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Optimize the shape tooling, to ensure that the middle arch is no longer


Optimize the shape tooling, to ensure that the middle arch is no longer


Tools used in optimization setting, ensure that the Middle arch


Optimization and stereotyped and engineering and assembly, to ensure that there are no longer folded


Among the optimized stereotypia work clothes, guarantee no longer haunch up
awalking corpses 走的尸体 [translate] 
aSkilled in using common accounting software 熟练在使用共同的会计软件 [translate] 
a商务合同部 Commercial contract department [translate] 
a虽然我们已经多年未见,但我在 Although we already were many the year not to see, but I in [translate] 
aIf you consider that the color is acceptable you can go ahead 如果您考虑颜色是可接受的您可以继续 [translate] 
a因为外表是最直观的第一感觉 Because the semblance is the most direct-viewing first feeling [translate] 
a珠海市湾仔粤海湾海鲜楼 Zhuhai Wanzai Guangdong bay seafood building [translate] 
a我见到了很多同学非常高兴 I saw very many schoolmates are extremely happy [translate] 
aaudi 18res.dll not found 18res.dll没被发现的audi [translate] 
aattacks, while worldwide connectivity has made it easier to [translate] 
aEinziehung 汇集 [translate] 
a谈判者要尽量以简单明了和坦率的方式表达自己的思想,不要模棱两可、含糊其辞。 The treater must as far as possible expresses own by the simple perspicuity and the frank way thought, do not have ambiguous, to talk ambiguously. [translate] 
abrowsing behavior 浏览行为 [translate] 
aDo you want to go to Chinese CCTV Spring Festival Gala 您想要去中国CCTV春节节目 [translate] 
aSome of us get dipped in flat,some in satin,some in gloss.But every once in a while you find someone 一些我们在舱内甲板,一些在缎,一些得到浸洗在光泽。但您时常寻找某人 [translate] 
a认识的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSo you must keep recharge 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aCongratulations! Your registration has been successfully submitted 祝贺! 您的注册成功地递交了 [translate] 
a吸烟者定期去体检 The smoker goes to the physical examination regularly [translate] 
abucause i concern you bucause i关心您 [translate] 
a人在语言社会中生活,,会遵循该社会群体的语言习惯,习惯是在一定的情境下自然而然的形成的,他不经过意志的驱使,当一个人养成某种习惯后,就会自然而然的去做,所谓习惯成自然就是这个意识,人们认为对犯忌触讳的事物在言语中应当予以禁忌,即使要表达这些食物,也赢充分考虑对方的心理承受而是用相应的表达方法,如果应避不避,该讳不讳,这种不得体的语言表达会影响语言的心理沟通,人们长期以来对言语禁忌和言语代用形成反复的言语审美活动,从而形成关于言语禁忌的群体心理定势,并以此来影响火左右言语活动。在特定的交际情境中,人们对不祥的火神圣的事物都存在着灵物崇拜心理, 每当碰到那个犯忌触讳的事物,人们总是采用避讳的方式,每当碰到难以启齿的事物,重视采用委婉的方 [translate] 
aDo what you say, say what you do. 做什么您说,言什么您。 [translate] 
a喷嘴结构 Spray nozzle structure [translate] 
a想出 Finding out [translate] 
a2、工程化、产业化目标:提高卫生洁具产品的性能与档次,研制成熟的电子卫浴产品。 2nd, project, industrial production goal: Enhances the hygienic sanitary equipment product the performance and the scale, develops the mature electronic health bath product. [translate] 
aEs war niemals so, dass die „Letzten“ in selbstverständlicher Weise in den Himmel Einlass fanden! Niemals! [translate] 
afinish first with full boost 首先完成以充分的助力 [translate] 
a划格器 Delimits the standard [translate] 
a害怕 Fear [translate] 
a各类共同体,由境界决定,鼓励员工进入各级共同体 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a保持联系 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a公司名称 Corporate name [translate] 
a我肯定会按您是意思行事 I definitely can according to you be the meaning conduct [translate] 
a应该是午夜吧! Should be the midnight! [translate] 
a在苦海里挣扎! Struggles in sea of bitterness! [translate] 
awhen you were a child that you can still in your life today 当您是孩子您在您的生活中仍然能今天 [translate] 
aThe original message was received at Thu, 27 Oct 2011 10:46:37 +0800 原始消息收到了在星期四, 10:46 10月27日2011年:37 +0800 [translate] 
a共同使用的 Uses together [translate] 
aNE PEUT ETRE VENDU NOT FOR SALE 不可能是被卖的肮脏不为 [translate] 
a电加热器 Electric heater [translate] 
aWe further agree that we are still bounded by the Terms and Conditions appearing on both sides of the said Bill of Lading and to hold OOCL harmless in respect of any liability loss or damage resulting from the issuance of bill of lading in accordance with our request. 我们进一步同意我们由出现在前述提货单的期限和条件仍然一定的两边和举行OOCL无害关于所有责任损失或损坏起因于提货单发行与我们的请求符合。 [translate] 
a分析9月份的应收账款 Analysis September account receivable [translate] 
a一个调配鱼饵,一个整理鱼杆 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aInformation Technology 信息技术 [translate] 
aShe can reach the leaves easily. 她可以容易地到达叶子。 [translate] 
awhat about your exam what about your exam [translate] 
a副经理 Assistant manager [translate] 
aTo demonstrate how a worked example can advance scientific conjectures, we present our exhibit of the Plague World mission. 要展示怎么一个工作的例子可能推进科学臆想,我们提出我们的瘟疫世界使命的展览。 [translate] 
a我认为我可以。年轻人如果不经历磨练和压力,他是不能出成绩的。现在,我们不可回避地面对压力,我们更需要的是面对压力妥善调节自身以适应压力。 I think me to be possible.If the young people do not experience discipline with the pressure, he cannot achieve the result.Now, we may not avoid face the pressure, we need are face the pressure to adjust properly own adapt the pressure. [translate] 
aclean bill of lading 清洗提货单 [translate] 
a他仍然很谦虚 He very was still modest [translate] 
a错误的 Wrong [translate] 
aFemale 女性 [translate] 
a交易 Transaction [translate] 
aINSP.C INSP.C [translate] 
a优化定型工装,确保中间不再拱起 Among the optimized stereotypia work clothes, guarantee no longer haunch up [translate]