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She should be to the court to require the completion of maintenance obligations to their children


She should be to the court to require the completion of maintenance obligations to their children


She should submit a case to the Court, require their children complete the maintenance obligation


She should ask their children to the Court, forward-looking pension obligations completed


She should to the court prosecution, request the children to complete gazes raises the duty
a现在我很享受这份属于我自己的安静 Now I very much enjoy this share to belong to me peacefully [translate] 
aDo not ask people why . 不要要求人为什么。 [translate] 
ahorns 垫铁 [translate] 
a保存与调图形都可以删除与清空。 The preservation with adjusts the graph all to be possible to delete and clear spatial. [translate] 
a格林先生一直把他的物理课上得非常有趣 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a夏季奥运会比赛项目 Summer Olympics event [translate] 
a对材料越熟悉,你就越容易记住他 Is more familiar to the material, you are easier to remember him [translate] 
a天使圣地 Angel Holy Land [translate] 
a这是你的姑妈吗?不,她不是。 是的她是 This is your aunt? No, she is not. Is she is [translate] 
agood show 好展示 [translate] 
ashow me a garden that's bursting into life 显示我破裂入生活的一个庭院 [translate] 
a我们没必要 Our not necessity [translate] 
a生活中,當小孩躺著的時候,我們觀看小孩的角度也是由上而下。拍攝者採用了高角度拍攝手法,從高處拍攝躺著的小孩。這樣可以將人物真實地呈現在我們面前,好像我們望著的不是一幅相,而是真實的人物。 In life, when the child is lying down time, we watch child's angle also are from top to bottom.The photography has used the high angle photography technique, is lying down the child from the high place photography.This may really present the character in front of us, probably we are looking is not o [translate] 
aWhat else? 什么其他? [translate] 
a客人的评论足以证明我的工作热情 Visitor's commentary proves my work enthusiasm sufficiently [translate] 
await for a moment 等待片刻 [translate] 
aOne of which that the University campus be open. 大学是开放的其中之一。 [translate] 
a大量的消费者说明了一个问题 The massive consumers explained a question [translate] 
aDon't give your price ,just listen to how much he will pay for this ring 不要给您的价格,听多少他将支付这个圆环 [translate] 
awe got a big 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在我看来,证书只是一种形式 In my opinion, the certificate is only one form [translate] 
aThe answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was not correct 您为CAPTCHA输入的答复不是正确的 [translate] 
a除此之外,还获得 In addition, but also obtains [translate] 
a受到舆论的抨击 Receives the public opinion the attack [translate] 
aWe're looking for producers to joinUS on the sound of 我们在声音正在寻找生产商对joinUS [translate] 
auntil today we have reached a stage where we have almost not right at all 直到今天我们到达了阶段,我们不几乎有根本 [translate] 
aThey want get money for their study 他们要得到金钱为他们的研究 [translate] 
a我的鼻子不透气。 My nose air-tight. [translate] 
aNothing came. 什么都没有来。 [translate] 
a实地踏勘 Inspects on the spot [translate] 
aopen focus slider bar 打开焦点滑子酒吧 [translate] 
aAn unkindness of ravens 掠夺的不友好 [translate] 
a给我打一个吧 Hits one to me [translate] 
a我很幸远得到—份好工作 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSo...How long I have to wait? 如此…我多久必须等待? [translate] 
ause an underground network of geophones 使用geophones一个地下网络 [translate] 
ai want to talk to you in hand,looking at the sky forever rely on that rested 我想要与您在手中谈话,看天空永远依靠那休息 [translate] 
a呵呵 还喝酒呢? ハハはまた飲むか。 [translate] 
aMy heaven, your hell 我的天堂,您的地狱 [translate] 
aPlease don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waitin 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a自从玛丽俩年前从高中毕业以后,她就再没有组织过此类活动 Since Mary year ago from high school graduation, she on has not organized this kind of activity again [translate] 
a通过系统的学习宏微观经济学、金融市场、公司金融、商业银行经营管理等专业课程,使我夯实了专业理论基础。金融会计实践、银行业务实训等课程,更让我掌握了一定实务操作能力。 Through the system study great microeconomics, the money market, the company finance, the commercial bank management and operation and so on the special course, caused me to ram the specialized rationale.Financial accountant practices, the banking industry teaches and so on the curricula practically [translate] 
a这是一把给妈妈的雨伞(把here放前面) Front this is gives mother's umbrella (to put here) [translate] 
awhich bag is yours? 你的是哪个袋子? [translate] 
adelivery. 交付。 [translate] 
a我认为这本书值得一看 I thought as soon as this book is worth looking [translate] 
aDoctor Approved, Clinically Tested approved医生,临床测试 [translate] 
a如今迈克尔•杰克逊走了,却没有带走和削弱任何美式文化的强势与霸道,相反却引发更为广泛的关注,变形金刚2也正在全球大显身手开展着圈钱运动。为什么就一个迈克尔•杰克逊和一堆铁器,就能在全球范围财源广进,把美式文化润物细无声地洒向全世界,对于急于寻求文化输出,建立文化大国的中国来说,可从中借鉴到很多狠多 Now Michael•Jackson walked, has not carried off and weakens any American cultural actually the strong trend and overbearing, on the contrary initiates a more widespread attention actually, distorts the Jin'gang 2 also whole world to give full play is developing the circle money movement.Why on a Mic [translate] 
asmall television 小电视 [translate] 
athe expenses were incurred for the best interest of the company only 费用为仅公司的最大兴趣招致 [translate] 
a低温极压锂基脂 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThere is a need for a tour planner that provides easy access to requked information, 有需要对于提供容易的通入对requked信息的游览计划者, [translate] 
afollowing the withdrawal of figura 跟随撤退figura [translate] 
athe entrance to the cave has been blocked up 入口对洞被阻拦了 [translate] 
a我伤心呀 I sad [translate] 
a为什么一个18岁的女孩会缺乏信心呢? Why can 18 year-old girls lack the confidence? [translate] 
a她应该向法院起诉,要求子女完成瞻养义务 She should to the court prosecution, request the children to complete gazes raises the duty [translate]