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a他们是小刀 They are the knife [translate] 
acombined effects 联合的作用 [translate] 
a享受爱情的过程,结果交给时间 Enjoys love the process, finally gives the time [translate] 
a爱不分手 Likes not bidding good-bye [translate] 
a将吸收到的太阳光集中聚焦到塔顶,对传热工作介质加热进而发电的一种聚光太阳能发电技术,不需要管道传输系统,热损减小,系统效率高,同时便于储存热量。塔式的工作介质可用空气、水或水蒸气以及熔盐等。 Will absorb the sunlight centralism will focus to the tower goes against, to the heat transfer actuating medium heating then electricity generation one kind of condensation solar energy electricity generation technology, will not need the pipeline transmission system, the loss of heat reduces, the s [translate] 
aDUNAMIS DUNAMIS [translate] 
aSwimmming is great fun in summer Swimmming是伟大的乐趣在夏天 [translate] 
a一个乒乓球 A ping pong [translate] 
a遇害 Being murdered [translate] 
a有你真好 Has you to be really good [translate] 
a军用车辆信息管理资源整合研究 Army vehicle information management resources conformity research [translate] 
a谁能吃到饺子里的铜钱,来年谁就有好运 Who can eat in the stuffed dumpling the copper cash, next year who will have the good luck [translate] 
aThis URL is valid for 24 hours. If the URL in the e-mail has expired, please start your registration 这个URL是有效在24个小时内。 如果URL在电子邮件到期了,请开始您的注册 [translate] 
a为了考查药剂KP07冬季的使用效果,从2007年10月23日起,开始对ф53大井底流浓度和溢流浓度进行考查,到2008年3月19日结束,历时5个月。现将各时间段数据结果进行统计,不同时间段加药的浓密机与没加药的浓密机底流浓度和溢流浊度的差值分别计算出来,计算结果如下表4.1所示 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aReceive Email from Standard Members* Receive Email from Standard Members* [translate] 
ahere it is very cold and rainy 这里它是非常冷和多雨的 [translate] 
awhether made negligently or innocently 是否做疏忽地或无辜地 [translate] 
aDiscussions categories Send interval 讨论类别 送间隔时间 [translate] 
a"LEAP M1 - The Habits To Success “LEAP M1 - The Habits To Success [translate] 
a熟悉环境 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aunable to allocate space for a 3000 无法分配空间为3000 [translate] 
a 每年举行一次全校性的主持人大赛,本人主要负责比赛前期的服装,道具,舞台效果设计,展板设计、绘制和当天的舞台布置及后台应急。比赛现场评委是来自宁波电台的8名著名主播。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a今天是一个适合出游的好天气 Today is one suits the travel the fine weather [translate] 
aAny new acquisitions 任何新收获 [translate] 
a作为一名对外汉语教师不管是因需要而选择,还是为完善而努力,当志愿者选择一项志愿服务工作并付诸行动时,其行为本身即富有意义。面对目前的世界“汉语热”现象,志愿者为满足世界对汉语教师的渴求,选择从事国际汉语教学志愿服务工作,其对己、对祖国、对世界都有着重大的意义。 [translate] 
aI have eat 我有吃 [translate] 
a一九八四年一月二十七日 On January 27, 1984 [translate] 
anonepluss 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a.The more money I make, the happier I will be. . 越多金钱我挣,越愉快的我将是。 [translate] 
aThank you!because you ,l realize happiness.Want you all to smile cheerily. l can also feel extremely 谢谢! 因为您, l体会幸福。要您全部微笑爽快地。 l能极端也感觉 [translate] 
a这是你的小猫吗? This is your cat? [translate] 
aAlthough questions 虽然问题 [translate] 
a秋光 Fall light [translate] 
aor its log or alternata 或它的日志或alternata [translate] 
abe sure to see this exhibition at the Lido Gallery Amuy Kim is one of the best-know Chinese 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a如果一个人出现失误会影响到整个团队甚至可能使团队失败 If a person appears the fault to be able to affect the entire team even possible diplomatic group team defeat [translate] 
a而现在我在深夜里哭泣,为你的该死的事情 But I sob now in the night, should die the matter for you [translate] 
aENCODER HEID'N ROD 编码器HEID'N标尺 [translate] 
a吉姆本应该努力学习 Jim originally should study diligently [translate] 
aThe,Wilsons decided to go oversea for vacation.They had Wilsons决定是国外在假期。他们有 [translate] 
a低温极压锂基脂 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a形成规模 Forms the scale [translate] 
aImagine that the Trust negotiates with a couple of distributors and database providers to secure the best deal. 想象信任谈判以几个经销商和数据库提供者获取最佳的成交。 [translate] 
aas a human being one can 作为人一个罐头 [translate] 
a事故善后 Accident damage control [translate] 
a这几天过了开心吗 These days happy [translate] 
aProvengono da 他们来授予 [translate] 
a培养一个人的意志 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aObtain population of 70 获得人口70 [translate] 
amake a beeline of 做一条最短之路 [translate] 
a提高自我网络意识。 Raises the self-network consciousness. [translate] 
a通过系统的学习宏微观经济学、金融市场、公司金融、商业银行经营管理等专业课程,使我夯实了专业理论基础。金融会计实践、银行业务实训等课程,更让我掌握了一定实务操作能力。 Through the system study great microeconomics, the money market, the company finance, the commercial bank management and operation and so on the special course, caused me to ram the specialized rationale.Financial accountant practices, the banking industry teaches and so on the curricula practically [translate] 
aturnnion turnnion [translate] 
aLiu didn't go to any magic school 刘没去任何不可思议的学校 [translate] 
aif you were in trouble, what would you do? would you wait, ask for help or deal with it by yourself? here is a story about this topic. once, a terrible flood destroyed a village. a man was trapped in the flood. the water was all around him so he sat on the topof the house, but he was not very scared because he always h 如果您是在麻烦,您会做什么? 您是否会等,要求帮助或单独应付它? 这关于这个题目的一个故事。 一旦,一次可怕的洪水毁坏了一个村庄。 一个人在洪水被困住。 水是 [translate] 
aMay is the right person who can finish the job before the deadline 5月是能在最后期限之前完成工作的合适的人 [translate] 
ain foots 在foots [translate]