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awhere is your sister 那里您的姐妹 [translate] 
astraits 海峡 [translate] 
aon average, vip spent 100% more in each transaction compared to non vip. 平均, vip更花费了100%在每种交易与非vip比较。 [translate] 
a你经常问问题会变得更聪明。说得对。 You asked frequently the question can become more intelligent.Said rightly. [translate] 
a运动损害的PRICE原则 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe was the only kid at the picnic he was the only kid at the picnic [translate] 
a我认为学生偏科与环境、老师、自己等因素有关。在家里或是在学校,如果环境中有很多人在吵闹,这样就会影响学生的学习效率,让学生觉得很烦,不想学习,在这样的环境中久而久之学习成绩就会下降。从而导致偏科。老师的作用也是很大,学生一旦对老师产生不好的印象,往往不喜欢这位老师的课,不想学这门课,久而久之成绩大幅度下降,对这门课失去兴趣,出现偏科。自己的学习状况,在学习过程中没能把每科的知识点细化,如果其中一段知识点出现问题,就会影响下段学习,一旦有难度,学习会逐步失去信心,失去这门学科的兴趣,最终使自己偏科。大多数同学总是偏向于学得好的一科。为什么会出现这样的情况呢?这就取决于同学的意志力了,有些同学的偏科情况很不稳定,当在某次考试中某一科的学 [translate] 
a他是俩个男孩中较高的一个 He is in a pair boy high one [translate] 
amanners make man what does this saying mean 方式做人什么做这个说法手段 [translate] 
aits tongue darted about 它的舌头投掷了 [translate] 
a包子,狗子,黄涛,我的好弟兄。 Steamed stuffed bun, son-of-a-bitch, yellow Tao, my good brother. [translate] 
a生命科学类 Life sciences class [translate] 
a万事人极 All things person extremely [translate] 
adeliberately 故意地 [translate] 
ameet people or through internet 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acurrent 当前 [translate] 
a语文老师曾告诉我们生存就是克服困难的过程 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aanyother else anyother [translate] 
ato the notion of risk. [translate] 
a主席讲话很有说服力,委员会其他成员都听从他的意见 President speaks has the persuasive power very much, the committee other members all obeys his opinion [translate] 
aHao are you ? My name is paul.I'm an english studrnt 郝是您? 我的名字是保罗。我是英国studrnt [translate] 
awe can infer from the article that sodium can de used to 我们可以从文章推断钠罐头de使用了 [translate] 
aChemical analyses can be made by determining how much of a solution of known concentration is needed to react fully with an unknown test sample. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe RLIS program beyond those set by the state. According to state coordinators, districts [translate] 
aI'd just be the catcher in the rye and all. 我会是捕手在黑麦和全部。 [translate] 
a怎能不爱你 How can not love you [translate] 
atherefore we recommend storing in the original boxes in a dry and ventilated place at ambient temperatures,maximum seven boxes on top of each other. 因此我们在一个干燥和被通风的地方在周围温度,最大值七箱子推荐存放在原始的箱子在彼此顶部。 [translate] 
a钱塘江是烟花大会的主会场 Qiantang River is the fireworks congress main conference hall [translate] 
a有任何我能为你做的事吗 Has any me to be able the matter which does for you [translate] 
a当面对退休离开工作岗位之后,唯有从容才会使你不觉得因为自己权力的丢失、地位的下滑而感到困扰、失落与沮丧。 In front of leaves the operating post after the retirement, only has calmly only then can cause you not to think because own authority loss, the status glide down felt the puzzle, loses depressed with. [translate] 
aWhile building a dual-axis tilt sensor one must use either one tri-axial or [translate] 
aSamsung Corporation is well-known for Electronic products samsung Corporation为电子产品是知名的 [translate] 
asuisse programme--HYDRETING CONCENTRATE 瑞士节目--HYDRETING集中 [translate] 
aCan I have a look at your passport 可以我看一看您的护照 [translate] 
aEast or west home is best. 东部或西部家最佳。 [translate] 
aMissing chocolate 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI was unhaooy with her 我是unhaooy与她 [translate] 
aeclat d`arpege 强光D `琶音 [translate] 
ayour seat is near 您的位子近 [translate] 
adon't slack off even for one miniute 不要偷懒为一miniute [translate] 
a我不是老师,我说的不一定是对的 I am not teacher, I said not necessarily am right [translate] 
aHow can I travel around the world and enjoy its beauty in a car that pollute the world 怎么能我旅行在世界范围内并且享受它的秀丽在污染世界的汽车 [translate] 
athe organization was set up to provide a advertise where problems could be discussed 组织被设定提供广告,问题可能被谈论 [translate] 
athe national day is three vacation i am going to are very because wonderfui 国庆节是三我去对是非常,因为wonderfui的假期 [translate] 
aNorth Andover, MA, 2003. [translate] 
aERROR cann't load file(code:5555h) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWhat makes one person more 什么做一个人更多 [translate] 
aWhat everybody to the competition which soon holds also has to suggest? What everybody to the competition which soon holds also has to suggest? [translate] 
a因为它对我们的健康有益 Because it is beneficial to our health [translate] 
a由于曲目准备的不够细致。。我很遗憾的告诉你。。我无法参加你们在上海的面试。。但是我会通过网上申请和递交预审录音参加你们美国的招生。。 Because program preparation insufficiently careful.。I very regrettable tell you.。I am unable to participate in you in Shanghai's interviewing.。But I can the application and the submit preliminary hearing sound recording participate in your US's recruitment of students through the net on.。 [translate] 
aGoes to this book belt to the school 去这条书传送带学校 [translate] 
aWhich endurance test rigs are maintained at the site 哪些耐力测试索具装备被维护在站点 [translate] 
a利用交易条件对等性引导对方让步 Guides opposite party using the transaction condition parity to yield [translate] 
aerror refreshing data 错误刷新的数据 [translate] 
aLife at university and high school 生活在大学和高中 [translate] 
a做好人很难 Mediates very difficultly [translate] 
acs only 仅cs [translate]