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a- I want something more for their children. -我更想要某事为他们的孩子。 [translate] 
aThe popularity of digital …will have great influence on our work, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a建校九年来高考达线人数稳居全市第三、民办学校第一。 Constructs the school for nine years college entrance examination to reach the informer number to wish luck on moving to a new home the whole city third, the managed by the people school first. [translate] 
a.and roid secure .and roid安全 [translate] 
aplease choose a language 请选择语言 [translate] 
ai know that you can write in English very well 我知道您在英语能很好写 [translate] 
aWith his hands in his pockets, brain shrinkage in the neck, as if winter is coming! [translate] 
a在中国有受理电池运输业务,上一次交易,也是使用DHL运输。 Has in China accepts the battery transportation service, on a transaction, also is uses DHL to transport. [translate] 
aI marched for Civil Rights,shunned Civil Defense drills and protested the Vietnam War. 我为民权前进了,避开了民防钻子并且抗议了越南战争。 [translate] 
aI am looking for marriage, not friendship.I want to find a lady who speaks some English. 我的中文是不好!!! 我寻找婚姻,不是友谊。我想要找到讲一些英语的夫人。 我的中文是不好!!! [translate] 
a阶段性的工作分解 Gradual work decomposition [translate] 
a我不知道什么 我不知道什么 [translate] 
ain rewards to 在奖励 [translate] 
aUnlimited email storage so that you can keep everything you [translate] 
aPteropod Shell Pteropod壳 [translate] 
a接线员能快速接听电话,电话礼仪服务到位,能主动确认客人所需服务 The operator can answer the telephone fast, the telephone etiquette service arriving, can confirm on own initiative the visitor must serve [translate] 
aKelly Richards from Brooklyn, NY never thought that she would, until curiosity got the best of her and she filled out a simple online form. Before she knew it, she discovered her secret to beating the recession, and being able to provide for her family while at home with her three children 凯利Richards从布鲁克林, NY未曾认为她会,直到求知欲超越了她,并且她填好了表格简单的网上。 在她知道它之前,她发现了她的秘密到摔打后退和能提供她的家庭,当在家她的三个孩子时 [translate] 
aCell monolayer remarkable destruction 细胞单层卓越的破坏 [translate] 
a这个领域内的研究更为有限 In this domain research is more limited [translate] 
a在获得甲方同意的前提下,乙方有权以甲方指定的统一格式,在蔡澜美食城的指示牌(如有)上展示乙方的名称。 In obtains under the premise which the party of the first part agreed, the second party is authorized the unified form which assigns by the party of the first part, (for example has) in the Cai billows good food city index plate on demonstrates second party's name. [translate] 
asurprising actions for the one that owes the capital and is [translate] 
aeau demaquillante doouceur 去除水dooucor的构成 [translate] 
aDo you have any difficulty? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a好好保护自己 Protects well oneself [translate] 
aThe survey instrument was developed using 勘测仪器被发展了使用 [translate] 
a是吗?不过有空多去锻炼身体 Yes? But has free time many exercises the body [translate] 
a玉女峰 Beautiful woman peak [translate] 
a安伯儿 An Boer [translate] 
aare the keys in the drawer? yes, are 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a和家长意见不合的小龙,从花溪狮子桥上跳到了河里。大家在河边和桥上一直劝说了10多分钟,才把父子俩都救了上来。 Young Long does not gather who with the guardian opinion, jumped in the river from the flowered brook lion bridge.Everybody always persuaded more than 10 minutes on the riverside and the bridge, only then all has rescued the fathers and sons. [translate] 
ahoney new zealand propolis liquid 0.25 can be applied directly in the mouth or throat,or mix 6-10 drop inwater and drink or gargle up to3 times per day .this can be increased if necessary 蜂蜜新西兰propolis液体0.25直接地在嘴或喉头可以被应用,或者混合6-10下落inwater并且喝或者可以如果需要增加gargle to3每天.this的时期 [translate] 
a我的家人将要去海边度假 My family member is going to go to the seashore to take vacation [translate] 
athey? [translate] 
aKangkang is watching TV in the living room His mother is in kitchen Kangkang冰观看televisionaerial在客厅他的母亲冰在厨房里 [translate] 
a无视别人批评的人是会起得进步 Disregards others criticism the human is can get up progressive [translate] 
a我在跟朋友聊天,晚点电话你 I in chat with the friend, am late the telephone you [translate] 
aif i wish i were an angel 如果我祝愿我是天使 [translate] 
a希望你可以把歌词发给我 Hoped you may issue the lyrics I [translate] 
a•You can only make you divorce your husband •您能只使您与您的丈夫离婚 [translate] 
a不久,儿子收到了高尔基从远方寄来的信。信里说:“你回去了,可是你栽的花流了下来。我望着它们,心里想;我的儿子在岛上留下了美好的东西--鲜花。 [translate] 
a中国新闻史专题研究 Chinese news history special study [translate] 
a我好羡慕你啊 I good envy you [translate] 
aOnce Einstein gave 一旦爱因斯坦给了 [translate] 
a我的英语基础 My English foundation [translate] 
aVice-Chancellor 大学副校长 [translate] 
aThis email address has already been registered. 这封电子邮件已经登记了。 [translate] 
a我的暑假被一系列的阴雨天给毁了 I for am destroyed summer vacation by a series of cloudy rainy days [translate] 
aif you feel low,you can brighten your day or your life with a new shirt or some new colorful things 如果您感到低,您能照亮您的天或您的生活以一件新的衬衣或一些新的五颜六色的事 [translate] 
aWhen Rafael Nadal is playing,there is no surprise winner on a clay court. 当拉斐尔Nadal使用时,没有出人意料的获胜者在沙地球场。 [translate] 
aThis is consistent with Papy’s CSR’s responsibilities on community, healthy eating, and responsible trading. 这与Papy的CSR的责任是一致的在社区,健康吃和负责任的贸易。 [translate] 
ayou can only apply patch when licence screen appears or already pathched 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aUnabale to find a version of the runtime to run this application 发现运行时间的版本的Unabale跑这种应用 [translate] 
a傻瓜,你就是个傻瓜 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThere is no other meaning! 没有其他意思! [translate] 
aunable to complete 无法完成 [translate] 
aNot disrespect! 不是不恭! [translate] 
aVery rogue. 非常歹徒。 [translate]