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Organization is a cost, the use of market mechanisms is also a cost


Organization is a cost, the use of market mechanisms is also a cost


Organization is, the costs, with the market mechanism would also be costs


Organization is the cost of the use of market mechanisms, there is also the cost


The organization has the cost, also has the cost using the market mechanism
aThe service office of alarm 警报服务办公室 [translate] 
a折美元 Доллар США створок [translate] 
a汽车理论、机械设计基础、发动机原理、汽车构造、材料力学、汽车维修工程、机动车保险与理赔、汽车检测与诊断技术、工程制图、专业英语、热动基础、汽车设计基础、管理运筹学、 The automobile theory, the machine design foundation, the engine principle, the automobile manufacture, the materials mechanics, the automobile maintenance engineering, the vehicle insurance and the principle compensate, the automobile examination and the diagnosis technology, the project charting, [translate] 
a Ways of presenting findings of customer service surveys vary depending on the type of survey and the depth and breadth of information you have to present.  提出顾客服务调查的研究结果方式根据勘测和深度的您必须出席信息的种类和广度变化。 [translate] 
a星期一 星期二 星期三 星期四 星期五 星期六 星期天 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday on Sunday [translate] 
aQPNs only observe how the probabilities of the various nodes are affected by changes in the probabilities of their immediate parents. QPNs只观察怎么各种各样的结的可能性受在他们的直接父母的可能性的上变化的影响。 [translate] 
aFill in the blank with the correct word 用正确词填装空白 [translate] 
a但返货的3200支全部于2011年1季度返还 But returns the goods 3200 the 1st quarter to return completely in 2011 [translate] 
aWhat is your lowest price for periodically buying? We have already contacted with Foshan, Carmax and others. Can you offer your competetive prices for these items? We can revert our orders to you. 您的低价为周期性地买什么? 我们与Foshan, Carmax和其他已经接触了。 您能否提供您的competetive价格为这些项目? 我们可以恢复我们的顺序对您。 [translate] 
agreen hand 绿色手 [translate] 
ayou get off the train at the railway station 您下火车在火车站 [translate] 
amrss china toy mrss瓷玩具 [translate] 
athis is not a new toy for kids ,it is evoita ,a robot from japan,it is 51cm tall ,it runs on rechargeable batteries ,three evoita robots will go to an lronman triathlon course in the us ,they will swim ,ride a bike and run in the triathlon ,a man needs a day to finish the course ,but the evolta robots need a week . 这不是一个新的玩具为孩子,它是evoita,一个机器人从日本,它是51cm高,它在可再充电电池跑,三个evoita机器人在将去一条lronman triathlon路线我们,他们在triathlon将游泳,乘坐自行车和奔跑,一个人需要每天完成路线,但evolta机器人需要一个星期。 [translate] 
aUnit Price(RMB) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe attachment price is for Fighter_DX model cancel printing, Please confirm it. 附件价格是为Fighter_DX式样取消打印,请证实它。 [translate] 
a母盘 Female plate [translate] 
a十八块钱今天买的 18 dollars buy today [translate] 
a这也是对KOUZI最近所做所为的写真。爱很有诱惑,但也最具有伤害,我想我能放手的, 我不是他爱的人,他也不会成为我的伴侣, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aコンストラクタ 建设者 [translate] 
a三权分立下的司法体系 Under separation of powers judicial system [translate] 
asmall wish 小愿望 [translate] 
a这是个梳妆台 This is a dressing table [translate] 
athe bell rings becaude 响铃敲响becaude [translate] 
aridiclus ridiclus [translate] 
aplant size (at least 50 employees) and industry [translate] 
aHere are 15 dollars. Let's go to a fast restaurant for lunch. 这15美元。 我们去一家快速的餐馆为午餐。 [translate] 
a凯瑟琳的王宫 Katherine's royal palace [translate] 
awlan service wlan服务 [translate] 
aOne night in Haikou. Don't give up! ever… 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a亲爱哒,如果我丢了,你会找我吗 귀중한 클립은 나가 잃는 경우에, 당신 저를 찾을 수 있다 타가닥 소리를 낸다 [translate] 
aA boy was born to a coulp after eleven years of marriage the _of the loving eyes. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的暑假被一系列的阴雨天给毁了 I for am destroyed summer vacation by a series of cloudy rainy days [translate] 
a王非的家离学校大约3公里远 Wang Fei the family leaves school about 3 kilometer far [translate] 
a你个傻子,阳痿男 Your fool, sexual impotence male [translate] 
a创造价值、 Creation value, [translate] 
aI was so _________ the night before my examination that I could not sleep 我如此是_________夜,在我的考试之前我不可能睡觉 [translate] 
a上周你去哪儿了 Where last week did you go to [translate] 
aintensive lifting cream 密集的举的奶油 [translate] 
aIt has no words! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acicorice cicorice [translate] 
aThere is a souare of fire 有火souare [translate] 
a触动了报警装置 Touched the alarm device, [translate] 
aHe said he had great ______ in his secretary; she would do the right thing. 他说他有巨大______在他的秘书; 她会做正确的事。 [translate] 
a如果你真的了解我,你要么会恨我,要么会深刻地爱我。 If you real understand me, you either can hate me, either can love me profoundly. [translate] 
abefore I know 在我知道之前 [translate] 
ahe love play game 他爱戏剧比赛 [translate] 
aslimming principie 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahoney new zealand propolis liquid 0.25 can be applied directly in the mouth or throat,or mix 6-10 drop inwater and drink or gargle up to3 times per day .this can be increased if necessary 蜂蜜新西兰propolis液体0.25直接地在嘴或喉头可以被应用,或者混合6-10下落inwater并且喝或者可以如果需要增加gargle to3每天.this的时期 [translate] 
amonarch 's view 国君‘s视图 [translate] 
a微分方程边值问题解的定性研究是其中一个重要的分支, The differential equation boundary value problem solution qualitative investigation is important branch, [translate] 
a袁申涛笨蛋 Yuan Shen Tao fool [translate] 
a满足结构要求同实现了形式和空间的地域性表达 Satisfied the structure request simultaneously to realize the form and the spatial regional expression [translate] 
a办理入库手续 Goes through the warehousing formalities [translate] 
ai have no letters from Peter 我没有从彼得的信件 [translate] 
a3 months post exposure is when you can obtain your conclusive test result. 3个月岗位曝光是您能得到您决定性的测试结果。 [translate] 
axampp is already running xampp已经跑 [translate] 
a组织是有成本的,利用市场机制也是有成本的 The organization has the cost, also has the cost using the market mechanism [translate]