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Wonderful life ah
aDorothy、舞 多萝西、舞 [translate] 
aclean&sweet clean&sweet [translate] 
aBe stuffed round cakes. 是被充塞的圆形蛋糕。 [translate] 
afollow.your.heart 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a永远是你后面的支持 Forever is behind you the support [translate] 
aсанитарная служба 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a模拟大赛 英文 Simulation big game English [translate] 
a有些人帮助别人后反而引来很多麻烦 After some people help others instead to bring in very many troublesomeness [translate] 
aYet the Israeli-Palestinian talks in 2007 and 2008 provide an invaluable template for a new, Obama-led push for peace. 以色列巴勒斯坦谈话2007年和2008为新, Obama被带领的推挤提供一块无价的模板为和平。 [translate] 
a我我只想简单,真诚地祝福你们,请你们相信我 I to your heart any evil intention, I only have not wanted to be simple, prays for heavenly blessing you sincerely, asks you to believe me [translate] 
a整整一周时间,他都再忍受着牙痛的折磨 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在大陆已持续十年呈两位数增长 Has continued for ten years in the mainland to assume two figure growths [translate] 
aAll all, because I love you 所有所有,因为我爱你 [translate] 
a匆忙下结论 Draws a conclusion hurriedly [translate] 
aeclat d`arpege 强光D `琶音 [translate] 
a以中国文化为代表的中国乃至东亚、东南亚地区,受到儒家思想影响深远。这种文化总的表现为:注重个人修养,注重道德力量,反对武力,注重与他人、自然的和谐相处,追求精神的超脱,以“仁”和“孝”为社会架构的核心。 Take the Chinese culture as representative's China and even East Asian, the Southeast Asia area, comes under the Confucianist thought influence to be profound.This cultural total performance is: Pays great attention to individual tutelage, the attention morals strength, opposes the military force, p [translate] 
aif want go baby lets go 如果要去婴孩让去 [translate] 
aIf she is worth,?you should not give up 如果她值得, ?您不应该放弃 [translate] 
a你是一个懦弱地人,你惧怕困难,你不敢挑战它,你总是躲着它 You are a spiritlessly person, you fear the difficulty, you do not dare to challenge it, you are always hiding it [translate] 
ashe still continues to work even though her boss is trying to get rid of her 她仍然继续工作,即使她的上司设法除掉她 [translate] 
a§3.1概述 §3.1 outline [translate] 
a业态的复合 Industry condition compound [translate] 
aHoped every one day all is happy 被希望每一个天全部愉快的 [translate] 
a我最近都很好,过的很充实,经常和同事一起去吃饭,找一个比较好的地方吃小吃 I all very was good recently, cross very substantially, together ate meal frequently with the colleague, looks for a quite good place to eat the snack [translate] 
a强风化岩 Strong mantle rock [translate] 
a我工作认真,积极努力 I work earnestly, the great effort [translate] 
aciassyoon ciassyoon [translate] 
aNutrilo Nutrilo [translate] 
aSome teenagers bringing legal weapons want to protect themselves [translate] 
aloin les coeurs 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a不饿呀.....早起喝粥了 Not hungry .....Got up early sips gruel [translate] 
a我们自己 We [translate] 
aWe cannot address our budget problems at home without changing our diasterous foreign policy abroad. I am hopeful that the new administration can take on the mantle of peace and diplomacy in foreign policy that many Americans feel they were promised. Many other nations also have this hope, which excudes from their cong [translate] 
a取出的反义词 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a本人在校期间,认真学习书本知识,每次都认真完成老师布置的作业,让我的学习更进一步,并从感性认识上升到理性的高度;我们应该感谢老师无回报的付出与用心教导。 [translate] 
apiace 它喜欢 [translate] 
acurrent 当前 [translate] 
a無盡的思念. Inexhaustible missing. [translate] 
a美好得童话 Is happy the fairy tale [translate] 
alignite,hard coal,mineral oil,natural gas act the main role in German energy market But just brown coal is the unique native source of energy which is plenteous available and can be recovered with competitve price in Germany 褐煤,硬煤,矿物油,天然气行动主要角色在德国能源市场上,但正义褐煤是许多可利用的,并且可以恢复以competitve价格在德国的独特的当地能源 [translate] 
aCaterpilar Caterpilar [translate] 
aLet me shove it in 让我推它 [translate] 
a曼妮 Graceful ni [translate] 
a员工食堂用砖 The staff cafeteria uses the brick [translate] 
a大臂任意升降,铲斗、大臂液压环节无死角,工作效率高。 The big arm rises and falls willfully, the scoop, the big arm hydraulic pressure link does not have the dead angle, the working efficiency is high. [translate] 
a电话铃响 Telephone bell sound [translate] 
a简单而特别 Simple and specially [translate] 
a香港竹林仙馆 Hong Kong bamboo grove immortal hall [translate] 
asomebody 某人 [translate] 
a它不仅能使员工熟悉各个部门的发展,而且能使员工更专业更具有竞争力 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
arestore apps 恢复apps [translate] 
aregular apps 规则apps [translate] 
a我的名字叫帅海,英文名OCEAN,我今年23岁,我来自中国四川成都,我家里有三个人,我把我妈和我,我毕业于四川烹饪高等专科学校,专业是烹饪工艺,我已经做厨师两年了 My name is called commander-in-chief the sea, English name OCEAN, my this year 23 years old, I come from the Chinese Sichuan Chengdu, in my family has three people, I my mother and I, I graduate from the Sichuan cooking college level specialty school, specialized is the cooking craft, I already did [translate] 
a难道你不想要我吗?你有什么?想要,尽管我什么都没有 Don't you want me? What do you have? Wish, although my anything does not have [translate] 
aWhich class do you have tomorrow,Xianyan? 您明天有哪类, Xianyan ? [translate] 
a今天是LI Hua 的生日,朋友们都对他说;“生日快乐!”他很开心 我也很开心。他的生日聚会从8:00到12:00。 Today is the LI Hua birthday, the friends all said to him; “The birthday is joyful!”He is very happy I very am also happy.His birthday meeting from 8:00 to 12:00. [translate] 
a奇妙的人生啊 Marvelous life [translate]