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You are a cowardly of people, you afraid of difficulties, you can not challenge it, you are always dodging it


You are a cowardly of people, you afraid of difficulties, you can not challenge it, you are always dodging it


You are a coward who you fear difficulties, dare you to challenge it, you always keep away from it


You are a cowardly manner, difficulties, and you fear you dare not challenge it, you always hid and it


You are a spiritlessly person, you fear the difficulty, you do not dare to challenge it, you are always hiding it
a重阳节,一个人过 Double ninth festival, a person [translate] 
awhat i am not brave,who else take the courage for me? 什么我不是勇敢,谁作为勇气为我? [translate] 
a人生开始就是一张白纸·价值所在·由你来演泽 The life starts is a white paper · value in · develops Ze by you [translate] 
aConversation to Amy 交谈对Amy [translate] 
aWe are indete to the Commercial Counsellor's office of your Embassy in Canberra for your name andaddress and please to introduce ourselves as an experienced impoter engaed in the subject business fou years. 因为一老练的impoter在附属的企业fou岁月, engaed我们是indete对您的使馆商务处在堪培拉为您的命名andaddress和请自我介绍。 [translate] 
aone way to make 9 做9的单程 [translate] 
athe dimension is 2.25mm from left near surface in X axis 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a同安影视城 With peaceful film and television city [translate] 
a我是艺术设计系动画2班的 I am the artistic design am the animation 2 classes [translate] 
acommodity stocks 商品股票 [translate] 
aWhen the convert process is done, move the external disk to the Macintosh computer and mount it. Optionally (but recommended) copy the whole directory to a Mac volume 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a给马友友揍屁股 Punches the buttocks to Ma Youyou [translate] 
aVerifying DMI Pool Data.... 核实DMI水池数据…. [translate] 
a我刚才写了一封信 I have written a letter a moment ago [translate] 
agosnorkelling gosnorkelling [translate] 
aIf she is worth,?you should not give up 如果她值得, ?您不应该放弃 [translate] 
aeclat d`arpege 强光D `琶音 [translate] 
a业态的复合 Industry condition compound [translate] 
aLogin to your account at the address below: [translate] 
a奇妙的人生啊 Marvelous life [translate] 
aif want go baby lets go 如果要去婴孩让去 [translate] 
aHoped every one day all is happy 被希望每一个天全部愉快的 [translate] 
aThe reaction which takes place at the anode is the dissolution of the anode by the electrolyte. [translate] 
a§3.1概述 §3.1 outline [translate] 
aNEW VOLUME 新的容量 [translate] 
a硬盘制造商和微型电脑(Mini PC)操作系统对硬盘容量的计算标准不同 The hard disk manufacturer and the miniature computer (Mini PC) the operating system is different to the hard disk capacity basis of calculation [translate] 
aDE -CREASE DE -折痕 [translate] 
aOn his way home, he reached into his shirt pocket to find his glasses, but they were gone. 在他的途中家庭,他到达入他的衬衣口袋发现他的玻璃,但他们去。 [translate] 
a电缆检测报告单 Electric cable examination report [translate] 
aStep 1: Ask Yourself 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a都是能立刻想象到的形容法。如果小便告急时是说: [translate] 
aWith a consider of 以考虑 [translate] 
a虽然对于一个女生来说,为了验货或考察新厂,需要出差到比较远的地方,经常需要面对很多陌生人。过程虽然艰苦,但是也锻炼了我独立的个性和吃苦耐劳的勇气。 Although regarding a female student, in order to inspect goods or inspects the new factory, needs to travel on official business to the quite far place, needs to face very many strangers frequently.Although process difficult, but has also exercised the courage which my independent individuality and [translate] 
a寻找水晶玻璃鞋的日子 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atry all kinds of sports until you find one two or even three right sports for you 尝试各种各样的体育,直到您发现一二甚至三正确的体育为您 [translate] 
aIf you can,no probelm 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aanyother else anyother [translate] 
adirectly went to 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aa dangerous revolutionary 一个危险革命家 [translate] 
a语在交际中无法回避时,人们便巧妙地选 Language is unable the evasion when the human relations, the people then ingeniously elect [translate] 
aThere is also evidence in the printed media for the novelty of some of these forms, in that they are often set off by quotes: 也有证据在打印装置为其中一些的新奇形式,他们由行情经常引起: [translate] 
a对于人们而言,一个良好的形象往往决定他的交际能力,人生品味,甚至巨大的财富,这些人生品质就起源于我们在别人眼中的第一印象,由此可见第一印象的重要。在经济全球化的今天,人们只忙碌于自己的工作,人际交往的场合也越来越少,要做好第一印象,见面的礼仪是必不可少的,其次我们还要注意自己的穿着,最后还要面带微笑的看着对方,这表示你对对方的尊重,一个面试者要想面试通过,给面试官的第一印象就起到决定作用,树立一个完美的人生形象,就要做好第一印象的工作。 Speaking of the people, a good image often decided his human relations ability, the life savors, even the huge wealth, these life quality origins from us in other human eye first impression, thus it can be seen first impression unimportance.In economical globalization today, the people only bustle a [translate] 
ainvestment horizon 投资天际 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!Cut the pictures,make a book and talk about it. Cut the pictures, make a book and talk about it.
a生成一个相应的数据集 Produces a corresponding data set [translate] 
aAt last he came up with a good way to solve the problem 最后他产生了一个好方式解决问题 [translate] 
athey sold me nice persent 他们卖了我好persent [translate] 
awhat are the things about it? 什么是2件事对此? [translate] 
a的翻译 Translation [translate] 
a路易斯晋级决赛达利退赛 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a科学的进行锻炼 Scientific carries on the exercise [translate] 
ait is hard to imagine what will offer our world with so much energy to move forward 想象是坚硬的什么非常将提供我们的世界以能量前进 [translate] 
awe will l for Guangdong to find a good job tomorrow. 我们意志l 为广东明天找到好工作。 [translate] 
a我负责运动员引导,制定志愿者队员的执勤表,考核队员的表现及与主管部门老师沟通各种工作事宜。 I am responsible for the athlete guide, to formulate the volunteer member to perform duties the table, inspects member's performance and communicates each kind of work matters concerned with department responsible for the work teacher. [translate] 
aYou should finish it as soon as possible.It is quite 您应该尽快完成它。它相当是 [translate] 
a编造,制定 Compiles, formulation [translate] 
a你是一个懦弱地人,你惧怕困难,你不敢挑战它,你总是躲着它 You are a spiritlessly person, you fear the difficulty, you do not dare to challenge it, you are always hiding it [translate]