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这意味着,我们可以成为好朋友相聚。 如果我们能够应付理解




a我很高兴有他这个朋友 I have his this friend very happily [translate] 
atou help us find your apple id please enter hhe reauired information below tou帮助我们请找出您的苹果id进入hhe reauired信息如下 [translate] 
ain one experiment the professor it puts a monkey in a room where there are several small boxes.some boxes are inside other boxes.one small box has some food inside it.the professor wants to watch the monkey and to find out how long takes the monkey to find the food 在一个实验教授它在屋子里投入一只猴子,多久有几个小boxes.some箱子是在其他boxes.one小盒子里面食用一些食物在it.the教授里面想要观看猴子和发现作为发现食物的猴子 [translate] 
aapplicantion vad wap mms message 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a认识是一种缘,很高兴认识你。 The understanding is one kind of reason, knows you very happily. [translate] 
a刚才我发现一只老鼠从我身边跑过。 My discovered a moment ago a mouse has run from my side. [translate] 
aEnter a new password for sainery@sohu.com below. Your password must be at least eight characters long. It must contain at least one number and two letters, one upper case and one lower case. It cannot include three consecutive and identical characters. It cannot be the same as your Apple ID or be any password you have 输入一个新口令为sainery@sohu.com如下。 您的密码必须长期是至少八个字符。 它必须包含一个数字和二封信件,一大写和至少一小写。 它不可能包括三连贯和相同字符。 这不可能是作为您的苹果计算机公司ID或是所有密码您在去年使用了的一样。 [translate] 
aDirty Rhino [translate] 
a我们会谈的第二项重要内容是 We discuss the second important content is [translate] 
amy lesson have been put off,so there is more time for me to chat with you 我的教训被推迟了,那么那里是更多时候为我与您聊天 [translate] 
apremium efficiency 优质效率 [translate] 
a宝贝展示下你的咪咪 Under treasure demonstration you mew mew [translate] 
aa goverment of the people 人民的政府 [translate] 
a9月份印花税及堤围防护费 In September stamp duty and dike protection expense [translate] 
aload pefanlt settings 装载pefanlt设置 [translate] 
a我就告诉老师 I tell teacher [translate] 
aullihe ullihe [translate] 
a--- They said I should not be allowed to smoke here. They don’t allow smoking in the waiting room. --- 他们说我不应该允许这里抽烟。 他们不准许抽烟在候诊室。 [translate] 
aword do you 词做您 [translate] 
aOK!Wait for me! 好! 等待我! [translate] 
adamask beautiful 锦缎美丽 [translate] 
apot-plants 罐植物 [translate] 
aholland barrett fish oil 荷兰barrett鱼油 [translate] 
a近年来美国的黑人音乐Phythm&Blues很流行 如何翻译 How US's black music was Phythm&Blues very in recent years popular translates [translate] 
a婚礼主持人是结婚典礼的司仪。它按照中华民族和地域风俗习惯不同,依照当地风俗礼仪来主持结婚典礼,婚礼主持人是礼仪学的重要组成部分,是具有独特风格,植根于群众沃土中的婚俗文化。 The wedding ceremony director is the marriage ceremony master of ceremonies.It is different according to the Chinese nation and the region manners and customs, presides over the marriage ceremony according to the local custom etiquette, the wedding ceremony director is the etiquette study important [translate] 
ai miss you oh baby one day i run away,how can i face this lonely day. 我想念您oh婴孩我跑掉的一天,怎么能i面孔这偏僻的天。 [translate] 
a反复操练、死记硬背,不惜铁杵磨针 Drills repeatedly, the mechanical memorizing, does not hesitate the hard pestle to rub the needle [translate] 
aLong-term survival of exogenous embryonic stem cells in adult bone marrow   外生胚胎干细胞长期生存在成人骨髓   [translate] 
a昆虫飞行 Insect flight [translate] 
a请come over到我家来 Asks come over to come to my family [translate] 
a• Outcry in China over hit-and-run • 喊叫在中国闯祸后逃走 [translate] 
aGUI TENG XIAN HUO 0606 GUI TENG县HUO 0606 [translate] 
a有最齐全的商品销售 Has the most complete commodity sale [translate] 
a将基因改造后的菌株通过定期的传代,使其能够适应并且利用高浓度的五碳糖,使导入的基因更好的表达。 After the gene transformation strain through the regular transfer of generation, enables its to adapt and to use highly concentrated the pentose, causes gene better expression which inducts. [translate] 
a你能告诉我在新城是否有好的博物馆。 You can tell me in the new town whether has the good museum. [translate] 
aI tell you,i despise you 我告诉您,我藐视您 [translate] 
a需要更多的架子和衣橱 Need more racks and wardrobe [translate] 
aentertaiument entertaiument [translate] 
a制定个详细的计划对我们的音乐会是很关键的 A formulation detailed plan to our concert is very essential [translate] 
a我经常能看到身边的人为着各种各样的小事而烦恼。我希望给他们带去快乐。因为我知道快乐是可以感染的,是可以分享的。而且快乐的心情很重要。我觉得人在烦恼的时候什么都做不好。而在心情愉悦的时候,往往会思维活跃,工作效率也会相应提高。 But I can see the side frequently the artificial various minor matter the worry.I hoped takes away joyfully to them.Because I knew joyful is may infect, is may share.Moreover the joyful mood is very important.I thought the human cannot complete in worry time anything.But is joyful in the mood, often [translate] 
a产生自 Produces from
awhen i arrived at university,i had nothing in my bank account but was given a brand new overdraft 当我到达了在大学,我什么都没有在我的银行帐户,而是被给了全新的超支 [translate] 
a这是一张我们学校的照片 This is our school picture [translate] 
aa dog`s life 狗`s生活 [translate] 
aone out of every six Americans works at putting together the parts of the cars 一丧失毎六个美国人工作在汇集汽车的零件 [translate] 
ai am planning to stay either in a big hotel or in a cabin by the beach 我计划停留在一家大旅馆里或在客舱在海滩旁边 [translate] 
a我不能去广州,因为没有人帮我照看我的女儿 I cannot go to Guangzhou, because nobody helps me to look after me the daughter [translate] 
amills ratio 碾碎比率 [translate] 
a我们要带上帽子和篮子和一些水 We must take to bring with the hat and the basket and some water [translate] 
a然而,天然竹材在现代建筑中的运用中被限制很大因为其材料特性。 However, in the natural bamboo is limited in modern architecture utilization very greatly because of its materials behavior. [translate] 
ahe doent know im ready to take my clothes off and be nice with you 他doent认识im准备好采取我的衣裳和是好的与您 [translate] 
a时光稀释淡漠的回忆 The time dilutes the faint recollection [translate] 
a承担部分新产品开发的项目管理工作及兼任结构设计CTO。 Undertakes the part new product development project management to work and to hold a concurrent post structural design CTO. [translate] 
asaid什么意思 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIt's All About Management 它是所有关于管理 [translate] 
a公法兰 Male flange [translate] 
ait means,if we can meet ofen.we can be a good friends understand 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]