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I slightly higher than his




I slightly more than he is a little


I am a bit higher than he


I compared to his slightly high
a如果你有什么困难,尽管找我,不要犹豫 If you have any difficulty, although looks for me, do not have to hesitate [translate] 
aStudy One and Two strongly support the connection hypothesis; i.e., celebrities who are well matched to a nonprofit organization will generate higher source credibility than will other less-connected celebrity endorsers. 研究一和二强烈支持连接假说; 即,比将其他连接的名人背书人是搭配得不错的到一个非盈利性组织将引起更高的来源可信度的名人。 [translate] 
a向日葵的梦 Sunflower's dream [translate] 
a北京和上海的单身女性变得越来越多 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他来不及跑出来,屋顶就塌下来了 He runs without enough time, the roof collapsed down [translate] 
amoisture absorption 湿气吸收 [translate] 
a感觉好温暖 Feels warm [translate] 
a政府应该加强对网吧的管制力度 The government should strengthen to the Internet bar control dynamics [translate] 
aadults who have been unemployed for six months are usually required to join new deal if they wish to continue receiving benefit 是失业的六个月通常要求的成人加入新政,如果他们希望持续接受好处 [translate] 
aProduction sites (please list all locations) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI am a local person who is 21years old 我是21years老的一个地方人 [translate] 
a中国已经成为世界上出生性别比失衡最为严重、持续时间最长的国家。2005年中国出生性别比为118.88,与正常值104-107有严重的偏离。江西、广东、海南、安徽、河南五省的出生性别比甚至超过130。“治理出生性别比失衡已经刻不容缓!”7月5日在京举行的“治理出生性别比失衡与制度创新研讨会”上,与会的有关部门负责人和专家学者发出呼吁。 China already became in the world to be born the sex compared to unbalancedly most serious, the duration longest country.In 2005 the Chinese birth sex compared to is 118.88, 104-107 has the serious deviation with the normal value.Jiangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Anhui, the Henan five province birth sexes [translate] 
acollabroation collabroation [translate] 
awhat is the author's oppinion on the happiness and wealth 什么是关于幸福和财富的作者的观点 [translate] 
a下班以后我也去健身房 After gets off work I also go to the gymnasium [translate] 
a我沿着小河去散步 I take a walk along the creek [translate] 
a公元14-15世纪,意大利文艺空前繁荣,成为欧洲“文艺复兴”运动的发源地,但丁、达·芬奇、米开朗基罗、拉斐尔、伽利略等文化与科学巨匠对人类进步作出了巨大贡献。如今,在意大利各地都可见到精心保存下来的古罗马时代的宏伟建筑和文艺复兴时代的绘画、雕刻、古迹和文物。 A.D. 14-15 century, the Italian literary arts unprecedented prosperity, became Europe “the Renaissance” the movement place of origin, Dante, reaches · the fragrance wonderful, cultures and the scientific great master and so on Michelangelo, Raphael, Galileo progresses to the humanity has made the tr [translate] 
aprovides justifications as to the “reasonableness” of the scheme in the circumstances 在情况提供辩解至于“合理”计划 [translate] 
a请圈出照片上孩子们的名字 Please iris out in the picture the child name [translate] 
a划格器 Delimits the standard [translate] 
a我想干美丽的少妇 I want to do the beautiful young married woman [translate] 
a2、工程化、产业化目标:提高卫生洁具产品的性能与档次,研制成熟的电子卫浴产品。 2nd, project, industrial production goal: Enhances the hygienic sanitary equipment product the performance and the scale, develops the mature electronic health bath product. [translate] 
aleadership report 领导报告 [translate] 
a你可以在skype里加我为好友 You may in the skype riga I be the good friend [translate] 
ahave a good knowledge of... 有好知识… [translate] 
a人在语言社会中生活,,会遵循该社会群体的语言习惯,习惯是在一定的情境下自然而然的形成的,他不经过意志的驱使,当一个人养成某种习惯后,就会自然而然的去做,所谓习惯成自然就是这个意识,人们认为对犯忌触讳的事物在言语中应当予以禁忌,即使要表达这些食物,也赢充分考虑对方的心理承受而是用相应的表达方法,如果应避不避,该讳不讳,这种不得体的语言表达会影响语言的心理沟通,人们长期以来对言语禁忌和言语代用形成反复的言语审美活动,从而形成关于言语禁忌的群体心理定势,并以此来影响火左右言语活动。在特定的交际情境中,人们对不祥的火神圣的事物都存在着灵物崇拜心理, 每当碰到那个犯忌触讳的事物,人们总是采用避讳的方式,每当碰到难以启齿的事物,重视采用委婉的方 [translate] 
a吸烟者定期去体检 The smoker goes to the physical examination regularly [translate] 
aAddress: Room102, 2975 Laurel St.( Buzzer 102) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI can't explain myself . I'm afraid . Because I'm not myself ,you see . 我不可能解释自己。 我害怕。 由于我不是我自己,您看见。 [translate] 
a举办毕业生晚会 Holds the graduate party [translate] 
a怎么样 心情好些了吗? How mood many? [translate] 
ayes,it's dangerous 是,它是危险的 [translate] 
a仅仅需要 Needs merely [translate] 
aIt was a quarter to seven. 它是处所到七。 [translate] 
a产品选用的都是台湾进口芯片 The product selects all is the Taiwan import chip [translate] 
a当我真正使用它时,发现它的作用很好 When I use it truly, discovered its function is very good [translate] 
athe can-do spirit 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIs the woman in blue coat your mom? 妇女是否是在蓝色外套您的妈妈? [translate] 
a威胁人们健康 Threatens the people health [translate] 
aupset right 生气权利 [translate] 
aWhen i was walking down the street 当我步行沿着向下街道 [translate] 
aちっと つかっだ ちっとつかっだ [translate] 
aA cultural subgroup differentiated by status, ethnic background, residence, religion, or other factors that functionally unify the group and act collectively on each member. 状态区分的文化小群,种族背景、住所、宗教,或者在每名成员功能上成一体小组并且共同行动的其他因素。 [translate] 
areadprocessmemory readprocessmemory [translate] 
a->Protocol - >Protocol [translate] 
aWith you in the same place, lets me feel very happily, but how long can this kind of happiness also continue With you in the same place, lets me feel very happily, but how long can this kind of happiness also continue [translate] 
aenable usb debugging and then retry 使能usb调试然后再试 [translate] 
a绿色的草 Green grass [translate] 
a对人们的健康不利 Is disadvantageous to people's health [translate] 
a做小恶作剧 Makes the small practical joke [translate] 
aI’d forwarded your resume to Caryn Ng and Lucy Fan who are in charge of the new staff. They will be happy to see you next week. I' d forwarded your resume to Caryn Ng and Lucy Fan who are in charge of the new staff. They will be happy to see you next week. [translate] 
ahydrogen generators 氢发电器 [translate] 
acamputor camputor [translate] 
a赶上并超过你前面的车 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWe're growing up,it'normal....So you just need to be yourself 我们长大, it'normal….如此您正义需要是你自己 [translate] 
a身份证号:130704196307230012 IDのカード番号: 130704196307230012 [translate] 
a我比他稍微高一点 I compared to his slightly high [translate]