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A) devices with vinyl plate made of wooden packaging to prevent storm weather. Detailed package plans should begin with contractors issued after customer approval.


a) should be used * Equipment made of vinyl, wooden boards to packaging to prevent weather storms. Detailed packaging plan should be issued from the contractor started after customer approval.


a) The equipment should use the wooden crate which the ethylene foundation plate makes to pack prevents the wind and rain weather.The detailed packing plan should sign and issue the customer authorization after the contractor starts.
a十月份有31天 In October has 31 day [translate] 
a请问我能借你钢笔吗?对不起,我把它借个他了 Ask I can borrow you the fountain pen? Sorry, I borrowed it he [translate] 
a对于大学的第一次印象 Regarding university's first impression [translate] 
a你陪我一会嘛 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aprofile with a compendium of public datasets of pro fi le with a compendium of public datasets of [translate] 
a周理论课学时数 Manages discusses the class study period number [translate] 
aTo assembles with the spare part carries on the inspection, conforms to the quality requirement to be able to use, guarantees the assembly quality 聚集与备件继续检查,依照质量要求能使用,保证汇编质量 [translate] 
a你们必须再等一个月 You must again wait for a month [translate] 
a你就是我的整个世界 You are my entire world [translate] 
a我希望我会很快好起来,早点返回学校 I hoped I can be very quickly good, earlier returns to the school [translate] 
aThe max tdp of cpu is over 95w cpu最大tdp是结束95w [translate] 
a为了谋生,他们不得不去赚钱 In order to make a living, they can not but go to make money [translate] 
a给我母亲回信 Replies in writing to my mother [translate] 
a包装印刷厂 Packing printing shop [translate] 
a由他人去下结论 Draws a conclusion by other people [translate] 
ablank endorsed marked freight collect notify applicant 删去签名的明显货物收集通知申请人 [translate] 
aTo deal with the above mentioned problem, we propose to introduce some interactive operators to interact with parallel coordinates 要应付上述的问题,我们提议介绍一些交互式操作员与平行的座标互动 [translate] 
a多么可怕 How fearful [translate] 
aif any questions queries in this regard,please feel free to contact us. 如果任何问题询问鉴于此,请与我们联系。 [translate] 
afailed to initialize the gamestartup interface 没初始化gamestartup接口 [translate] 
aFresh Burst 新爆炸 [translate] 
a(not included in the scope of supply) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a经过十天的培训期后,我们也有了一个大体的方向,我们组决定要做高频类的题目。 After ten day-long training times, we also had a cardinal principle direction, our group decided must make the high frequency kind of topic. [translate] 
aAs far as mechatronics is concerned, the most typical applications of the [translate] 
a4. Translation Directions: translate each of the following sentences from English to Chinese. 1. All 4. 翻译方向: 翻译每一个以下句子从英语到汉语。 1. 所有 [translate] 
aYesterday moring when I opened my eyes,it was half past six already 昨天moring,当我张开了我的眼睛,它已经是半过去六 [translate] 
aBig schoolbages have been a big problem for 大schoolbages是一个大问题为 [translate] 
a让我们一起堆沙堡吧! Let us pile the sand fort together! [translate] 
aranvier ranvier [translate] 
aHenry is a little fatter than he wants to be. He wants to lose some weight 亨利比他想要一少许肥胖。 他想要丢失一些重量 [translate] 
aMicrostructure and mechanical properties of melt-conditioned high-pressure die-cast Mg-Al-Ca alloy  微结构和熔化被适应的高压被印模的镁Al加州合金机械性能   [translate] 
ahappy birthday to myself .tomorrow willbe bette 生日快乐对我自己.tomorrow将是bette [translate] 
a英美人和中国人思维方式不同 The English beautiful women and the Chinese thinking mode is different [translate] 
a没有哭啊,嘿嘿 Has not cried, heh heh [translate] 
aSome of us are still poor at English and need your help 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acomplete a lap 完成膝部 [translate] 
a8.1.4 压力容器:按GB150规定 8.1.4 pressure vessels: According to GB150 stipulation [translate] 
a对相关数据进行预处理,所有指标进行一致化与无量纲化处理,使用三倍标准差检验法进行异常数据的剔出,最终获得xx个样本数据,将这xx个样本划分为训练样本和测试样本,随机抽取35%(33个)作为训练样本集,用于构造SVMs集成模型,其余的65%(60个)作为测试样本集,用于模型泛化能力的检验。对于可持续发展能力的评价集中,本文采用模糊集来定义输出级集合,充分结合该领域专家的经验,将其分成三个等级:可持续发展性强(Ⅰ)、可持续发展性一般(Ⅱ)、可持续发展性弱(Ⅲ)。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a等标志通过参考点 [translate] 
a功名 Academic honor [translate] 
asingles are okay. 选拔是好的。 [translate] 
axampp is already running xampp已经跑 [translate] 
aAllegro non troppo 急速的乐章不是太多 [translate] 
aDo not give up,the beginning always the hardest! 总不要放弃,起点最坚硬! [translate] 
abut most are better for me to learn, improve my ability to prepare for future work. 但多数是好为了我能学会,改进我的能力为未来工作做准备。 [translate] 
a我们应该充分利用早上宝贵的时间朗读英语 We should fully read aloud English using the early morning precious time [translate] 
a我不知道你在等什么奇迹,如果可以请告诉我吧 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ano element found at line 1 of floating_match_overview-state_changes.xml 元素没有发现在线floating_match_overview-state_changes.xml 1 [translate] 
a每个人都有着不服输的斗志 Each people all have the fighting spirit which does not concede
amost toxic 最含毒物 [translate] 
aRecord your search results in a MS Excel spreadsheet. Fill column A with the following category labels: 记录您的查寻结果在MS Excel报表。 积土专栏A以以下类别标记: [translate] 
a英语多采用被动形式,汉语多采用主动形式 English uses the passive form much, Chinese uses the driving form much [translate] 
aI'm afraid he isn't here at the moment 我害怕他当时这里不在 [translate] 
a 容器表面应覆盖2层塑料薄膜。为运输方便应准备好临时的木质或钢质鞍。(注意: 为防止不锈钢容器在运输过程中被污染, 应该仔细考虑用临时鞍进行适当的分离)。 [translate] 
aThere is a souare of fire 有火souare [translate] 
a 法兰连接的开口处采用炫目盖螺栓或螺母来保护防止被损坏。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aa) 设备应采用乙烯基板做成的木箱来包装以防止风雨天气。详细的包装计划应从承包商签发客户批准之后开始。 a) The equipment should use the wooden crate which the ethylene foundation plate makes to pack prevents the wind and rain weather.The detailed packing plan should sign and issue the customer authorization after the contractor starts. [translate]