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First, the Huangshan Scenic Area to attract a large number of foreign tourists, promote consumption, stimulating domestic demand.




First of all, in Huangshan scenic area attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists, promote consumption, stimulating domestic demand.


First of all, huangshan scenic area will be able to attract large Chinese and foreign tourists, promote consumption, stimulating domestic demand.


First, the Huangshan Mountain scenic spot can attract the massive Chinese and foreign tourists, the promotion expends, in drawing needs.
a称霸世界 Dominates the world [translate] 
aArchimedes thought about the problem while a slave poured some water into a bath for him 当奴隶倾吐了一些水入浴为他时, Archimedes考虑问题 [translate] 
aBut the harsh reality is ... 但严酷的现实是… [translate] 
a将自己的问题告诉老师和同学,请求得到他们的帮助。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a人口多 占地少 The population multi-occupying a land areas of are few [translate] 
aExtended.Cut Extended.Cut [translate] 
alook forn and to insiston 看forn和对insiston [translate] 
al am expecting a phone call 期望电话的l上午 [translate] 
ascatterbrained 慌张 [translate] 
acould YOU give me some room to relieve..... 可能您给我一些室解除..... [translate] 
a学生不用出门就可以学到知识。 The student does not need to go out may learn the knowledge. [translate] 
a传奇 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awas tested and verified on the basis of samples and rohs test report proxider by the applicant 根据样品和rohs实验报告proxider被测试了并且被核实了由申请人 [translate] 
a今天还有一些工作未完成 Today also has the work which some have not completed [translate] 
a截止目前已经播出了18季,第十九季也正在热播。《极速前进》的11支队伍 (第3,4,10,15季是12支)由2名有一定关系的队员组成。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a想出 Finding out [translate] 
a- Exceeding of ppm-targets, number of escaltions [translate] 
a人在语言社会中生活,,会遵循该社会群体的语言习惯,习惯是在一定的情境下自然而然的形成的,他不经过意志的驱使,当一个人养成某种习惯后,就会自然而然的去做,所谓习惯成自然就是这个意识,人们认为对犯忌触讳的事物在言语中应当予以禁忌,即使要表达这些食物,也赢充分考虑对方的心理承受而是用相应的表达方法,如果应避不避,该讳不讳,这种不得体的语言表达会影响语言的心理沟通,人们长期以来对言语禁忌和言语代用形成反复的言语审美活动,从而形成关于言语禁忌的群体心理定势,并以此来影响火左右言语活动。在特定的交际情境中,人们对不祥的火神圣的事物都存在着灵物崇拜心理, 每当碰到那个犯忌触讳的事物,人们总是采用避讳的方式,每当碰到难以启齿的事物,重视采用委婉的方 [translate] 
afight together歌词 一起战斗歌词 [translate] 
aleadership report 领导报告 [translate] 
aI felt a lot of pain when I pressed my cut hard提问 I felt a lot of pain when I pressed my cut hard inquiry [translate] 
aSo you must keep recharge 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSome of us get dipped in flat,some in satin,some in gloss.But every once in a while you find someone 一些我们在舱内甲板,一些在缎,一些得到浸洗在光泽。但您时常寻找某人 [translate] 
a请圈出照片上孩子们的名字 Please iris out in the picture the child name [translate] 
a公元14-15世纪,意大利文艺空前繁荣,成为欧洲“文艺复兴”运动的发源地,但丁、达·芬奇、米开朗基罗、拉斐尔、伽利略等文化与科学巨匠对人类进步作出了巨大贡献。如今,在意大利各地都可见到精心保存下来的古罗马时代的宏伟建筑和文艺复兴时代的绘画、雕刻、古迹和文物。 A.D. 14-15 century, the Italian literary arts unprecedented prosperity, became Europe “the Renaissance” the movement place of origin, Dante, reaches · the fragrance wonderful, cultures and the scientific great master and so on Michelangelo, Raphael, Galileo progresses to the humanity has made the tr [translate] 
aJust do it if you can! 请,如果您能,做它! [translate] 
aTable 1. The sampling data from -60° to 60° [translate] 
apersonal virtues 个人贤良 [translate] 
aYou can, please 您能,请 [translate] 
aa problem has been detected your computer 问题被查出了您的计算机 [translate] 
aThe types of cancer varied with lung cancer the most commonly reported. Other [translate] 
a这个季节去夏威夷旅游最好乘飞机。 This season goes to Hawaii to travel well goes by plane. [translate] 
aThe English visitors are all ( )the ground floor 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a因为我正在粉刷老板的办公室 Because I am whitewashing boss's office [translate] 
a我打字打错了 I typed make a mistake [translate] 
a我22 他当初追得我厉害 但是我们在一起才半个月 我们是分隔两地 我觉得我和他 没有什么交集 但是还是男女朋友身份 我觉得他不在乎 但是我很在乎 我没有捅破这纸 But my 22 he initially pursued me fiercely we we was separates two places in together the only then half month I to think but I and he did not have what occurring together the male and female friend status I to think but he did not care about me to care about me not to pierce this paper very much [translate] 
aSetbacks can help you accumulate experience, and experience can ,in turn, enrich your mind 挫折可能帮助您积累经验,并且经验可能,反过来,丰富您的头脑 [translate] 
a人们说他是最伟大的欧洲作曲家 The people said he is the greatest European composers [translate] 
asam is longer hair than Tom 山姆比汤姆是更长的头发 [translate] 
a14mph average speed 14mph平均速度 [translate] 
adon't slack off even for one minute 不要偷懒在一分钟 [translate] 
a我通常在麦片粥里放一些牛奶和糖。 I usually put some milks and the sugar in the rolled cat gruel. [translate] 
aare you a teachear? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHe speaks with a very thin, subtle voice, so inaudible that it is hard to tell if he is speaking at all. He has never interrupted anybody. On the other hand, he can never manage more than two words without somebody interrupting him. This does not seem to irritate him; in fact, he actually appears happy to have been abl [translate] 
a我认为这是他的夹克衫 I thought this is his jacket unlined upper garment [translate] 
aseismic energy 地震能量 [translate] 
apiviotlevel piviotlevel [translate] 
a多锻炼保持建康 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a回味无穷 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amortality. [translate] 
aHow have u been lately 怎么有最近是的u [translate] 
aindependent risk factor for ARF in patients with severe [translate] 
a途径二:参与汉语教学基地建设 Way two: Participation Chinese teaching base construction [translate] 
aseveral observational studies, but the consequences on [translate] 
a横向变化大 The lateral change is big [translate] 
aAccumulation of the substance within tissues (eg, liver, [translate] 
a首先,黄山风景区能吸引大量中外游客,促进消费,拉动内需。 First, the Huangshan Mountain scenic spot can attract the massive Chinese and foreign tourists, the promotion expends, in drawing needs. [translate]