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To Hainan Chicken based material, with ham, chicken livers, rural food by boiling, steaming, stir-fry made. Beautiful dish shape, bright sauce.


To Hainan Wenchang chicken, supported by suburbs of ham and chicken liver, vegetable and boiled and steamed, fried together. This dish beautiful shape, powder juice bright.


Wenchang chicken main material to Hainan Island, with ham, chicken livers, country cooking, steaming, boiling, frying. This vegetable juice bright appearance, president.


Take the Hainan Island wenchang chicken as the mother stock, matches by the ham, the chicken liver, the suburb vegetable, after boils, steams, fries becomes.This vegetable modelling is artistic, euryale ferox the juice is bright.
a然后计划去那里游泳,品尝可口的海鲜和大连食品 Then plans there swimming, tastes the delicious seafood and Dalian food [translate] 
abalance de cuisine 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a全球走向一体化 The whole world moves towards the integration [translate] 
aI wiII I wiII [translate] 
a提及这点 Mentions this spot [translate] 
aSpecifically, 具体地, [translate] 
anever answers 从未答复 [translate] 
aIf you had taken my advice,you would not have failed in the examination. 如果您采取了我的忠告,您不会无法考试。 [translate] 
a奶奶又卧病在床,需要人照顾 Paternal grandmother is ill in bed, needs the human to look after [translate] 
aBasically, it is unnecessary for SDC-2000 to do any maintenance. SDC-2000 has no consumables, no draining…etc. 基本上,做所有维护SDC-2000是多余的。 SDC-2000没有消费品,漏的…等。 [translate] 
a中国湖南省长沙市开福区芙蓉中路一段478号运达国际广场1605室 The Chinese Hunan Province Changsha opens lucky area cotton rose middle of the mill one section of 478 to ship to international square 1605 room [translate] 
a由于我比较紧张,所以在150人面前演唱国歌时忘了歌词。多亏节目主持人提示我才得以完成表演。最后我明白了很多,也克服了这一缺点。 Because I quite am anxious, therefore sings time the national anthem in front of 150 people has forgotten the lyrics.Was lucky the M.C prompts me only then to be able to complete the performance.Finally I have understood very many, also has overcome this shortcoming. [translate] 
a拥有健康的生活习惯 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe treatment is applied to forgings, cold-worked sheets and wire, and casting. the operation consists of : 治疗被申请于锻件、冷工作的板料和导线和铸件。 操作包括: [translate] 
a恩,他都结婚了,分手3个月的时候他就结婚了。 Graciousness, he has all married, bids good-bye 3 month-long times he married. [translate] 
acompliment form General Manager 恭维形式总经理 [translate] 
aThe place to see 看见的地方 [translate] 
aEnter the registration name and key below,exactly as given to you. 输入注册名字和钥匙如下,确切地如被给您。 [translate] 
afirefighting 消火 [translate] 
a音乐比美术有趣 Music is more interesting than the fine arts [translate] 
aSpunlaced Nonwovens Spunlaced非编织的纺织品 [translate] 
aAll summer long and well into the fall, Mary eats salads made with vegetables from her own garden 整个夏天和很好入秋天,玛丽吃用菜做的沙拉由她自己的庭院 [translate] 
a吴哥窟又称吴哥寺,位在柬埔寨西北方。原始的名字是Vrah Vishnulok,意思为“毗湿奴的神殿”。中国古籍称为“桑香佛舍”。 The angkor wat calls Wu Gesi, the position in the Cambodian Northwest.The primitive name is Vrah Vishnulok, the meaning is “adjoins the wet slave's temple”.The Chinese ancient book is called “Sang Xiangfu the shed”. [translate] 
awhat is a good writing 什么是好文字 [translate] 
aIf there is no php5.ini file. Create the file and upload it to your root directory. 如果没有php5.ini文件。 创造文件并且上装它到您的根目录。 [translate] 
alisten number write 听数字写 [translate] 
a以客户利益为第一关注点 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afoik music foik音乐 [translate] 
a鹰航公司于2011年9月30日在江苏经济报发布清算公告,债权人在该公告发布之日起45日内申报表债权。由于截至本评估报告日,对鹰航公司的债权申报工作尚未结束。如果债权申报并经鹰航公司核实的结果与申报表存在差异,评估结果需做相应调整。 Hawk navigation company in September 30, 2011 in Jiangsu economical newspaper issue settlement announcement, creditor this announcement issue date of 45th in Shanghai report form creditor's rights.As a result of up to this appraisal report date, to the hawk navigation company's creditor's rights rep [translate] 
a当我出门后 After I go out
abe brought about 被达到 [translate] 
amaint supervisor maint监督员 [translate] 
a家庭经济来源比较单一 The home economics originates quite solely [translate] 
a我们去那定居 We go to that to settle down [translate] 
a大杨创世董事长 [translate] 
ab. 婚庆市场一片混乱,收费没有一定的标准,很难让消费者信服。 b. The marriage celebrates a market confusion, does not collect fees certain standard, very difficult to let the consumer believe. [translate] 
a即将下班 Soon gets off work [translate] 
ainstead looking at the more "sexy" end of the weapons spectrum,particularly when budgets are tight 反而看武器光谱的更多“性感的”结尾,特别当预算是紧的 [translate] 
a请不要再发类似的邮件给我。因为我根本看不懂日语。 Please do not have again to send the similar mail to give me.Because I cannot understand Japanese. [translate] 
athat are implicit in the DFT. Imagine the image on the left being duplicated infinitely 那 [translate] 
a연예인들 흔하게 마주치니까 艺人它遇到共同性 [translate] 
awalk to the seesaw 步行到跷跷板 [translate] 
aNowadays with rapid development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard more and more problems have arisen, one of which is that the opening of the university campus. 现今以经济的迅速发展和人的生活水平的改善问题越来越出现了,其中之一是大学的开头。 [translate] 
aconcerto orchestrated 协奏曲谱写了音乐 [translate] 
afigured woven silk material; damask 计算的被编织的丝绸材料; 锦缎 [translate] 
a你的尿道看一下啊 Your urethra looks at [translate] 
a直接向东走便会看到人民医院 Walks directly to the east then can see the people's hospital [translate] 
ahappybirthday;there"ermany ways to be happy and my is to be forever happy 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a她有长长的卷发 She has the long volume to send [translate] 
aJust 4.99RMB for a 500-page cartrige 正义4.99RMB为500页弹药筒 [translate] 
awrong serial number.please input real serial nubmer 错误号码.please输入的真正的连续nubmer [translate] 
a这些是81003款 These are 81003 section [translate] 
a2004年我毕业于西南民族大学 In 2004 I graduate from the southwest nationality university [translate] 
away they influence the cardiovascular risk of psoriasis patients, and what can be done to reduce this risk. 方式他们在fluence牛皮癣患者的心血管风险,并且什么可以做减少这种风险。 [translate] 
aplease sign on the slip 请标志在滑动 [translate] 
apresent in psoriasis, various systemic treatments for psoriasis and an increased prevalence of unhealthy life style factors may all contribute to 礼物在牛皮癣,各种各样的系统治疗为牛皮癣和不健康的生活方式因素的增加的流行也许全部贡献 [translate] 
a以海南岛文昌鸡为主料,配以火腿、鸡肝、郊菜,经煮、蒸、炒而成。此菜造型美观,芡汁明亮。 Take the Hainan Island wenchang chicken as the mother stock, matches by the ham, the chicken liver, the suburb vegetable, after boils, steams, fries becomes.This vegetable modelling is artistic, euryale ferox the juice is bright. [translate]