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a德语和英语相似 German and English similar [translate] 
aLose is not terrible,Afraid of,I'm alive,The heart was cool 丢失不是可怕的,害怕,我活,心脏是凉快的 [translate] 
a吃饭的时候,绝不会硬往你碗里夹菜,自己想吃什么就吃什么,他们也不会用各种方法劝客人喝酒,不会非要你喝醉了为止。 Eats meal, cannot hardly clamp the vegetable toward your bowl in, own want to eat any to eat any, they cannot use each method to urge the visitor to drink, could not must want you to get drunk up to. [translate] 
ain this case, you should make an apology to the person afterwards. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们互相总是很开心的交流 We mutually always very happy exchange [translate] 
aFortunately, such an order is in place already. The task now is to make it so expansive and so institutionalized that China has no choice but to become a full-fledged member of it. The United States cannot thwart China's rise, but it can help ensure that China's power is exercised within the rules and institutions that [translate] 
ait is with all time during school days 它是以所有时刻在教学日期间 [translate] 
a高低温试验箱 Haute boîte froide d'essai de la température [translate] 
aCockanova Video Theater has thousands of xxx video on demand adult porn movies 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI would rather let people think I am happy too heartless, but also do not want to seem poor wronged. 我会宁可让人认为我是愉快太无情的,而且不想要似乎贫寒被冤屈。 [translate] 
a很优秀的 Very outstanding [translate] 
aReflux 倒回 [translate] 
adiapers 49 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你不应该花太多的时间来打电脑 You should not spend the too much time to hit the computer [translate] 
a主要是外界影响因素很多 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a科学的 Scientific [translate] 
a你遇到困难了吗?请给我回电 谢谢! You have met difficultly? Please give me to wire back thanks! [translate] 
a构造改革 Structure reform [translate] 
ano other shipboard electromagnetic sensor can provide such long ranges and the earliest warning of an enemy presence is within the capability of Electronic Warfare 其他舰上电磁式传感器不可能提供这样长距离,并且敌对存在的早期前兆在电子战争之内的能力 [translate] 
aGreen tea has been considered a healthy beverage since the beginning of its history, used in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for various disease conditions, and to prolong life in general. 绿茶被认为一个健康饮料从它的历史起点,用于中医作为治疗为各种各样的疾病适应和一般来说延长生活。 [translate] 
aFire and other protection systems, Accident rate and others. 火和其他安全系统,事故发生率和其他。 [translate] 
aI'm going bananas 我发疯 [translate] 
a在书的封面上有这样一句话 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abow [translate] 
a我忘记问了 I forgot asked [translate] 
aThe following SCAR has been updated by supplier. 供应商更新了以下SCAR。 [translate] 
aListen to the idiot, fool 's commitment to 听蠢货,傻瓜‘s承诺 [translate] 
aif i take you heart 如果我鼓起您勇气 [translate] 
a  I have been sleeping with a cloud above my bed   我与一朵云彩睡觉在我的床之上 [translate] 
amaybe tomorrow,i find my way home.......... 可能明天,我寻找我的道路家庭.......... [translate] 
a诅咒之子 Curse [translate] 
aMiss Celery celery小姐 [translate] 
aThis will be interpreted as lower quality 这将被解释如品质降低 [translate] 
aBecause that the first exam in Senior High School is coming,every minute 由于那第一检查在高中学校来临,每分钟 [translate] 
a4388 if you choose 4388,如果您选择 [translate] 
a请问你要点什么? What ask your main point? [translate] 
alst boot may take a few minutes 名单解雇也许需要几分钟 [translate] 
a获得了2000元赞助费用 Has obtained 2000 Yuan support expenses [translate] 
athe setup has detected that version 5.01.000 of webcam is already installed 设定查出已经安装webcam的版本5.01.000 [translate] 
a不会生气了吧? Could not be angry? [translate] 
a语言简洁, 表达清晰(Conciseness)在商务领域, 时间就是金钱。因此, 在商务 语域中, 所有的成员必须遵守这一基本要求, 那就是语言简洁, 避免啰嗦。当然在语言简洁的时候, 也要注意意思表达完整。在语言的组织上要让读者能迅速知道作者想表达的意思。商务英语函电一般比较简短, 基本上没有废话。如:啰嗦的表达方法 简洁的表达方法Please don't hesitate to tell us--------Please tell usDuring the year of 2004 ----------------- During 2004Will you be good enough -----------------Plea 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a天冷了大家多穿点衣服 Day cold everybody has put on clothes [translate] 
a三宝镇 Three treasures town [translate] 
a商务英语函电是商务语域中的一种书面形式。商务语域是一种语言进入商务领域所形成的语言的领域变体。在这种 语域中, 存在着许多不同的语言本,包括日语、英语等。也就会出现商务日语、商务英语等。在国际商务中, 买卖双方主要通过英语这门国际语言交流。在进入商务领域之后, 英语越来越多的受商务语域的影响, 在商务语域中逐渐形成了独具特色的商务英语。商务英语不同于人们在日常生活中所见到的英语, 它在语言中包含了许多关于商务的成分。许多懂英语但是缺乏商务知识的人不一定能搞懂商务英语方面的材料, 包括在听、说、读、写等方面。听、说、读、写等方面的商务英语都包含属于商务语域, 都体现出商务方面的职业特征。随着国际贸易发展的突飞猛进, 国际商务活动日益活 [translate] 
a脑梗死出血性转化 Brain stem dead hemorrhagic transformation [translate] 
aI wanna be your night 我想要是您的夜 [translate] 
amood swings 心情摇摆 [translate] 
aQQ dress net www.qqzhuangban.com hear some words, think of some things, but incapable of action, my heart think who understand. QQ礼服网www.qqzhuangban.com听见有些词,认为有些事,但不能胜任行动,我的心脏认为谁了解。 [translate] 
aShezonme Shezonme [translate] 
aWSocKExpert WSocKExpert [translate] 
ayou dont know i love so much and you 您非常不认识i爱和您 [translate] 
a所谓语域, 是指语言社群在一定的言语交际场景 (特别是职业生活领域) 使用的具有群体特征和场景特色的语言。一个语言社群里的语域的语言可以体现该领域的职业特点。作为商务信息载体的商务语言, 是随着商务的产生和发展而逐渐形成的 语域, 它是语言在商务领域的变体。我们在此将其称为商务语域。商务 语域具有很强的商务特色。某种语言进入商务语域的过程中, 该语言和语域都在竭力维持自己的特质。 [translate] 
amadichine madichine [translate] 
aRunabout Vehicle 轻便汽艇车 [translate] 
aComfortable Runabout Vehicle 舒适的轻便汽艇车 [translate]