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a挺帅吧 Very leads [translate] 
a在格鲁西斯特洛港 West Grewe Si Turlogh port [translate] 
aWho can help you find out more about Japanese traditions? 谁能帮助您发现更多关于日本传统? [translate] 
a你不准备睡觉了 You did not prepare to sleep [translate] 
aWe also derive novel structural 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你的鼻塞感觉好些了吗? Your stuffy nose has felt many? [translate] 
a无论一个家庭有多少人组成,都是一个整体。 Regardless of a family has how many people to compose, all is a whole. [translate] 
a一个大鼻 A big nose [translate] 
a核武器属于大规模杀伤性武器,因此,核安全便成为关乎世界和平与安全的大问题。近几年,国际核裁军、防止核扩散及和平利用核能的进程不断受挫。目前,朝鲜核问题、伊朗核问题、美俄进一步削减核武器谈判等已成为令世人关注的限核及裁核的主要问题。所有这一切发生的同时,我们又期望发展民用核方案。因此我们需要一个更有效的国际保障。 核武器属于大规模杀伤性武器,因此,核安全便成为关乎世界和平与安全的大问题。近几年,国际核裁军、防止核扩散及和平利用核能的进程不断受挫。目前,朝鲜核问题、伊朗核问题、美俄进 [translate] 
a我在那里呆了5天 I have stayed 5 day in there [translate] 
adog woman sex 狗妇女性 [translate] 
a黑陶 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这些事实与这个问题无关。 These facts have nothing to do with with this question. [translate] 
aA responsible for cheating, 一负责任对欺诈, [translate] 
aI never doubted you trust 我未曾怀疑您信任 [translate] 
ausb cdrom 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHi Jianjun, 喂Jianjun, [translate] 
a你不应该允许穿耳洞 You should not allow to pierce the ears the hole [translate] 
a各项程序之间并不是孤立的,也并不是一定按照准则所规定的顺序去开展 Between each procedure is not isolated, also is not defers certainly to the order which the criterion stipulated to develop [translate] 
aTake good care of yourself while I am away 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他们为什么不去酒吧喝水呢 Why don't they go to the bar to drink water [translate] 
aafteryou are to want you painful 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a1000Ω [translate] 
a通过系统的学习宏微观经济学、金融市场、公司金融、商业银行经营管理等专业课程,使我夯实了专业理论基础。金融会计实践、银行业务实训等课程,更让我掌握了一定实务操作能力。 Through the system study great microeconomics, the money market, the company finance, the commercial bank management and operation and so on the special course, caused me to ram the specialized rationale.Financial accountant practices, the banking industry teaches and so on the curricula practically [translate] 
athe light is over the desk 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我22岁 当初他追得我厉害 我们在一起才半个月 My 22 years old initially his pursued me to be fierce we in together the only then half month [translate] 
amake an arrangement 做一个安排 [translate] 
aCircumstances changing with the time Circumstances changing with the time [translate] 
athe advantage of stock 股票的好处 [translate] 
aUrged by Sai, Hikaru begins playing Go despite an initial lack of interest in the game. He begins by simply executing the moves Sai dictates to him, but Sai tells him to try to understand each move. In a Go salon, Hikaru defeats Akira Toya twice, a boy his age who plays Go at professional level, by following Sai's inst 由Sai敦促, Hikaru在比赛上%E [translate] 
a冠名办班互为基地 Crown manages Ban Huwei base [translate] 
ares your highness 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait takes a lot of extra gas to get the car up to speed 它采取很多额外气体上汽车达到正常水平 [translate] 
a300万元(叁佰万元),且应以甲方为共同受益人。 3,000,000 Yuan (3,000,000 Yuan), also should take the party of the first part as the common beneficiaries. [translate] 
aliving in groups 居住在小组 [translate] 
aAuctioned goods are sold _____. 拍卖的物品是被卖的_____。 [translate] 
aHarvard University,one of the first-class academic institution 哈佛大学,一头等学术机关 [translate] 
alnvalid game version please purchase the application from android market lnvalid游戏版本请购买应用从机器人市场 [translate] 
afamily of musicians 音乐家家庭 [translate] 
aWhatever you are willing to put up with, is exactly what you will have . 什么您是愿意的对忍耐,确切地是什么您将有。 [translate] 
a除此之外,还获得 In addition, but also obtains [translate] 
a不要拿我寻开心 Do not take me to seek happy [translate] 
a他根本没想到要打电话给我 他根本没想到要打电话给我 [translate] 
aWhat are the problems with fashion? Firstly, the production of textiles pollutes the environment heavily. Cotton-planting uses pesticides; sheep-farming and wool-cleaning contribute to global warming; synthetics-making #人造纤维生产# brings about harmful waste. Secondly, every stage of clothing production has a significant e [translate] 
aing [10]-[12]. Therefore, SVR is used to model the tilt sensor in this paper. It can be ing [10) - [12)。 所以, SVR在本文用于塑造掀动传感器。 它可以是 [translate] 
aand can not be compared to 并且不能与比较 [translate] 
a我今天早上很早就到校了 I this morning very was early arrive the school [translate] 
aIf you are a vistitor ,plaseas check back soon 如果您是vistitor, plaseas很快检查 [translate] 
a你今天好像没吃晚饭,中饭也没吃吧?你不饿吗?你不能那么挑食啊 You probably have not had the dinner today, the lunch have not eaten? You not hungry? You cannot that select food [translate] 
afm radio test fm无线电测试 [translate] 
a今天是一个适合出游的好天气 Today is one suits the travel the fine weather [translate] 
afuck team five 交往队五 [translate] 
aFriso Standaard opvolgmelk is voor de meeste kindjes de juiste flesvoeding. De samenstelling ervan is geïnspireerd door de bijzondere werking van borstvoeding. Friso opvolgmelk bevat prebiotische vezels, goede vetzuren en nucleotiden. Deze voedingstoffen komen van nature ook voor in borstvoeding. Zo is Friso opvolgmelk Friso标准opvolgmelk是为大多数kindjes正确用瓶喂养。 构成它通过特殊作用乳房哺养启发了。 Friso opvolgmelk包含prebiotische纤维、好酸和核苷酸。 这些在乳房哺养也天生voedingstoffen预防。 因而Friso opvolgmelk自然选择是在乳房哺养以后。 [translate] 
aRLIS funding RLIS资助 [translate] 
a你觉得这家公司在金融危机中解雇工人是明智之举吗 You thought this company dismisses the worker in the financial crisis is the wise move [translate] 
aan online survey of the states and 状态的一次网上勘测和 [translate] 
aIs he a student or teacher? 他是否是学生或老师? [translate]