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To my views there are several salient points


In my opinion, there are mainly the following points


aI am disappointed you too much of the 我是失望的您太多 [translate] 
a三餐必须按时吃还要有营养 The three meals a day must eat on time also must have the nutrition [translate] 
a她把自行车放在宾馆门口了 She placed the bicycle the guesthouse entrance [translate] 
a你答应我的一定要做到,我等待明年的七月,向日葵盛开的季节。如果那时候你真的在,那么,我将愿意,天涯海角,与君浪迹。HT:如果真的有这么一天,我一定嫁你! You promise me certainly to have to achieve, I waited for the next year in July, the sunflower will be in full bloom season.If you really in, that, I will want at that time, the ends of the earth, will roam with Mr.HT: If really has such one day, I marry certainly you! [translate] 
a他结束了暑假生活 He finished the summer vacation to live [translate] 
aoperating procedures 操作步骤 [translate] 
aIm in love Im在爱 [translate] 
aThe Depth of Usage and Rigor of Enforcement of the Various Tools 用法的各种各样的工具的执行深度和严厉 [translate] 
athey are under the bed 他们在床下 [translate] 
alet me hold your hand,loving you forever foever 让我握您的手,永远爱您foever [translate] 
a我希望能有机会能在贵公司工作 I hoped can have the opportunity to be able in your firm work [translate] 
a孕育的本质是实现健康生命的延续 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPeter said that he wouldnˊt mind my opening the window. 彼得说他wouldnˊt头脑我的开头窗口。 [translate] 
a快时代与慢生活 Quick time and slow life [translate] 
aThe European Union must improve its growth and employment outlook. We support the growth agenda agreed by today's European Council. We reiterate our full commitment to implement the country specific recommendations made under the first European Semester and on focusing public spending on growth areas. [translate] 
a各类共同体,由境界决定,鼓励员工进入各级共同体 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a期望地点:江浙沪 Expects the place: Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces Shanghai [translate] 
a怎么样 心情好些了吗? How mood many? [translate] 
ainformation in eye care for all Eye Care Providers 信息在眼睛喜欢所有眼睛关心提供者 [translate] 
aShe drank too much, I went to look at 她喝了太多,我去看 [translate] 
a会计和数字分不开 Accountant and the numeral cannot separate [translate] 
a双重困难家庭 Dual difficult families [translate] 
aPlease give me the delivery schedule, when will it be dispatched, when will the parts arrived 请给我交货计划,当将派遣它,当将零件到达了 [translate] 
aa problem has been detected your computer 问题被查出了您的计算机 [translate] 
alooking for a girl 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe types of cancer varied with lung cancer the most commonly reported. Other [translate] 
a雄厚的科研力量 Abundant scientific research strength [translate] 
aTable 1. The sampling data from -60° to 60° [translate] 
aSome of us get dipped in flat,some in satin,some in gloss.But every once in a while you find someone 一些我们在舱内甲板,一些在缎,一些得到浸洗在光泽。但您时常寻找某人 [translate] 
a他让王娜帮忙,骗我催促我签名 He lets Wang Na help, to deceive me to urge I sign [translate] 
aWho can give me comfort ? 谁能给我舒适? [translate] 
a公元14-15世纪,意大利文艺空前繁荣,成为欧洲“文艺复兴”运动的发源地,但丁、达·芬奇、米开朗基罗、拉斐尔、伽利略等文化与科学巨匠对人类进步作出了巨大贡献。如今,在意大利各地都可见到精心保存下来的古罗马时代的宏伟建筑和文艺复兴时代的绘画、雕刻、古迹和文物。 A.D. 14-15 century, the Italian literary arts unprecedented prosperity, became Europe “the Renaissance” the movement place of origin, Dante, reaches · the fragrance wonderful, cultures and the scientific great master and so on Michelangelo, Raphael, Galileo progresses to the humanity has made the tr [translate] 
a很多外国人都 Very many foreigners all [translate] 
a她在中午吃什么 She eats any in the noon [translate] 
a是一名党员 Is a party member [translate] 
a同学们都觉得压力很大, Schoolmates all thought the pressure is very big, [translate] 
a白雪的孤寂 Bai Xue aloneness [translate] 
aeffortlessly pretty 不出力相当 [translate] 
amust contain at least one upper case letter. 必须包含至少一大写字目。 [translate] 
a完美的搭配不是单一的塑造­ Perfect matching is not the sole mold [translate] 
aTo the world you may be one person, but may be for someone, you are the world 对世界您可以是一个人,但可以是为某人,您是世界 [translate] 
a我们一起守护对方 We protect opposite party together [translate] 
aCrabtree Body Lotion Crabtree身体化妆水 [translate] 
aMany people who work in London prefer to live outside it, and to go in to their offices or schools every day by train, car or bus, even though this means they have to get 在伦敦工作的许多人喜欢在它之外居住和每天参加他们的办公室或学校乘火车、汽车或者公共汽车,即使这意味他们必须得到 [translate] 
a我这几天一直都在为买机票的钱在想办法,所以没有联系你, 我这几天一直都在为买机票的钱在想办法,所以没有联系你, [translate] 
aНикто не может отнять у меня вы 没人在我可能拿走您 [translate] 
a令到学习趣味增强 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe name of the account was he ru.....is that correct? 帐户的名字是他ru是否是.....正确的那? [translate] 
a今天第一次用这个,还不太习惯 Today first time uses this, but also not too custom [translate] 
aunshelfishness unshelfishness [translate] 
aToday i am going to talk about " my dream " 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPhase structure 阶段结构 [translate] 
a感觉在变老 The feeling is aging [translate] 
a丰盈 풍부한 [translate] 
a然而我却日日与钢琴为伴, However I daily with the piano am actually the partner, [translate] 
ahave a ice cream 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a以我的观点,主要有以下几点 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]