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Air, Hohai, soil pollution is very harmful to animals and humans


Air, Hohai, soil pollution is very harmful to animals and humans


Air, River and sea, soil pollution is bad for animals and humans is


air, sea and river, and soil pollution on animal and human 10 harmful


The air, the river sea, the soil pollution is extremely harmful to the animal and the humanity
a只能站在那里听我哭泣 Only can stand in there tin of me sobs [translate] 
aIn addition to the accuracy, the speed, in other words, the computational cost of the proposed algorithm is measured. The feature extraction process takes 3 min per image, whereas the clustering of the pixels requires 7-10 min. The sub-sampled version of the clustering technique needs 1-2 min for an image. All those pr 除准确性之外,速度,换句话说,提出的算法的计算费用被测量。 特征抽出过程需要每个图象3分钟,而使成群映像点需要7-10 min。 使成群的技术的次级被抽样的版本 [translate] 
ato view the entire alarm list 观看整个警报名单 [translate] 
aWhat is my Timetable? file [translate] 
aFlorida law requires reclamation 佛罗里达法律要求开垦 [translate] 
aFrom my point of view, both of them have their pros and cons. It is no doubt that the Popular Stars will attract more attention and help the prodcut to open new market and expand the market share. However, the seller should bulid the correct management concept that the quality is everything and advertisment is just the 从我的观点,他们两个有他们的利弊。 是不无疑义普遍的星将受到更多注意并且帮助prodcut打开新市场和扩展市场份额。 然而,卖主应该bulid正确管理概念质量是一切和广告是方式让认识您产品。 为第二个观点,流行音乐明星应该建立能boud更多人的他们自己的忠诚。 如果不,速记好处将毁坏长期事业。 它是没人可能跌倒同一块石头的常识 [translate] 
a献血对身体有益处 Gives blood has the profit to the body [translate] 
a握着自己那粗硬的黑翻译公司,顶到被手指插过的后门上,一用力,大翻译公司插了进去。 Is grasping own that coarse and stiff black translation company, goes against to has been inserted by the finger on the anus, a effort, translated the company to insert greatly. [translate] 
a依赖出租车 Relies on the rental car [translate] 
a我们正在努力拯救濒临灭绝的动物 We are working to save endangered animals We are diligently saving animal We are working to save endangered animals which borders on exterminates [translate] 
a老唐在管理人方面强调“制度+控制”,达到提高企业生产效率、增加利润的目的.sharon是授权,把权利完全放开,他把决策权交给员工而不是自己。 [translate] 
a我现在看一篇文章,写的是中国与德国的差距。很感慨。 I looked now an article, writes is Chinese and Germany's disparity.Very sigh with emotion. [translate] 
a人们将会更健康 The people will be able to be healthier [translate] 
a上料槽 High-quality goods trough [translate] 
a我们一样高 We are equally high [translate] 
aı waiy you several times on msn 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSometimes you have to forget what's gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what's coming next. 有时您必须忘记什么去,赞赏什么仍然保持和盼望对什么其次来临。 [translate] 
ahave nothing against 不要有反对 [translate] 
a礼拜天 和礼拜一 我放假 On Sunday and Monday I have a vacation [translate] 
a我们一定不会让你失望的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWhat do you think of the public transportation in Beijing What do you think of the public transportation in Beijing [translate] 
ait's true,once you got the strong wish to do something you'll finnnnnnnd yourself energetic 它是真实的,一旦您得到强的愿望做您将finnnnnnnd精力充沛的事 [translate] 
a一般指利用服装、饰品、道具以及化妆来扮演动漫作品、游戏中的角色 Refers generally using the clothing, the accessories, the stage prop as well as puts on make-up to act in the animation work, the game role [translate] 
a连续使用 Long-term usage [translate] 
aforget the past the 1 all unpleasant 忘记过去1所有令人不快 [translate] 
ai'm backing you i'm依托您 [translate] 
aNigel Man 奈格尔人 [translate] 
aby service car 乘服务汽车 [translate] 
a希望不会写太多错别字 希望は余りにも多くの誤った特性を書くことができない [translate] 
akylisna kylisna [translate] 
a处理压力的方法 Treating pressure method [translate] 
aThis paper hopes to better ascertain what the impact might be 本文希望更好确定什么冲击也许是 [translate] 
a我校将邀请一名英国心理专家来校做关于中学生心理问题的讲座,主题为“中学生心理疏导” My school will invite an English psychology expert to come the school to do about the middle-school student psychology question course, the subject will be “middle-school student psychology unblocking” [translate] 
awho has the highest rank 谁有高级 [translate] 
ajkjkgthk jkjkgthk [translate] 
a很少青少年接觸粵劇 The very few young people contact the Guangdong opera [translate] 
a那就好,我还行。 那就好,我还行。 [translate] 
aThats iMpossible 那是不可能的 [translate] 
a在一个团队中每一个细节都决定成败 Each detail all decides the success or failure in a team [translate] 
acrystallized into calcite crystals according to the polarizedlight 结晶入方解石水晶根据偏振光 [translate] 
aIs Dragon Bay_______Wood Bay? 龙是否是Bay_______Wood海湾? [translate] 
a孩子们,小心点,不要跌倒 The children, the careful spot, do not have to tumble [translate] 
aTeacher said I had the very big progress Teacher said I had the very big progress [translate] 
aI had the interest again to English 我再有兴趣到英语 [translate] 
aI want someone who afraid of losing me 我想要害怕失去我的人 [translate] 
ag.pheromones g.pheromones [translate] 
aWithout proper lessons, you could ________ a lot of bad habits when playing the piano 不用适当的教训,当弹钢琴时,您可能________很多坏习惯 [translate] 
a他把拿错了的雨伞放回原处 He takes mistakenly the umbrella returns the original position [translate] 
aHave you ever hard of online learning? If you are unfamiliar with it, please read the following 艰苦有您在网上学会? 如果您是不熟悉的与它,请读以下 [translate] 
aI do not want to let others understand in my heart the pain! The life is very tired! Very tired! 我在我的心脏不要让其他了解痛苦! 生活非常疲乏! 非常疲乏! [translate] 
a旅游有许许多多的益处 The traveling has many profits [translate] 
a照例来的很晚 Comes as usual very late [translate] 
a  一、个体因素 First, individual factor [translate] 
abios update is repuired to unleash its full power 更新是的生物活素repuired解开它全能力 [translate] 
a今天你过得好吗? Today you cross? [translate] 
a空气,河海,土壤的污染对动物和人类十分有害 The air, the river sea, the soil pollution is extremely harmful to the animal and the humanity [translate]