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You do not feel sad


You did not want to be sad
a当大海也不再那么蓝 When the sea also no longer so blue [translate] 
a我都不知道怎么活下去了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait it her pencil case? 它它她的笔匣? [translate] 
areplace A for B 替换A为B [translate] 
aNo.3 DDD ROAD ,QINGDAO,CHINA 没有双对氯苯基二氯乙烷路,青岛,中国 [translate] 
aYour answers prove that you can draw on the range of expertise around you to create a product launch that stands out in this demanding market. You have also shown that you are capable of bringing a complex, demanding project, with significant financial risks to fruition. You have used your extensive skills to identify 您的答复证明,您在专门技术的范围能画在您附近创造在这个过分要求的市场上站立的产品创办。 您也表示,您是能带来一个复杂,过分要求的项目,以重大财政风险对实现。 您使用您广泛的技能辨认适当的产品为高潜力市场和完全为它专门制作消费者的需要。 [translate] 
a愚弄 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIdon't trust your manager anymore Idon't信任再您的经理 [translate] 
aBecause I believe that devote will always be harvested 由于我相信致力总将被收获 [translate] 
aunparallel unparallel [translate] 
afor over 100years 555 has transcended 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhere you work and where you study i am from airforce and here in college for one year where do you live here 那里您工作和您学习我的地方从空军和这里在学院一年,这里您活
aHiraga only people 只有Hiraga人 [translate] 
a我可以和你一起去书店。 I may go to the bookstore together with you. [translate] 
a下次见面还和您一起拍照呵呵! Next time will meet also and you photographs together ha-ha! [translate] 
a50000more than 4 times the amount 超过4倍数额 [translate] 
a这是一首有点忧伤的歌 This is an a little sad song [translate] 
a在错误的地方重新开始 Makes a fresh start in the wrong place [translate] 
ahost '' is not allowed to connect to this mysql sever 主人"没有允许连接到这mysql切断 [translate] 
azippers to be-vislon no 5.DTM to lining colour 是vislon拉链没有5.DTM到衬里颜色 [translate] 
amaster knowledge. 主要知识。 [translate] 
acarriying carriying [translate] 
ahow certain elements of a price" package" influence its market value 怎麼價格"包裹"影響的某些元素它的市場價值 [translate] 
apolyaromatics polyaromatics [translate] 
a但是有一些人并不认真学习 But has some people not earnestly to study [translate] 
a良宵 Good night [translate] 
athinking too much of other makes you nothing in their eyes 认为太多其他牌子您没什么在他们的眼睛 [translate] 
aroven dino 抢夺dino [translate] 
aI think nothing of you 我什么都不认为您 [translate] 
aThis Contract comes into effect immediately upon signing by Seller and Buyer. Any failure of either party to insist on any or more instances upon strict performance of any provisions of the contract or to exercise any of its rights herein shall not be considered as a relinquishment of any right, but the same shall co 这个合同生效立刻在签字由Seller和买家。 任一个团体的任何疏忽坚持中的任一或更多事例在合同的任何供应严密的表现或行使此中它的权利中的任一不会被考虑作为中的任一权利的作罢,但是同样将继续并且保持合同期限。 [translate] 
aI seldom followed my own work as usual 我很少跟随了我自己的工作和平常一样 [translate] 
a优美语录 Exquisite collected sayings [translate] 
a100A version for ease of connection [translate] 
a但是,我认为我有较强的适应能力 But, I thought I have the strong adaptiveness [translate] 
aGyeongbok Palace Gyeongbok宫殿 [translate] 
a馅料、肉制品、火锅底料、腌制品 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou will find the things you try hard to forget are already gone 您将发现您艰苦设法忘记已经去的事 [translate] 
a把我的书给我 Gives me mine book [translate] 
a晋祠三宝 Jin ancestral hall three treasures [translate] 
aOn what basis? 根据什么依据? [translate] 
aplatform "so" cheching is failed 平台“如此” cheching不合格 [translate] 
a我国生产的高性能有机颜料质量尚未达到国际水平,虽然我国是有机颜料的生产大国,有机颜料产量占全球产量的50-55%,但高性能的有机颜料的比例较低,仅为4-5%,若将高性能能有有机颜料的产量比例提高10%,即达到2万吨,我国将成为有机颜料的生产大国和强国。 Our country produces the high performance organic pigment quality not yet achieves the international standard, although our country is the organic pigment production great nation, the organic pigment output accounts for the global output 50-55%, but the high performance organic pigment proportion is [translate] 
aIt;s 8.00,It;stimetoget up.What day is it today,Aunt Cathy? 它; s 8.00,它; stimetoget。今天是什么天它,凯茜伯母? [translate] 
a我要回家,想念家鄉的小吃!想念奶奶做菜!我要回家! I must go home, think of the hometown the snack! Thought of paternal grandmother prepares food! I must go home! [translate] 
a你怎么有心思学这么多种语言呢 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSCHWUNGRAD 飞轮 [translate] 
a这种荒谬可笑的婚姻最典型的恐怕就要算那些电影、电视明星和富豪的婚姻了 Perhaps this kind of absurd laughable marriage most typical had to calculate these movies, the television star and rich and powerful people's marriage [translate] 
a但是现在,我绝对不放弃任何找到公平的机会, But the present, I do not give up any find the fair opportunity absolutely, [translate] 
a在美国生活着许多动物,例如袋鼠,树带熊 Is living many animals in US, for example the kangaroo, sets up the belt bear [translate] 
a我很乐意接受批评,我不会把一些事情记在心里,所以我认为我不会辞职。 I am glad to accept the criticism very much, I cannot bear in mind some matters, therefore I thought I cannot resign. [translate] 
a但是现在,我绝对不放弃任何找到正义的机会, But the present, I do not give up any find the just opportunity absolutely, [translate] 
aYou make me feel so disappointed! 您做我如此失望的感觉! [translate] 
a工厂就生产什么 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe source initial phase angle. When more than one source is being simulated, this feature allows relative phase angles of the sources to be specified in order to get desired power flow conditions. Note that for a dc source type Ph has no real meaning and hence this information is not required. 来源最初相位角。 当超过一个来源被模仿时,这个特点允许来源的相对相位角指定为了得到期望功率流情况。 不要注意,为dc来源类型酸碱度有真正的意思并且没有需要这信息。 [translate] 
a你不要伤心了 You did not want to be sad [translate]