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a精选仔姜 Selection whelp ginger [translate] 
a有情人终成眷属。 Feels emotion the human finally to become the family member. [translate] 
aoriginal series 原始的系列 [translate] 
a然后我们可以一起 Then we may the same place [translate] 
a難忘的 Difficult forgetting [translate] 
a复合丝 Compound silk [translate] 
ahe two teachers ,learns 他二位老师,学会 [translate] 
aI want to grow up fast 我想要快速地长大 [translate] 
asituation sbout site 情况sbout站点 [translate] 
aOwithyou Owithyou [translate] 
asince the exercises are complex and require 因为锻炼是复杂的并且要求 [translate] 
a浇不足 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我对这个没有意见 I do not have the opinion to this [translate] 
aoh i love you oh我爱你 [translate] 
aMiss, the same word 词小姐,同一个 [translate] 
awhen the system automatically run, normally, follow the procedures required by the production process for periodic scheduled cleaning, rotating screen sewage; When a 当系统,通常时,自动地运行仿效生产过程需要的做法为周期性预定的清洗,转动屏幕污水; 当a [translate] 
aseismic energy 地震能量 [translate] 
aBetter than driving a bus ride, ride a cable car better than the bus 好比驾驶公共汽车乘驾,更好比公共汽车乘坐缆车 [translate] 
ai.love.my.dildo i.love.my.dildo [translate] 
aThere is impact on the thread end 有对线端的冲击 [translate] 
a26 Oct 2011 2011年10月26日 [translate] 
aShe can reach the leaves easily. 她可以容易地到达叶子。 [translate] 
atell me why say goodbye 告诉我为什么言再见 [translate] 
aOn the first day, we chose to go to school by bike or on foot rather than by bus or car. Before we left the classroom, we made sure the lights and the computer were switched off. In order to make full use of paper, we began to write on both sides. Besides, while shopping, we no longer used plastic bags but carried envi 在第一天,我们选择去学校乘自行车或徒步而不是乘公共汽车或汽车。 在我们留下教室之前,我们确定光和计算机关掉了。 为了充分利用纸,我们在双方开始写。 其外,当购物时,我们不再使用了塑料袋,但运载了环境友好那些 [translate] 
aWith you in the same place, lets me feel very happily, but how long can this kind of happiness also continue With you in the same place, lets me feel very happily, but how long can this kind of happiness also continue [translate] 
a每天早上我们叠被子,扫地,擦窗户 Every day early morning we fold the quilt, sweeps the floor, scratches the window [translate] 
a(十二)作为国家的中央银行,从事有关国际金融活动。 [translate] 
a1 pc with one belt 1台个人计算机用一条传送带 [translate] 
aI saw you still there?? 我仍然看见了您那里? ? [translate] 
aвородвко [vorodvko) [translate] 
aМы являемся производителем специализируются на дисплей и пекарня оборудования. [translate] 
a一年前你在哪里 Where a year ago are you at [translate] 
aNo of Weight : 没有重量: [translate] 
aHI,WHAT ARE YOU DOING 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这是个应能适用于这于这种健康问题的治疗方法,而且很容易 This is ought to be able to be suitable for this for this healthy question method of treatment, moreover very easy [translate] 
aI completed quotation for you and reference it looking for which some you want! 我完成了引文为您并且参考一些您想要的它寻找! [translate] 
a祖国人民对灾区人民的关爱 Motherland people to disaster area people's showing loving concern [translate] 
a车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直,现在只能这么想了,因为没办法 The things will eventually sort themselves out, is straight the ship to the bridge head nature, now only could such think, because did not have the means [translate] 
a乌龟移动速度很慢的速度 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的那些书在SOFA下面吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aconversational partners 会话伙伴 [translate] 
a露的说法。如在提到生理现象 [translate] 
a编造,制定 Compiles, formulation [translate] 
aDON'TSPEAK 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a人在语言社会中生活,,会遵循该社会群体的语言习惯,习惯是在一定的情境下自然而然的形成的,他不经过意志的驱使,当一个人养成某种习惯后,就会自然而然的去做,所谓习惯成自然就是这个意识,人们认为对犯忌触讳的事物在言语中应当予以禁忌,即使要表达这些食物,也赢充分考虑对方的心理承受而是用相应的表达方法,如果应避不避,该讳不讳,这种不得体的语言表达会影响语言的心理沟通,人们长期以来对言语禁忌和言语代用形成反复的言语审美活动,从而形成关于言语禁忌的群体心理定势,并以此来影响火左右言语活动。在特定的交际情境中,人们对不祥的火神圣的事物都存在着灵物崇拜心理, 每当碰到那个犯忌触讳的事物,人们总是采用避讳的方式,每当碰到难以启齿的事物,重视采用委婉的方 [translate] 
aIf you pace yourself,you will be able to work efficenly 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这个地方吸引人之处主要是它的夜生活 This place appealing place mainly is its nightlife [translate] 
a如果要寄样品,需要收样品费 If must send the sample, needs to collect the sample expense [translate] 
a昨天爸爸开车送我上学。 Yesterday the daddy drove delivers me to go to school. [translate] 
a等2分鐘我發過去了,很高興和貴司合作 And so on 2 minutes I sent, very happy and expensive department cooperation [translate] 
aChina Nice 中国尼斯 [translate] 
aMarketing helps consumers recognize an imbalance between present status and preferred state 营销帮助消费者认可一种不平衡状态在目前情形和首选的状态之间 [translate] 
aPlease book flight for me to nanjing on Oct.08th morning around 9:00-10:00, back Oct,09th around 10:00-11;00 请书飞行为我向南京在Oct.08th早晨在9:00 - 10附近:00,后面10月, 09th在10:00 - 11附近; 00 [translate] 
aI'm wroding now. 我现在wroding。 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!Cut the pictures,make a book and talk about it. Cut the pictures, make a book and talk about it.
a包含了60个与该查询相关的和不相关的适当元素组合 Has contained 60 with this inquiry related and the non-correlated suitable element combination [translate] 
agold cousin 金表兄弟 [translate]