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っ You are my WOman forever. You should love me only. .


っ You are my WOman forever. You should love me only. .


っYou are my WOman forever. You should love me only。。


My testimony are You WOman You should love me only forever . . .


っ You are my WOman forever. You should love me only.。
aWrite two sentences about your appearance.Use adjectives to decaribe yourself. 寫二個句子關於您的出現。使用形容詞對decaribe。 [translate] 
aClient enablement and operation:store setup,catalog maintenance,store maintenance,order management,shopper management,and reporting。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a20~50KV로 전환 以20~50KV转换 [translate] 
abig ass (14778) [translate] 
a社团活动优秀组织个人奖 The mass organization moves organizes individual prize outstandingly [translate] 
awhere is car 那里汽车 [translate] 
aMac os x is not support with software virtualization Mac os x不是支持以软件虚拟化 [translate] 
aβ1 [1] (called pitch and roll), determined according to [2]: 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a纸拔河比赛 Paper tug-of-war competition [translate] 
a合法的 Legitimate [translate] 
aHe is a Taiwanese singer 他是一位台湾歌手 [translate] 
aI have several gm's wives coming for dinner tomorrow so we should have a fun dinner 我有几个gm的妻子明天来临为晚餐,因此我们应该吃乐趣晚餐 [translate] 
aOnly those who have the patience to do simple things perfecty ever acquire the skill to do difticult things easily Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfecty ever acquire the skill to do difticult things easily [translate] 
a他们刚在一个男孩身边坐下来,就开始那他开玩笑 They just sat down in a boy side, started that him to crack a joke [translate] 
a明年下半年 Second half of next year [translate] 
aWe are always appreciated to you for support all the time 我们一直总被赞赏对您为支持 [translate] 
a谢谢你的关注 Thanks your attention [translate] 
a3年计划 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你怎么有时候在,有时候不在? You how sometimes in, sometimes not in? [translate] 
athe undertake analysis of the obvious 承担分析对明显 [translate] 
a旅费,等其他与此相关的费用由违约方承担。 [translate] 
a透→吃透工艺要求,熟悉工艺 Passes -> has a thorough understanding the technological requirement, familiar craft [translate] 
aFirst of all, let me introduce our great characters 首先,让我介绍我们的巨大字符 [translate] 
airon (ferrous) hydroxide would react with water and oxygen [translate] 
aabout stephen hawking 关于斯蒂芬hawking [translate] 
aMy name is Nicole Ireland, and I'm a self-professed hardcore reality TV addict. (And no, I'm not seeking help for my addiction. Although, some of my friends and family probably think I need to be in a12-step program of some kind.) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amy friends do always tell me that they see you drop the top 我的朋友总告诉我他们看见您投下上面 [translate] 
a我认为外星人会与我们友好相处 I thought the alien can in a friendly way be together with us [translate] 
agood night darling 晚上好亲爱的 [translate] 
a他给了我满满一瓶水 He has given me Man Man bottle of water [translate] 
a38.25.63.10 x.acme.com [translate] 
a100 sets of unit prices by 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a呵呵,怎么样呀 Ha-ha, how [translate] 
aseverely hindered the development of the nation's economy 严厉地妨害了国家的经济的发展 [translate] 
a我们的情话 Our talk between lovers [translate] 
a.shyla.style2.-kagney.linn.karter(pornstar.workout.2).sceneRip. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a能靠近镜头吗 Can approach the lens [translate] 
aArtist: Mariah Carey 艺术家: Mariah Carey [translate] 
ait willbegreathavinghandysmurtfhelpoutaroundthevillagebutheneddsasuitableworkshop itwillbegreathavinghandysmurtfhelpoutaroundthevillagebutheneddsasuitableworkshop [translate] 
aHi im interested in plastic making pvc, pleas send me some information 后方一个在对做PVC,请求的塑料感兴趣寄发到我一些信息 [translate] 
a脑梗死出血性转化 Brain stem dead hemorrhagic transformation [translate] 
aOnce, I very was spiritless 一旦,我非常是死的 [translate] 
aQQ dress net www.qqzhuangban.com hear some words, think of some things, but incapable of action, my heart think who understand. QQ礼服网www.qqzhuangban.com听见有些词,认为有些事,但不能胜任行动,我的心脏认为谁了解。 [translate] 
a注意礼貌原则 商务英语函电中应该注意礼貌原则, 本处所说的礼貌是不仅有客气的表达, 还需要主动体谅对方[3]。 光 有 简 单 的 礼 貌 用 语 如 “Please”,“Your esteemed firm”等是远远不够的。商务英语函电的收信人是写信人的客户, 抑或顾客。大多数收信人与写信人在不同的国度, 彼此给对方的印象主要就是从信函中的文字上体现。在对给新客户写信时这一点更为重要, 因为一封信函就是给对方的第一印象。写信应该注意礼貌原则,举例如下:一般的表达:(1) We are sorry that you misunderstood us.(2) You must give us your reply during 2 w [translate] 
a商务英语函电是商务语域中的一种书面形式。商务语域是一种语言进入商务领域所形成的语言的领域变体。在这种 语域中, 存在着许多不同的语言本,包括日语、英语等。也就会出现商务日语、商务英语等。在国际商务中, 买卖双方主要通过英语这门国际语言交流。在进入商务领域之后, 英语越来越多的受商务语域的影响, 在商务语域中逐渐形成了独具特色的商务英语。商务英语不同于人们在日常生活中所见到的英语, 它在语言中包含了许多关于商务的成分。许多懂英语但是缺乏商务知识的人不一定能搞懂商务英语方面的材料, 包括在听、说、读、写等方面。听、说、读、写等方面的商务英语都包含属于商务语域, 都体现出商务方面的职业特征。随着国际贸易发展的突飞猛进, 国际商务活动日益活 [translate] 
awhen I can fall in with the greatest 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aupper&lower body options upper&lower身体选择 [translate] 
a语言简洁, 表达清晰(Conciseness)在商务领域, 时间就是金钱。因此, 在商务 语域中, 所有的成员必须遵守这一基本要求, 那就是语言简洁, 避免啰嗦。当然在语言简洁的时候, 也要注意意思表达完整。在语言的组织上要让读者能迅速知道作者想表达的意思。商务英语函电一般比较简短, 基本上没有废话。如:啰嗦的表达方法 简洁的表达方法Please don't hesitate to tell us--------Please tell usDuring the year of 2004 ----------------- During 2004Will you be good enough -----------------Plea 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a天冷了大家多穿点衣服 Day cold everybody has put on clothes [translate] 
aI´ll spend my life here beside you in every way For I have nothing left to be here on this earth today I´ll在您旁边这里度过我的生活用每个方式 为我什么都没有左今天这里在这地球上 [translate] 
a什么时间来中国的 When comes China [translate] 
aThis installation disc isn't compatible with your version of Windows. To upgrade, you need the corre 这个设施圆盘不是与您的窗口兼容的版本。 要升级,您需要corre [translate] 
atrust my love 信任我的爱 [translate] 
ato become a local councillor you must have a local connection with the area 要适合一位地方委员您必须有与区域的本地连接 [translate] 
aI don't wanna miss you any more Crying in the night 我不想要想念再哭泣夜的您 [translate] 
aっYou are my WOman forever. You should love me only。。 っ You are my WOman forever. You should love me only.。 [translate]