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My English Foundation


My English foundation
a继续我们的暧昧 Continues us ambiguous [translate] 
a塑化 Plasticizing [translate] 
aRegarding samples payment 关于样品付款 [translate] 
a希望你明天再去姨妈家吃饭撒呵呵 Hoped you again will go to the mother's sister family to eat meal tomorrow scatter ha-ha [translate] 
aCAUCEDO CAUCEDO [translate] 
aIT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY CAN'T SEE IT 它是一美好的天不能看它 [translate] 
a科技环保 Technical environmental protection [translate] 
a给动物照相是很有趣的 For the animal the photography is very interesting [translate] 
a下午4点30分返回 In the afternoon 4.30 minutes returnses [translate] 
a她幸运地得到了她向那家大银行申请的工作 She obtained her luckily to that family big bank application work [translate] 
a这只是我的称呼,我不能制作卡 This is only my name, I cannot manufacture the card [translate] 
a晚安!早点休息!弟妹 Good night! Earlier rests! Sister-in-law [translate] 
a她忙于接待其他的客人,我只能自己离开 She is busy with receives other visitors, I only can own leave [translate] 
aget good grade 得到 好 等级 [translate] 
areduce reuse recycle 减少再用回收 [translate] 
a其各项性能指标均达到国内外同类产品的先进水平,特别是其搅水池沉淀物的独特功效收到用户的欢迎和好评 Its each performance index achieved the domestic and foreign similar products the advanced level, specially it stirs the basin settling the unique effect to receive the crown to reach the user welcome and the high praise [translate] 
aprobe depth 探针深度 [translate] 
ait is not uncommon to 它不是不凡的 [translate] 
asai lole bai dong sai sai lole bai东sai [translate] 
awilling to work with it have forged a puzzled Love willing to work with it have forged a puzzled Love [translate] 
athe determination of the portfolio with an [translate] 
a简朴的 Simple [translate] 
a学术交流推进文化开掘 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai am sorry,and i can not play with you 我抱歉,并且我不可能演奏与您 [translate] 
a你的姐姐有一把尺子吗?不,没有 Your elder sister has a ruler? No, does not have [translate] 
a浓汤一品翅 A thick soup wing [translate] 
aError[Pe007]: unrecognized token 错误[Pe007) : 未被认出的象征 [translate] 
a生活的观念因文化差异而不同 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aD) not to believe what he says )不相信什么的D他说 [translate] 
aDriving after drinking alcohol is very dangerous. you should clearly know your driving can be affected by one or two drinks. 酒后驾车酒精是非常危险的。 您应该清楚地知道您驾驶可以受一两份饮料的影响。 [translate] 
aAlan and Jane are brother and sister. Ella is Alan is wife.They have a 阿伦和珍妮是兄弟和姐妹。 Ella是阿伦是妻子。他们有a [translate] 
a是我本人 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a哦,谢谢您,您真是一位诚实的人啊! Oh, thanks you, you really is an honest person! [translate] 
aGrow some radishes for a community art project 种植有些萝卜为社区艺术项目 [translate] 
aOff balance pension obligations 平衡退休金义务 [translate] 
aInformation Technology for Learning, Education and Training -- Information Model for Competency -- Part 3: Guidelines for the Aggregation of Competency Information and Data 信息技术为学会,教育和训练 -- 信息模型为能力 -- 第3部分: 指南为能力信息和数据的族聚 [translate] 
aA yello door is in the wall,here 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a没有一个地方比雪岳山的四季更漂亮,春天的紫色花,夏天茂盛的绿阴和瀑布,秋天蓝红的枫叶景色,冬天的雪花,给人以无限遐想。雪岳山分为内雪岳、外雪岳和南雪岳。内雪岳有弯曲的峡谷,尽显秀丽的女性美。外雪岳由奇岩绝壁组成,尽显雄伟的男性美。雪岳山以其著名的岩石、稀有动植物、周边的划雪场和海水浴场而闻名,成为韩国的观光名胜。 [translate] 
a中国新闻史专题研究 Chinese news history special study [translate] 
a能力目标:(1)分析能力(在信息不完全以及不确定的情况下发现问题、分析问题和解决问题的能力); (2)人际沟通能力(在各种层次上影响、监督、领导、操纵以及控制他人的能力); (3)情感能力(在情感和人际危机面前只会受到激励而不会受其困扰和削弱的能力以及在较高的责任压力下不会变得无所作为的能力,具备正确对待挫折的心理素质)。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aVice-Chancellor 大学副校长 [translate] 
a不久,儿子收到了高尔基从远方寄来的信。信里说:“你回去了,可是你栽的花流了下来。我望着它们,心里想;我的儿子在岛上留下了美好的东西--鲜花。 [translate] 
aVery rogue. 非常歹徒。 [translate] 
awhen active you resurrect immediately after death 当您在死亡之后复活的激活 [translate] 
aif you feel low,you can brighten your day or your life with a new shirt or some new colorful things 如果您感到低,您能照亮您的天或您的生活以一件新的衬衣或一些新的五颜六色的事 [translate] 
a我好羡慕你啊 I good envy you [translate] 
aThis email address has already been registered. 这封电子邮件已经登记了。 [translate] 
a我有两年多没参加考试了 I had more than two years not to have the participation to take a test [translate] 
aGood job on the spelling typing exercise. 好工作在拼写键入的锻炼。 [translate] 
a明天是否会下雨 Whether will be able to rain tomorrow [translate] 
a你必须幸福 You must be happy [translate] 
a当质保期过后,供方对所售出的压缩机还将提供优惠有偿服务,根据维修工作量的大小仅收取一定的工本费,如需更换零部件,则按我公司零部件出厂价下浮5%进行供应。在服务中保证按时、保质、保量的做好服务工作,在服务中正常易损件保证现货供应,特殊零部件最长交货期不超过一个半月。 [translate] 
a张紫瑶,我爱你 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a供方负责对需方的压缩机操作人员进行免费技术培训。 [translate] 
a很黄的. Very yellow. [translate] 
a供方所提供的每台压缩机在出厂前均由专业质量检验人员按照相关的标准及技术规范的要求进行检验及测试,并对出厂后的产品质量负全责。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的英语基础 My English foundation [translate]