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Admission is just a test to detect small


Admission is just a test to detect small


Admission test is just a small test used to detect


Admission is only one used to detect the small tests


The entrance examination is only the small test which uses for to examine
awish you good health 祝愿您身体好 [translate] 
aWhen the ssid for the wi-Fi router you want to is displayed on the screen, press the large dial inward 当ssid为您要的wiFi路由器在屏幕被显示,按大拨号盘内部 [translate] 
asecure order directly from customers on an agency basis in which case Agent is entitled to a commission to be agreed upon 在代理有资格获得委员会同意情况下,获取命令直接地从顾客根据代办处依据 [translate] 
a(3)在未开动电机前应先用手拔动弹性联轴器,观察偏心轮连杆及腭板的各关节活动情况,如发现不灵活卡住现象应设法消除之。 (3) in has not started in front of the electrical machinery to be supposed to use the hand to pull out the kinematic elasticity shaft coupling first, observes the eccentric connecting rod and e the board various joints activity situation, if the discovery catches the phenomenon to be supposed not ni [translate] 
a遵守交通 Observes the transportation [translate] 
a都是美好的、 All is happy, [translate] 
a可以帮我个忙吗 May help me busily [translate] 
a豆腐鲜嫩油润 Bean curd fresh and tender glossy [translate] 
a我就能有多一些時間去圍脖 I can have the much some time to go to the scarf [translate] 
aFamily Name: Given Name: 姓: 教名: [translate] 
aHmm yummy! Hmm美味! [translate] 
a穿红衣服的那个女孩是谁?是我的朋友,凯特。 Puts on the red clothes who is that girl? Is the friend of mine, Kate. [translate] 
aanticpat anticpat [translate] 
a§3.4凸轮机构基本参数的确定 §3.4 cam gear basic parameter determination [translate] 
a说真的,狗是很烦的 Said, the dog is really very bothersome [translate] 
a.What sort of force does the sun exert on the planets which causes the planets to move according to the laws which Kepler has discovered. . 什么样的力量做造成行星根据法律移动Kepler发现了的太阳施加在行星。 [translate] 
athey though the could made the horn speak 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a但是现在我很想学好它 But I very want to learn it now [translate] 
ano, I will have a holiday during the exam 在检查期间,没有,我将有一个假日 [translate] 
a专注是因为我们有一种坚定的信念:以专注为客户创造价值; [translate] 
a视我为唯一,不欺骗,不变心.. Regards me for only, does not deceive, does not break faith. [translate] 
ai can t live without you love 我能t活,不用您爱 [translate] 
a小甸中隧道 In small pasture tunnel [translate] 
apoints. The working medium is conveyed under gas pressure from the system to measuring con- [translate] 
aexecutive council 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMeets the difficult problem to inquire promptly to teacher, discusses with schoolmate. 遇到困难的问题及时地询问对老师,与同学谈论。 [translate] 
asurrendered to tax group members. 向税小组成员投降。 [translate] 
aAbsence sharpens love 缺席削尖爱 [translate] 
a11月2号出货对我们来说是很难的,前几天我已经给了确切的时间给elaine了,10号左右我们货物会好 In November 2 produce goods to us is very difficult, I already gave the accurate time to give elaine couple days ago, 10 about our cargos could be good [translate] 
awe can not agree more with sth 我们不可能更同意sth [translate] 
aI someone who's affraid to losing me ? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aedifice edifi铈 [translate] 
aDeadline. Friday in week 最后期限。 星期五在星期 [translate] 
aNext week. 下个星期。 [translate] 
aALMgSi1 ALMgSi1 [translate] 
a我只是想引起大家注意罢了 I only am want to bring to everybody attention [translate] 
aevery fair from fair 每个市场从市场 [translate] 
a经济高度发达,人民生活安康 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aYou are saving in my heart 您是挽救在我的心脏 [translate] 
a仕入れ合計 储蓄共计 [translate] 
a如果旅行社提供少数民族特色景观旅游,您是否愿意去游玩 If the travel agency provides the national minority characteristic landscape traveling, whether you are willing to go to play [translate] 
aMQMKPX MQMKPX [translate] 
a9、工业卫生行政管理部门许可批文 [translate] 
aOh, that’s my father! And beside him, my mother 噢,那是我的父亲! 并且在他旁边,我的母亲 [translate] 
a童靴 Child shoes [translate] 
aThe Life of Steve Jobs. 史蒂夫工作生活。 [translate] 
aparticipate-with contact information 参与与联络信息 [translate] 
a之前,我们有计划10K原料 Before, we have plan the 10K raw material [translate] 
aWe have always been ask 我们总是要求 [translate] 
abut as long as STM publishers prevent the reuse of their final published version (the Record of Science) many of the new STM information services will be stymied. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aInvestigation of various blood purification methods on serum β2-microglobulin and parathyroid hormone clearance rate in maintenance hemodialysis patients 各种各样的血液洗净方法在清液β2-microglobulin和副甲状腺的激素排雷率的调查在维护血液透析患者 [translate] 
a很期待与你的合作 Anticipates and your cooperation very much [translate] 
aThank you for visiting www.spellmanhv.com and for submitting a Request for Quotation Form. We have assigned the following reference number for your tracking request: RFQ 26312. Please retain this for your records. 谢谢参观www.spellmanhv.com和递交请求为引文形式。 我们为您跟踪的请求分配了以下参考数字: RFQ 26312。 请保留此为您的纪录。 [translate] 
aTo avoid cross-contamination ensure that staff hands are clean before handling cleaned tableware 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a有人说大学生活虽然是4年,其实一晃就过了。想起大一大二时候我还在望着大四的师哥师姐们忙忙碌碌的为继续学业或者工作奔波,很快我也步入了这个阶段。没有了体育课,没有了马哲毛概,迎接我的是真正的专业课程,课时也比以前多了。 Some people said the university life although is 4 years, as soon as actually shook.Remembers the great great two times I also was being in sight the big four senior fellow-pupil female apprentices very busy am the continuation studies or the work rush about, am very quick I also to march into this [translate] 
aFLASH key 一刹那钥匙 [translate] 
a入学考试只是一个用来检测的小测试 The entrance examination is only the small test which uses for to examine [translate]