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我向你推荐一比难的书 is______more。




aIf you fail to realize my dream 如果您不实现我的梦想 [translate] 
a加大转基因食品的高等要素的投入 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhat can your remembe rabout your first teacher 什么装您的remembe rabout于罐中您的第一位老师 [translate] 
a在学校里,学生们的运动时间延长了,课上的运动项目也增加了许多,学生们的体质比以前增强了,校园里的生活也更加丰富了 In the school, the student movement time lengthened, in the class movement project also increased many, student physique compared to before strengthened, in the campus life also even more enriched [translate] 
a参加药学院“吾爱吾家”作品大赛,所写文章《学院是我家》刊登于院系半月刊宣传板报 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahow mach are they 怎么mach是他们 [translate] 
a  【关键词】电子商务;诚信缺失;机制构建 [translate] 
a• Dormitory preventative maintenance procedures and records • 宿舍预防维修次序和纪录 [translate] 
athat's an easy one 那是一容易一个 [translate] 
a这几天我非常留意新闻 These days I pay attention the news extremely [translate] 
ayour phone doesn't appear to be rooted 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a公司违反法律、行政法规被责令关闭的,应当解散,由有关主管机关组织股东,有关机关及专业人员成立清算组,进行清算。 The company violates the law, the administrative rules and regulations is ordered the closure, must dismiss, organizes the shareholder by the concerned controlling organization, the related institution and the specialist establishes the settlement group, carries on the settlement. [translate] 
aoh why why pls tell me why oh为什么为什么pls告诉我为什么 [translate] 
a补偿信号 Compensation signal [translate] 
a张敏佳 张敏佳 [translate] 
ahe planned to finish his river trip in about a year 他在大约一年计划完成他的河旅行 [translate] 
aPasswords must contain at least one upper case let 密码必须包含至少一大写让 [translate] 
aI'm talking about HuDonghua 我谈论HuDonghua [translate] 
a你好烂 You are quite rotten [translate] 
ais jack thin? he is thin 起重器是否是稀薄的? 他是稀薄的 [translate] 
aIf you want to send by mail,its ok 如果您想要用信件送,它的ok [translate] 
amuti touch muti接触 [translate] 
ayou are much stronger and stonger 您 是 更强 并且 stonger [translate] 
aAlthough Thomas Jefferson did not begin the effort of designing the University 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这是我们的特别优惠的价格 This is our special preferential benefit price [translate] 
a哦,谢谢您,您真是一位诚实的人啊! Oh, thanks you, you really is an honest person! [translate] 
aPDA Accessories PDA辅助部件 [translate] 
a我从事机械加工中心工 I am engaged in the machine-finishing center labor [translate] 
a我们不能只是在教师节才想到要尊敬老师 We cannot only be in the teachers' day only then thought must respect teacher [translate] 
anot included in the final sample) to test protocol [translate] 
aARE YOU NATIVE Tianjinese. 是您当地Tianjinese。 [translate] 
a当知道要离开一个地方的时候,总有很多的依恋和不舍。但是我知道,我只是这里的一个过客。一直流浪漂泊,虽然现在没有达到我的港湾,但是我却知道,离我实现自己的目标,已经越来越近。我不在有以前的那边傲气,多了一些稳重。 When knew must leave a place time, always has very many dependences and not the shed.But I knew that, I am only a here traveler.Roams about continuously drifted, although the present has not achieved my harbor, but I knew actually, achieves own goal to me, already more and more was near.I in do not [translate] 
aGentle twinkling scattered about it’s branches [translate] 
a你的姐姐有一把尺子吗?不,没有 Your elder sister has a ruler? No, does not have [translate] 
aMore brightness - recommended for modded textures 更多亮光-推荐为modded纹理 [translate] 
aoptimizer anti_wrinkle 优化器anti_wrinkle [translate] 
aBut it has serious harm of Chinese people's health 但它有中国人民的健康严重的害处 [translate] 
a踏步走 Mark time [translate] 
athere's no turning back now 没有现在转回去 [translate] 
a我们可能在大赛的过程中,无比期待自己的对能拿到奖项,可是,真正的当我们废寝忘食的坐在电脑前设计,坐在仪器旁调试,这些荣誉的获得真的显得就不是那么重要了,至少对我来说是这样,我学到的远远比那份奖来的多。 We possibly in the big game process, incomparably anticipated own to can attain the award item, but, true when we neglect to eat and sleep the seat designs in front of the computer, sits debugs nearby the instrument, these honors obtained really appear are not that important, to me is this at least, [translate] 
asystem uptime in nanoseconds 228421848 系统正常运行时间在纳秒228421848 [translate] 
aAnd I swear I'll be a better man. [translate] 
aPlease believe it 请相信它 [translate] 
afacebook什么意思 问你一个问题 你多大 facebook any meaning asked a your question you are big [translate] 
afull of love,full of life,full of beauty 充分爱,精力充沛,充分秀丽 [translate] 
aI will retain the most pure love for you 我将保留对您的最纯净的爱 [translate] 
aone day, someone will walk intoyour liife,and make you see why it never worked out wi 一天,某人将走intoyour liife,并且使您看为什么它未曾解决 wi [translate] 
apretty fucking screw up 相当该死弄糟 [translate] 
aask your classmates what color these things are.color the things 问您的同学什么颜色这些事are.color事 [translate] 
aWhen it`s love Yeah,you say them out loud Those words [translate] 
a专业术科 Specialized technique branch [translate] 
aCollaborate on cross-team and cross-product technical issues by working with SPM and other PFAs as needed to build datasets for supportability projects 合作关于十字架队和十字架产品技术问题通过与SPM和其他PFAs作为需要建立数据集的工作为supportability项目 [translate] 
a他的爸爸非常担心 His daddy worried extremely [translate] 
aThat company doesn't take credit cards, so customers have to pay 公司不采取信用卡,因此顾客必须支付 [translate] 
a哪里及得上你 Where and on you [translate] 
ai'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse conditions 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe book is______more difficult than the one I recommended to you. 书is______more困难比我推荐给您的那个。 [translate]