas she does five photos? 有她做五张相片? [translate] 
a关于美国3D大片的发展史书 This is one about the American 3D big piece development history book [translate] 
a我们去挖土豆 We dig the potato [translate] 
aming tombsby ming tombsby [translate] 
a别说朋友的坏话。别懊恼 Let alone friend's malicious remarks.Do not be annoyed [translate] 
arealief realief [translate] 
a他们是怎样去上学的 How do they are go to school [translate] 
a线绳无法断裂 The cotton rope is unable to break [translate] 
a额外的惊喜 Extra pleasantly surprised [translate] 
a铁婆 Hard husband's mother [translate] 
aHowever,I was very interested in English。Now I want to spoken English ability,can help to my daughter for the purpose of learning english。 然而,我是非常对英语感兴趣。现在我想要讲话的英国能力,可以帮助对我的女儿为学会英语的目的。 [translate] 
a英语笔记 English note [translate] 
a社会交往能力是指妥善处理组织内外关系的能力.包括与周围环境建立广泛联系和对外界信息的吸收、转化能力,以及正确处理上下左右关系的能力. The society associates ability is refers properly processes ability which inside and outside the organization relates. Including with the environment establishment widespread relation and to the outside information absorption, transformed ability, ability which as well as about correct processing ab [translate] 
aa hr manager will usually send an employee-evaluation form to line managers 小时经理通常将寄发一个雇员评估形式到线路管理员 [translate] 
ameets all our ideals 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBaby hope that tonight everything will be in the past, as mentioning the heart will go, and really really want all this early in the past, if he repeatedly insisted, then I will take care of your rest of his life, I will do better, as long as you do not mind me 今晚一切将是从前的婴孩希望,如提及心脏将是和真正地真正地想要所有此及早从前,如果他一再坚持了,然后我照料您的其余他的生活,我更将好做,只要您不介意我 [translate] 
a经常陪我去购物 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a团队舞蹈 Team dance [translate] 
a  汉谚:1、塞 [translate] 
awaste oil tank the steam line has missing valves and pips next to the connection to the tank 废油坦克蒸汽管道有缺掉阀门和小核在与坦克的连接旁边 [translate] 
a中国是一个具有悠久历史的国家 China is one has the glorious historical country [translate] 
a公式 Formula [translate] 
a这个世界没有什么当时,假如,如果。只有一个 This world not any at that time, if, if.Only then [translate] 
a科学发现常用于工农业生产中 Science discovery commonly used in industry and agriculture production [translate] 
a对于人的健康,生活习惯是很重要的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的感情世界太复杂,你承受不起。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a冬天这里经常刮大风 Here frequently blows in the winter the gale [translate] 
amost students in grade one get toschool . 多数学生在等级你得到toschool . [translate] 
afnck you fnck您 [translate] 
aher baseball and keys 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a它听起来像一只鸟 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a由此我们可将一般国际贸易物流过程抽象为一个存在着物流的增值网络拓扑结构。并可将物流基本问题归结为网络流量和路径选择问题。 From this we may abstract be exist the general international trade physical distribution process the physical distribution increment network topology.And may sum up the physical distribution basic question as the network current capacity and the way choice question. [translate] 
aWorld leaders have sent condolences to Turkey. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and President Serzh Sarkisian of Armenia made a joint telephone call to Turkish President Abdullah Gul to express their sympathies. U.S. President Barack Obama said the United States will stand "shoulder to shoulder" with Turkey during t [translate] 
aPlease enter a valid email address 请输入一封合法的电子邮件 [translate] 
a如果你有驾驶证,你就可以想开车的时候就开。相反,如果你没有驾驶证,你决不能开车。 If you have the driver license, you may want to drive time opens.On the contrary, if you do not have the driver license, you can drive in no way. [translate] 
aCan you supply these products? Post Your Products Now! 您能否供应这些产品? 现在张贴您的产品! [translate] 
a黄莺啼叫着,燕子互相交谈着,来往的游客很多 The oriole is yelling, the swallow is conversing mutually, communicates the tourist are very many [translate] 
ajob objective 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPassword length should be 6-20 characters long. Alphanumeric and extended text are allowed. 密码长度应该长期是6-20个字符。 字母数字和延长的文本允许。 [translate] 
aYou do not say the number to me? Your telephone number 您对我不说数字? 您的电话号码 [translate] 
a跑车沙发 Race car sofa [translate] 
ahiatus 间隙 [translate] 
a你要幸福,我们是一辈子的好朋友,不分开 Πρέπει να είστε ευτυχείς, είμαστε για μια διάρκεια ζωής που ο καλός φίλος, δεν χωρίζει [translate] 
a以后用这种方式来阐述心情了,少数人才能完全看懂,我也不用太顾忌什么 Later with this way elaborated the mood, the small number of people has been able to understand completely, I do not need too to have scruples any [translate] 
a黄莺啼叫着,燕子互相交谈着,来往有很多游客 The oriole is yelling, the swallow is conversing mutually, communicates has very many tourists [translate] 
a报纸里有聚会,食物和健康的新闻 In the newspaper has the meeting, food and the health news [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!I come from Pilipinas,live in Zhanjiang of CN. I come from Pilipinas, live in Zhanjiang of CN. [translate] 
ain paired writing,students form pairs of authors and editors 在被配对的文字、学生形式对作者和编辑 [translate] 
apears 梨 [translate] 
a虽然这是一个无聊的笑话,但我还是希望带给你们一个好心情 Although this is a bored joke, but I hoped takes to you a good mood [translate] 
asee u later 看u后 [translate] 
aevoulution evoulution [translate] 
aRose has goas of milk in her hand. 罗斯有牛奶goas在她的手。 [translate]