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a爱丽丝设计部 Likes the Li silk design department [translate] 
a有的人会绝食 Some people can fast [translate] 
a有两个小男孩离家出走 Some two young boys leave home to leave in a hurry [translate] 
aPancake, home style 薄煎饼,家庭样式 [translate] 
atow thousand five hundred and fifty-six tow thousand five hundred and fifty-six [translate] 
aautomatio automatio [translate] 
a40USD WOMEN LINGERIE 40USD妇女女用贴身内衣裤 [translate] 
a2001年7月 In July, 2001 [translate] 
aThey are very love me. Me too! 他们是非常爱我。 也是我! [translate] 
a第十一 11th [translate] 
a如需要检验或出具检验证书,应事先议定该项费用是由卖方还是买方承担。 If needs to examine or the writing up examination certificate, should agree beforehand this item of expense is undertakes by the seller or the buyer. [translate] 
a我认为这部电影值得再看一遍 I thought this movie is worth looking at again [translate] 
aattract too much attention 受到许多注意 [translate] 
await for a moment 等待片刻 [translate] 
a生活中,當小孩躺著的時候,我們觀看小孩的角度也是由上而下。拍攝者採用了高角度拍攝手法,從高處拍攝躺著的小孩。這樣可以將人物真實地呈現在我們面前,好像我們望著的不是一幅相,而是真實的人物。 In life, when the child is lying down time, we watch child's angle also are from top to bottom.The photography has used the high angle photography technique, is lying down the child from the high place photography.This may really present the character in front of us, probably we are looking is not o [translate] 
awe got a big 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ain the type Connect is not applicable for the arguments () 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a她应该向法院起诉,要求子女完成瞻养义务 She should to the court prosecution, request the children to complete gazes raises the duty [translate] 
a客人的评论足以证明我的工作热情 Visitor's commentary proves my work enthusiasm sufficiently [translate] 
a在我看来,证书只是一种形式 In my opinion, the certificate is only one form [translate] 
a, what do you need? what do you need? [translate] 
aDon't give your price ,just listen to how much he will pay for this ring 不要给您的价格,听多少他将支付这个圆环 [translate] 
a I believe in keeping promises. I take responsibility for my mistakes. [translate] 
awood trim 木修剪 [translate] 
a移民引才,就业引才 Immigrates to direct the talent, the employment to direct the talent [translate] 
awhen the process of 当过程 [translate] 
a法国时装给人一种轻松浪漫的总体印象,法国人将骨子里的浪漫性格注入了对时装的理解中,轻松随意而又充满风格化的诠释,将法国时装表现得有声有色。 The French fashionable clothing for the human one relaxed romantic overall impression, French's has poured into bone in romantic disposition to the fashionable clothing in the understanding, relaxed at will and also fills the style annotation, the French fashionable clothing will display dramaticall [translate] 
abrodock tradeviewpoint inc brodock tradeviewpoint公司 [translate] 
a2010年10月1日,星期一 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aCaptive power generation 俘虏电力发动 [translate] 
adavid usuallg has a sandwich in his office at lunchtime. 大卫usuallg食用一个三明治在他的办公室在午餐时间。 [translate] 
aYou can send out a short poll(no konger than 10 questions).it is a quick and easy way to find out what they need. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSo distressing 如此困厄 [translate] 
a甲方或甲方委托的物业管理公司在会审乙方的装修申请时,有义务向乙方说明该商铺的装修标准,并向乙方提供《商户装修指南》,乙方需按照甲方或甲方委托的物业管理公司提供的《商户装修指南》进行装修,以确保装修安全。 The party of the first part or the party of the first part entrusts estate management company when joint hearing second party's repair application, has the duty to the second party to explain this store the repair standard, and provides "Merchant Repair Guide" to the second party, the second party m [translate] 
a在瑞士,现在是5点30分 In Switzerland, now is 5.30 minutes [translate] 
a3D SEX TUBE 3D性管 [translate] 
a就我一个人在家,我儿子睡着了 On me in the home, my son fell asleep [translate] 
ayou never meant to make me feel 您未曾意味做我感觉 [translate] 
a建议桶装产品堆放高度不超过3层 The suggestion loaded in barrels product stack does not surpass 3 highly [translate] 
aIs there only one room in Kate's house? 有没有仅一个室在Kate的房子里? [translate] 
a感悟人生享受生活!我的空间我做主。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a特变电工股份有限公司董事长 [translate] 
a不要忽视婚礼上的甜品,用淡绿软糖和白色果仁装点经典的白色婚礼蛋糕。为蛋糕抹上一份柔和的春曰色彩。精心制作的蛋挞和有趣的桃味马提尼酒。一定会为你的婚礼增色不少。为客人们准备一些芒果、橘子、柠檬、草莓等水果形状的果冻,为宴会画上一个可爱的句号。在蛋糕胚中注入芬芳的甜酒,为你的婚礼蛋糕增添一份淡淡的春天味道。 Do not neglect at the wedding ceremony the sweets, decorates the classics with the light green soft sugar and the white kernel the white wedding ceremony cake.Smears a gentle spring for the cake to say the color.The careful manufacture egg flogs with the interesting peach taste Martini liquor.Certai [translate] 
asraser sraser [translate] 
a什么货品 Any goods [translate] 
aよい皆私は江Yunhao、非常に幸福に知っている皆を、守るように後で頼む皆に非常にである! 好大家I按顺序河Yunhao,保护非常愉快地知道的每个人,在之后被要求上午非凡的每个人! [translate] 
a第三个答复噶尔 Procedure procedure [translate] 
aFill the filter container with water. Insert new filter element. Close cap and tighten cap nuts. Close drain opening 用水填装过滤器容器。 插入新的滤波元件。 接近的盖帽和拉紧螺帽。 接近的流失开头 [translate] 
a必须聘用甲方或甲方委托的物业管理公司书面指定的施工单位名单中的一家,并承担由此而引起的一切费用。 In construction name list one which must hire which the party of the first part or the party of the first part entrust the estate management company written assigns, and bears all expenses which causes from this. [translate] 
a物业管理之各项支出包括但不限于 But the estate management each disbursement including is not restricted in [translate] 
a晨晨,对不起,我还爱这你,你可以不加对不起, The early morning early morning, sorry, I also love this you, you may not sorry, [translate] 
apersuasive values and ideals diffence greatly among cultrues 伟大令人信服的价值和理想diffence在cultrues之中 [translate] 
ano lets go to the restaurant,i'm at 7at hone cu then 没有让然后去餐馆, i'm在7at细磨刀石cu [translate] 
aDoes she go to English class on Thursday? 在星期四她是否去英语课? [translate] 
a阀体上标识的尺寸是2寸,图纸是1寸,其结果不一致。 In the valve chest marks the size is 2 inches, the blueprint is 1 inch, its result is inconsistent. [translate] 
aOne of which that the University campus be open. 大学是开放的其中之一。 [translate]