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ato equitable 对公平 [translate] 
afirm releases two new games for the fast growing computer market each month. 企业每个月发布二场新的比赛为迅速发展的计算机市场。 [translate] 
aback counter detail 后面逆细节 [translate] 
aindex print 索引印刷品 [translate] 
aCUSHOW SEAT CUSHOW位子 [translate] 
apeople will motivate themselves far better than you’ll ever motivate them 人们比您将刺激他们将刺激自己好 [translate] 
aP.S: P.S : [translate] 
aI have to watch my son. Every time I go into his room,he always pretnds to be doing his homework 我必须观看我的儿子。 在我进入他的屋子时候,总他要做着他的家庭作业的pretnds [translate] 
a你的英语太差 Your English too is bad [translate] 
aall skin 所有皮肤 [translate] 
amicrosoft net framework 2.0 to run ATI 跑ATI的微软净框架2.0 [translate] 
aProgramFiles=C:Program Files ProgramFiles=C:Program Files [translate] 
a经严密加强监测及病情观察,指导患者进食高蛋白饮食,促进腹水的吸收,做好心理护理和出院指导,确保患者生命体征稳定,配合医生扩容治疗和做好穿刺放腹水等对症的护理,是有效控制重度卵巢过度刺激综合征进展的关键。 After the strict enhancement monitor and the condition observation, instructs the patient to eat food the high-protein foods, the promotion ascites absorption, completes psychological nursing and the out of hospital instruction, guarantees the patient life symptom to be stable, coordinates doctor th [translate] 
aallow撤消端口主干允许通过VLAN 1 准许 [translate] 
a大批各种补习班和父母没完没了的监督 Large quantities of each kind of supplementary class and parents' endless surveillance [translate] 
a命定 Destiny [translate] 
aa leaking tube joint 漏的管联接 [translate] 
aA banner welcomes participants to a gathering at Sershul monastery. Photo sent by Tibetan resident [translate] 
aMaybe, You are my only,Forever 可能,您只是我,永远 [translate] 
aI use the game coin and your transaction 我使用游戏硬币和您的交易 [translate] 
a2、在跨文化的背景下工作,具有很大的挑战性 2nd, works under the Trans-Culture background, has the very big challenging [translate] 
ai don't want to attractive others by my face 我不由我的面孔想要有吸引力其他 [translate] 
aLong hair no hair on your little temper, and today I'm so tired, Hao Fan, not happy, I want to you can not give me, do not want you all have left me. I'm really tired. 长的头发没有头发在您的一点脾气和今天我是,很疲乏,郝风扇,不愉快,我想要您不可能给我,不想要您所有留下我。 我真正地疲乏。 [translate] 
a才啊 Only then [translate] 
aMEDIAKIDS 集团成立于2000年,是由原泰国教育部批准的私立外语培训机构,经11年发展,集团已成为集语言培训、辅导、外籍教师派遣及学生用品供应等业务组成。在过去的3年中,集团已与泰国60个府的中小学保持紧密合作关系,并为泰国公立学校输送了1000余名的英文外籍老师。由于近年来中国的经济全球化,泰国的中文教学的需求极增。在受泰国公立中小学之托之下,集团于今年开设中文外籍教师派遣项目,并启动对外汉语老师招聘、培训及其派遣工作。目前,集团已获批泰国教育部官方批文,欲2011年招聘40名驻泰对外汉语教师。 The MEDIAKIDS group was established in 2000, is privately established foreign language training organization which authorized by the original Thai Ministry of Education, after 11 years development, the group has become collection language training, counselling, the foreign teacher dispatch and servi [translate] 
aI want someone who afraid of losing me 我想要害怕失去我的人 [translate] 
aBy sampling the data point every 5°, the input and output data of the x-axis and y- 通过抽样数据点每5°, X轴和y-的输入和输出数据 [translate] 
a你能将你的数学书拿到我家来吗? You can attain yours mathematics book my family to come? [translate] 
a我们都非常担心他 We all extremely worry him [translate] 
a查杀能力强,与500台服务器无缝连接,实时更新,通杀各种木马 Looks up kills ability, with 500 server seamless connections, the real-time renewal, passes kills each kind of wooden horse [translate] 
aplace de verdun 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abaraoke baraoke [translate] 
aif no supplementary agreement can be reached, such matters shall be determined in accordance with the relevant clauses of the contract or trade practice. f没有增补协定可以被到达,这样事态将是坚定的与合同或贸易业务的相关的条目符合。 [translate] 
a我把所有记忆都带走,让我来替你难过 I all carry off all memories, let I come for you to be sad [translate] 
aI need a cup of coffee to myself 我需要一杯咖啡对我自己 [translate] 
a游戏了没? 遊ばれる持っていなかったか。 [translate] 
a那么,大学生就业难在哪里呢?原因是多方面的,但毕业生本身的问题也不能忽视。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhat events do the students have at Robert school 什么事件做学生有在罗伯特学校 [translate] 
athat we're working furiously to correct. Things will be up and running ag 我们愤怒地工作改正。 事将是在运作的ag [translate] 
a改变不良的饮食习惯 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a信息来源:人民教育出版社—课程教材研究所 Information origin: The people educate the publishing house - curriculum teaching material research institute [translate] 
a2.在科学研究方面,基地应能承担各级各类对外汉语教学的重点和重大科研任务,在学科理论和与对外汉语教学有关的汉语本体研究中起组织和骨干作用。 [translate] 
asexy and fuck 性感和交往 [translate] 
aruth frith 露丝frith [translate] 
a连续使用 Long-term usage [translate] 
aMy chest between the desk and bed. 我的胸口在书桌和床之间。 [translate] 
aSandy Morision Sandy Morision [translate] 
a我正准备睡觉的 I am preparing to sleep [translate] 
abig or small colleges 大或小学院 [translate] 
arx mode X-射线方式 [translate] 
alove for Crazy 对疯狂的爱 [translate] 
a我想要变得强大 I want to become formidable [translate] 
a努力加油,相信自己是可以的 Refuels diligently, believed oneself is may [translate] 
aTHE COLOR OF BLOOD 血液的颜色 [translate] 
aTalking Hamster is a voice-altering app that features an animated say in high-pitched squeaky voices in real-time. This app gives 谈的仓鼠是在实时以生气蓬勃的言为特色由高水平尖叫的声音的声音改变app。 这app给 [translate] 
aDon't give it up if you still have it on your mind... 不要放弃它,如果您仍然有它在您的头脑… [translate] 
alemme try again lemme再试一次 [translate]