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Hemorrhagic transformation of cerebral infarction


Hemorrhagic transformation of cerebral infarction


Transformation of hemorrhagic cerebral infarction


Brain hemorrhagic transformation Xuezhikang


Brain stem dead hemorrhagic transformation
aink cartridges 墨盒 [translate] 
a无私对 [translate] 
a7pcs mobile connectors 7pcs机动性连接器 [translate] 
a第三季 Third season [translate] 
aCompetition in business is also believed to strengthen the idea of equality of opportunity 竞争在事务也应该加强想法或平等或者机会 [translate] 
aEven the distance we maintain between two people when having aconversation can vary from culture to cultule. 我们维护在二个人之间的距离,当有aconversation可能从文化变化到cultule。 [translate] 
a他打算2号在家临时照顾他的妹妹 He planned 2 look after him temporarily in the home the younger sister [translate] 
adear past,stop tapping me on shoulders.I don't want to look back. 亲爱的过去,轻拍我在肩膀的中止。我不想要看。 [translate] 
atowel and neutral clearer 毛巾和中立清除器 [translate] 
a搁置在塔两端 Puts aside in the tower both sides [translate] 
a我们脚下 Under our foot [translate] 
a代替驾驶 Replaces driving [translate] 
aLillian-Yang 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait can make a difference in her life and yours 它可能产生在她的生活和你的上的变化 [translate] 
aStockings mature women 长袜成熟妇女 [translate] 
a饭厅 Dining hall [translate] 
aPlease don't play my feelings, also do not ignore my feelings 不要演奏我的感觉,也不忽略我的感觉 [translate] 
a4. 优先维护弱势群体的利益是实现全社会公平和正义的可取做法。 4. First maintains the weak trend community the benefit is realizes entire social justice and just may take the procedure. [translate] 
a在甲方提出要求时,乙方应向甲方提供和出示前述保险保单及最后一次支付保险金的收据,以及保险公司发出该等保单是全数缴足的及在各方面均有效及存在的证明。 In the party of the first part proposed when request, the second party should provide with the show forecited insurance chit and the last payment insurance money receipt to the party of the first part, as well as the insurance company issues this and so on the chits is the total gives full and in va [translate] 
ait is in my pencilcase 它在我的pencilcase [translate] 
agreat wall.., 长城。 [translate] 
alading made 做的装货 [translate] 
a新命名的 New naming [translate] 
aYou has improved a lot thiese days that you always write it in English but which is without me . I hope you do it again! 您改进了很多您在英语总写它,但是没有我的thiese天。 我希望您再做它! [translate] 
a关于产品信息,产品都是已经认证过的产品,同时都是通过IRAM认证,目前工厂只是申请每年一次的工厂检查,将申请认证的产品暂时没确定. About the product information, the product all has already authenticated a product, simultaneously all is through the IRAM authentication, at present the factory only applies for an every year time factory inspection, will apply for the authentication the product not to determine temporarily. [translate] 
a恐怕这不是一个好主意。 Perhaps this is not a great idea. [translate] 
a期待一个星期后的生日晚会 After anticipates for a week the birthday party [translate] 
a上帝的父亲 God's father [translate] 
ai feel sorrow, every minute 我感觉哀痛,每分钟 [translate] 
apenta-kill penta杀害 [translate] 
aimproves holy advent 改进圣洁出现 [translate] 
a低于100套,按100套的单价计算 Is lower than 100 sets, according to 100 set of unit price computations [translate] 
a展厅门口就是停车场,有个停车指标和展厅入口的标志 The exhibition hall entrance is a parking lot, has the parking target and the exhibition hall entrance symbol [translate] 
astep 2 - enter confirmation code 第2步-键入确认代码 [translate] 
aCompliments, We are interested in your product.We are trading company with affiliates in seven countries.We are in need of your product in other to meet our customers demand.Please what is your payment term and time of delivery? Thank you. John Edward Company Name: John Edward Investments Ltd,uk 恭维,我们是对您的产品感兴趣。我们在七个国家换公司与会员。我们是需要您的产品在适应我们的顾客要求的其他。请什么是您的付款期限和交货时间? 谢谢。 john Edward ・ Company公司名称: 约翰・爱德华有限公司,英国投资 [translate] 
athe eating habits are very 吃习性是非常 [translate] 
a--- Yes, it is, but it’s also very beautiful. --- 是,它是,但它也是非常美丽的。 [translate] 
aHi im interested in plastic making pvc, pleas send me some information 后方一个在对做PVC,请求的塑料感兴趣寄发到我一些信息 [translate] 
a能靠近镜头吗 Can approach the lens [translate] 
a注意礼貌原则 商务英语函电中应该注意礼貌原则, 本处所说的礼貌是不仅有客气的表达, 还需要主动体谅对方[3]。 光 有 简 单 的 礼 貌 用 语 如 “Please”,“Your esteemed firm”等是远远不够的。商务英语函电的收信人是写信人的客户, 抑或顾客。大多数收信人与写信人在不同的国度, 彼此给对方的印象主要就是从信函中的文字上体现。在对给新客户写信时这一点更为重要, 因为一封信函就是给对方的第一印象。写信应该注意礼貌原则,举例如下:一般的表达:(1) We are sorry that you misunderstood us.(2) You must give us your reply during 2 w [translate] 
ais`seven 是`七 [translate] 
aっYou are my WOman forever. You should love me only。。 っ You are my WOman forever. You should love me only.。 [translate] 
ait willbegreathavinghandysmurtfhelpoutaroundthevillagebutheneddsasuitableworkshop itwillbegreathavinghandysmurtfhelpoutaroundthevillagebutheneddsasuitableworkshop [translate] 
a商务英语函电是商务语域中的一种书面形式。商务语域是一种语言进入商务领域所形成的语言的领域变体。在这种 语域中, 存在着许多不同的语言本,包括日语、英语等。也就会出现商务日语、商务英语等。在国际商务中, 买卖双方主要通过英语这门国际语言交流。在进入商务领域之后, 英语越来越多的受商务语域的影响, 在商务语域中逐渐形成了独具特色的商务英语。商务英语不同于人们在日常生活中所见到的英语, 它在语言中包含了许多关于商务的成分。许多懂英语但是缺乏商务知识的人不一定能搞懂商务英语方面的材料, 包括在听、说、读、写等方面。听、说、读、写等方面的商务英语都包含属于商务语域, 都体现出商务方面的职业特征。随着国际贸易发展的突飞猛进, 国际商务活动日益活 [translate] 
aQQ dress net www.qqzhuangban.com hear some words, think of some things, but incapable of action, my heart think who understand. QQ礼服网www.qqzhuangban.com听见有些词,认为有些事,但不能胜任行动,我的心脏认为谁了解。 [translate] 
aDid you get happier after leaving me 。 Did you get happier after leaving me. [translate] 
aComfortable Runabout Vehicle 舒适的轻便汽艇车 [translate] 
a三宝镇 Three treasures town [translate] 
aShezonme Shezonme [translate] 
aknow who is caling 知道谁caling [translate] 
amood swings 心情摇摆 [translate] 
a超临界压力锅炉由于参数高,锅炉停炉事故的概率比亚临界多,降低了设备的可用率和可靠性。 Because the supercritical pressure boiler the parameter is high, boiler blowing-out accident probability compared to subcritical many, reduced the equipment availability factor and the reliability. [translate] 
ashe cared more about her students 她对她的学生更多关心 [translate] 
aMy favourate color 我的favourate颜色 [translate] 
a电脑城、步行街发放传单 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a脑梗死出血性转化 Brain stem dead hemorrhagic transformation [translate]