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awarning gearbox additional filter dirty 警告传动箱另外的过滤器肮脏 [translate] 
atalkprioately talkprioately [translate] 
aDo not disturb is my gentleness. 不要干扰是我的温和。 [translate] 
apremium prepared foods 优质准备的食物 [translate] 
a他们对我帮助很大 They help very in a big way to me [translate] 
a尽管有所变化 Although has the change [translate] 
aLocation address 地点地址 [translate] 
a高等学校大学外语教学指导委员会 College university foreign language teaching direction committee [translate] 
afed in 哺养 [translate] 
aresult from 结果从 [translate] 
athe new tax policy only affects people on yearly incomes over 12000yuan ,in other words, 换句话说,新的税收政策在年收入只影响人在12000yuan, [translate] 
a擦窗户 Scratches the window [translate] 
a我们的漫画书 Our comic book [translate] 
aその為、整備上問題が少なそうな空冷発動機への換装は自然であった言える 由于那事,关于服务问题少量至于为转换向空气冷却的引擎是自然的,您能说 [translate] 
athey though the could made the horn speak 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aenable usb debugging and then retry 使能usb调试然后再试 [translate] 
a视我为唯一,不欺骗,不变心.. Regards me for only, does not deceive, does not break faith. [translate] 
a.What sort of force does the sun exert on the planets which causes the planets to move according to the laws which Kepler has discovered. . 什么样的力量做造成行星根据法律移动Kepler发现了的太阳施加在行星。 [translate] 
a入学考试只是一个用来检测的小测试 The entrance examination is only the small test which uses for to examine [translate] 
a一点点胖 Little fat [translate] 
apoints. The working medium is conveyed under gas pressure from the system to measuring con- [translate] 
a但是现在我很想学好它 But I very want to learn it now [translate] 
ai can t live without you love 我能t活,不用您爱 [translate] 
athe resulting compounded material is continuously extruded through a suitable die having desired cross section dimensions; extrudate is cut into pieces of desired length that can directly be transferred to downstream compression press department 发生的被配制的材料通过渴望短剖面维度的一个适当的模子连续被挤压; 压出物被切开成可能直接地转移到顺流压缩新闻部门期望长度的片断 [translate] 
a变电站配电室 Transformer substation transformer vault [translate] 
a合肥电信浙江商贸城综合布线工程 合肥浙江商贸城弱电系统工程 中国石油化工股份有限公司安徽石油分公司机房改造工程 合肥命题教师招待所监控工程 安徽国合投资有限公司弱电工程。 The Hefei telecommunication Zhejiang business city synthesis wiring project Hefei Zhejiang business city weak electricity systems engineering China petroleum chemical industry limited liability company Anhui petroleum subsidiary company engine room transformation project Hefei proposition teacher bo [translate] 
aFinancial Interpretation 财政解释 [translate] 
a在大学,我们可以学到更多的专业知识,给我们一个实现梦想的舞台。大学也给我们带来了许多的朋友,带来了快乐与欢笑。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a謝謝你幫助我! Thanks you to help me! [translate] 
a我们的湄公河之旅,我是王坤,从中学起,我就梦想着和姐姐做一次伟大的自行车旅行,现在,我们的愿望实现了,我和姐姐都买了一辆山地自行车。我们的表兄弟也对旅行产生了兴趣。我们再去之前,先去了图书馆,在图书馆里,我们了解到了关于湄公河的很多,它发源于西藏一座山上的冰川,江面很小,慢慢的就变大了,这条河有一半竟在中国境内,它在中国是澜沧江,流出中国便是湄公河了。最后,它的支流流进中国南海,我们秋天到西藏,那已经开始下雪了,很冷,我们的水壶都冻住了。但山上的景色很美,有很多蝴蝶,牦牛和羊群。我们下山后,又不冷了。很快,我们到了云南,我们的表兄弟加入了我们,这使我们很高兴。我们到了柬埔寨,我认识了一位老师,她说她们那都建不起一所学校,这是我们都觉 [translate] 
a当服务供应商有严重侵害承包商利益、损害承包商声誉及形象的行为时,承包商可视情况追究服务供应商相关责任 When the service supplier has violates seriously the contractor benefit, harms the contractor prestige and the image behavior, contractor visible situation investigation service supplier related responsibility [translate] 
a空中巨无霸 Airborne does not have the tyrant greatly [translate] 
aLook at the mousr,in my house. 看mousr,在我的房子里。 [translate] 
asome one kind of love 一个爱 [translate] 
a欧陆风情汇 The European land character and style collects [translate] 
aBOH counter TBD by kitchen consultant,review by RG BOH由厨房顾问,回顾抵抗TBD由RG [translate] 
aIf you didn't attend, kindly pls let us know the reason if you don't mind! [translate] 
a我会等你的消息 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai kill everything i fuck; i fuck 我杀害我交往的一切; 我交往 [translate] 
aYou may not assign a player to a created team. Edit the team in Create Team to add new players. 您不可以分配球员到一个被创造的队。 编辑队创造队增加新的球员。 [translate] 
aEnjoy your journey 享受您的旅途 [translate] 
a不相关的 Non-correlated [translate] 
aShe is the appie of her father eye 她是她的父亲眼睛appie [translate] 
aFar exceeds the 超出 [translate] 
a他们有什么不同和特点 They have any different and the characteristic [translate] 
a我去朋友家玩 I go to the friend family to play [translate] 
a下班以后我也去健身房 After gets off work I also go to the gymnasium [translate] 
aI want someone who is afraid of losing me . Can you tell me unhesitatingly? 我想要害怕失去我的人。 您能否不踌躇地告诉我? [translate] 
aIn England winter isn't very cold and summer isn't hot.____ does this happen? 在英国冬天不是非常寒冷,并且夏天是否是不热的。____做此发生? [translate] 
a人无信不立、商无信不兴,诚信乃为经商立命之根本; [translate] 
agive me your call number 给我您的索书号 [translate] 
a质量就是格兰博的生命,对品质的严格要求是格兰博全体不懈的追求; [translate] 
avivez l'experience sur facebook 在facebook居住实验 [translate] 
a每位员工都是品质的承诺者、担当者,全体上下都要有品质的责任感和使命感; [translate] 
a高效是要求在保证高品质的要求上,快速反应,以实现价值最大化; [translate] 
a专注是因为我们有一种坚定的信念:以专注为客户创造价值; [translate]