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a等你们年纪再大一点 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aits longevity and relevance to the wider human story is presented in a manner to make sense of and repair the damage initiated by ‘heroic’ deeds and miscalculations. 有些提出它的与更宽的人的故事的长寿和相关性有道理和修理`英勇’行为和算错创始的损伤。 [translate] 
aFuture plans for ASPAN are drawn from its mission statement and 5-year strategic plan. 未来规划为ASPAN从它的任务供述和5年的战略计划被画。 [translate] 
aIt doesn't matter, but tomorrow, please be on time. 没关系,但明天,请是准时。 [translate] 
a投身于公共事业 Joins in the non-profit organization [translate] 
aI'll be there,for better or worse, till death do us part。I'll love you with every beat of my heart and I swear。 我将在那里,为更好或更坏,死亡做我们部分。我将爱您以我的心脏每敲打,并且我发誓。 [translate] 
afloatless level switch floatless平实开关 [translate] 
a食物制造商利欲熏心,丧失基本道德。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a非常感谢你给的请帖 Extremely thanks the written invitation which you give [translate] 
a调试至正常使用 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAWB DATE AWB日期 [translate] 
a无论她走到哪儿,她的狗都跟着 Where regardless of she does arrive, her dog all with [translate] 
a星期六,我们班将组织一次野餐活动。我们打算在山顶上野餐,需要登山,所以明天一定要穿运动鞋。可能会做游戏,我们也需要携带食物及饮料。不要忘了,明天在校门口集合,时间是早上七点三十分,一定要按时到达。 Saturday, our class will organize a picnic activity.We planned on the summit the picnic, needs the mountaineering, therefore tomorrow will certainly need to put on the athletic shoes.Possibly can make the game, we also need to carry food and the drink.Do not forget, tomorrow in the school gate mouth [translate] 
aWe are checking the area and rental and will keep you informed once we obtained the same, thanks! 我们检查区域和租务,并且保持您被通知,一旦我们获得了同样,感谢! [translate] 
a编码器安装通常是制造商的标准。对于某些驱动器应用程序中,将使用特殊的编码器信号分配器。一些编码器可通过中空轴和扭矩手臂根据情况 The encoder installment is usually the manufacturer standard.Regarding certain driver application procedure in, will use the special encoder signal distributor.Some encoders may pass the spatial axis and the torque arm basis situation [translate] 
aHow the desk 怎么 书桌 [translate] 
agreen glade 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahard gold 坚硬金子 [translate] 
a我没有发现我哪里错了 I had not discovered where I was wrong [translate] 
a初三的生活与众不同,请你以:“MY LIFT IN GRADE9"为题写一篇80词左右的文章.包括以下要点:1小学生活轻松,快乐,科目容易学,有很多的业余时.2初3生活忙碌,辛苦,业余时间少,花大部分时间为考试而学习.3你在初3备考中所面临的最大问题.4你决定尽自己所能努力学习,考上理想高中 The third day life is out of the ordinary, invites you by: “MY LIFT IN GRADE9 " is superscription about 80 words the article. Including following main point: 1 elementary school life is relaxed, joyful, the subject easy to study, has very many extra-curricular time .2 at the beginning of 3 lives to [translate] 
atextured surface 织地不很细表面 [translate] 
a一套有两个阳台的公寓 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a使得90%原来享受补贴的车型将被拒之门外 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a年龄较大。 The position age is big. [translate] 
abefore you plan your carrer ,you'd better draw yourself a picture of essential situation 在您之前计划您的carrer,您应该画自己根本情况的图片 [translate] 
aprelude du farnication 是一个前奏对的farnication [translate] 
acopy this mail into your Lotus Notes agenda 复制这邮件入您的Lotus Notes议程 [translate] 
aLook at the mousr,in my house. 看mousr,在我的房子里。 [translate] 
a特变电工股份有限公司董事长 [translate] 
asome one kind of love 一个爱 [translate] 
a要以不同思路或思考方式去激发学习能力 Must stimulates the learning capability by the different mentality or the ponder way [translate] 
a当服务供应商有严重侵害承包商利益、损害承包商声誉及形象的行为时,承包商可视情况追究服务供应商相关责任 When the service supplier has violates seriously the contractor benefit, harms the contractor prestige and the image behavior, contractor visible situation investigation service supplier related responsibility [translate] 
aFinancial Interpretation 财政解释 [translate] 
aauger exploration 木钻探险 [translate] 
aif you want somthing 如果您想要某事 [translate] 
a謝謝你幫助我! Thanks you to help me! [translate] 
a富有情趣的空间品味与表达,生活自如,让空间有了语言,让语言有了灵性,外在的质地与内在的气韵浑然一体,将时尚的品味完美体现。 The rich appeal space savors with the expression, the life freely, let the space have the language, let the language have the intelligence, the external quality of material and the intrinsic tone unified whole, savored the fashion manifest perfectly. [translate] 
aThis is more than a matter of trust 这比信任事情是更多 [translate] 
alagged assets 滞后的财产 [translate] 
aThe Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan! 碗,任何哀伤的秋天图片风扇! [translate] 
aPassing the love of 通过爱 [translate] 
acomparable to that seen in cancer, arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Six [translate] 
aBIN is damaged or not en 没有损坏容器或没有en [translate] 
aCaptive power generation 俘虏电力发动 [translate] 
a现在你告诉你什么啊 Now you tell you any [translate] 
a由于死亡很大原因是由疾病导致,疾病所代表的危险不甚明确但又会来临。人们便产生的焦虑感,同时人们对该危险产生无力抗拒感,因而在精神上持警戒态度。并设法在言语活动中逃避这些危险的语言。人类这种共有的普遍心理特征,反映到语言中来就表现为对此类词语的禁忌。在社交场合,为了避免刺激对方引起不愉快的联想,或表示对死者 Because died the very big reason is causes by disease, disease represents but the danger is not really clear about can approach.The people then produce the anxious feeling, simultaneously the people ha [translate] 
a都是他们发信息给我的· 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aroll your hands 滚动您的手 [translate] 
ai never said that 从未说那的i [translate] 
aI AM CHATTING WITH YOU! 我与您聊天! [translate] 
a公司介绍:光联(Oplink)是世界一流的高科技上市公司(NASDAQ:OPLK),总部位于美国硅谷,是全球最大的光通讯器件及模块供应商之一。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahmm ... I do not quite understand exactly what you want from me. can write more clearly? ) hmm… 我确切地不相当了解什么您从我想要。 能更加清楚写? ) [translate] 
aDo blind eskimos have sled dogs 做瞎的爱斯基摩人有拉雪橇狗 [translate] 
a最佳旅游季节 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我篮球打得不是很好 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWe have received the goods transport company to inform us problems, so we re-send the item to you We have received the goods transport company to inform us problems, so we re-send the item to you [translate] 
aNecropsy examination 尸体检验考试 [translate]