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no place to keep my memory


no place to keep my memory


no place to keep my memory




no place to keep my memory
a中国庞大的市场机会, 更加强调对汉语教育的必要性。 The Chinese huge market opportunity, even more emphasizes to Chinese education necessity. [translate] 
aa broad swath of company know-how and resources 公司技术和资源宽广的一刈幅的草 [translate] 
aHow do you let me forget you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a本文对精益管理在企业运行模式中的改革进行了大篇幅的理论讲解以及案例分析, This article has carried on the great length theory explanation as well as the case analysis to the fine profit management in the enterprise movement pattern reform, [translate] 
a二、人际和谐。“和谐宿舍”是舍友和睦的宿舍。舍友和睦,一方面,大家要坦诚相见,加强沟通交流,无论学习与生活上都能互相 [translate] 
a恋爱和婚姻 Love and marriage [translate] 
a郎朗 Lang Lang [translate] 
a中学生上网基本以听音乐.看电视.玩游戏.聊天为主. The middle-school student accesses the net basically listens to music. Watches the television. Plays the game. Chats primarily. [translate] 
aHappy accompany sorrow 愉快伴随哀痛 [translate] 
atime relase with placenta 时间relase与胎盘 [translate] 
a情感豐富的 Emotion rich [translate] 
a在敬老院 In home for the elderly [translate] 
aIBM公司创始人地儿子,曾任15年公司董事长的小汤姆曾经说过:“良好的人际关系和由此而产生的高昂的士气,是任何东西也代替不了的。 The IBM Corporation founder's son, once was appointed 15 year company Chairman young Tom to say: “The good interpersonal relationship and produces from this the soaring morale, was anything also cannot replace. [translate] 
aProcess analysis for ammonia-based CO2 capture in ironmaking industry 工艺过程分析为ammonia-based二氧化碳捕获在炼铁产业 [translate] 
aYale University School of Medicine’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. 耶鲁大学医学院流行病学和公共卫生的部门。 [translate] 
a春节拜年时,晚辈要先给长辈拜年,祝长辈人长寿安康,长辈可将事先准备好的压岁钱分给晚辈,据说压岁钱可以压住邪祟,因为“岁”与“祟”谐音,晚辈得到压岁钱就可以平平安安度过一岁。 When Spring Festival pays new year's call, the younger generation must pay new year's call first to the elder, wishes the elder person longevity peace and good health, the elder may the new year's money which prepares beforehand apportion the younger generation, it is said the new year's money may s [translate] 
a北京是我从小就向往的地方,这个暑假我就要去我向往的城市啦。你能明白我此时此刻激动和期盼的心情吗? Beijing is the place which I yearned for since childhood, this summer vacation I must go to the city which I yearned for.You can understand me this very moment excited and the hope mood? [translate] 
a一夕韶华春秋 An evening beautiful springtime Spring and Autumn Period [translate] 
aarranged in 安排 [translate] 
aMaxSmoothFrameRate MaxSmoothFrameRate [translate] 
a山东航空头等舱专供品 Shandong aviation first-class cabin special offering [translate] 
aI want I will never do 我想要我将从未不 [translate] 
ayou fall for someone 您为某人跌倒 [translate] 
aRecord your search results in a MS Excel spreadsheet. Fill column A with the following category labels: 记录您的查寻结果在MS Excel报表。 积土专栏A以以下类别标记: [translate] 
abut play sports 但 戏剧体育 [translate] 
a电脑液晶显示器 Computer liquid-crystal display [translate] 
aCan you send me more pictures of those foams and some pictures on the way they are put on EDU? 您能否送那些的更多图片在途中起泡沫和有些图片他们在EDU被投入的我? [translate] 
aDelephonter Delephonter [translate] 
aice festival 冰节日 [translate] 
a没地方去 Does not have the place to go [translate] 
a随着婚庆市场的快速发展,现已经形成了“五一”“十一”两个大的婚庆市场消费旺季,各地的婚纱摄影、婚礼服务、婚宴场所、蜜月旅游等企业早在每年的2、3月份和7、8月份就开始为这两大结婚旺季策划筹备。 Celebrates the market fast development along with the marriage, already passed through forms “51” “11” two big marriage to celebrate the market expense busy season, each enterprises and so on place nuptial dress photography, wedding ceremony service, wedding banquet place, honeymoon traveling as ear [translate] 
aYou forever will be in my life woman 您永远将是在我的生活妇女 [translate] 
athe performance hereunde 表现hereunde [translate] 
a我们要带上帽子和篮子和一些水 We must take to bring with the hat and the basket and some water [translate] 
a真的要走么?在我可以和朋友炫耀我有你我很幸福的时候 Really must walk? May show off me in me with the friend to have your I very happy time
a我们将做到最好 We will achieve well [translate] 
asunk in the deep 下沉在深 [translate] 
abachelor of business,marketing 学士事务,营销 [translate] 
a(2)同行业者的模仿及横向、纵向行业间的恶性竞争。在婚庆公司之间,行业间谍的现象屡见不鲜,行业见的相互模仿、恶性竞争等等问题,将有碍于南京市婚庆行业的发展。婚庆行业带动的76个荣辱与共的行业间,既存在共生的一面,又存在相互进攻的欲望。例如不少酒店为了吸引顾客,推出“办喜宴送司仪”的活动,这样无疑对婚庆公司造成不利。如何协调和规范这些部门之间的合作关系,成为一大难题。 (2) colleague entrepreneur's imitation and during crosswise, longitudinal profession blind competition.Celebrates between the company at the marriage, the profession spy's phenomenon co [translate] 
athere are many flower shows in spring in Australia 有许多花展在春天在澳洲 [translate] 
abehave ethically 表现道德地 [translate] 
a一时有60分 For a while some 60 minutes [translate] 
amen pass away 人过世 [translate] 
aso scientists should find a way to prohibit this 如此科学家应该发现方式禁止此 [translate] 
a免疫反应 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aRADIUS Server for Wireless and Identity Based Networking Services 半径服务器为无线和身分根据网络服务 [translate] 
a它的鼻子是红色的吗 Its nose is red [translate] 
a商场在世界的mang地区 Market in world mang area [translate] 
aDate of List 名单日期 [translate] 
a有最齐全的商品销售 Has the most complete commodity sale [translate] 
akonwn as electronic support measures 通认作为电子援助方案 [translate] 
a经过十天的培训期后,我们也有了一个大体的方向,我们组决定要做高频类的题目。 After ten day-long training times, we also had a cardinal principle direction, our group decided must make the high frequency kind of topic. [translate] 
asystems. This page summarizes their salient characteristics. 系统。 这页总结他们的明显特征。 [translate] 
a尽管森林资源匮乏 Although the forest resources are deficient [translate] 
a在世界的mang地区 In world mang area [translate] 
ajapanese massage video 日本按摩录影 [translate] 
ano place to keep my memory no place to keep my memory