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Encoder installed usually the manufacturer's standards. For some drive in your application, use a special encoder signal distributor. Some encoders are available through the hollow shaft and the torque arm based


encoder setup is usually a manufacturer's standards. In the case of certain drive applications, will use a special encoder signal distributor. Some hollow shaft encoder can be adopted depending on the circumstances and torque arm


The encoder installment is usually the manufacturer standard.Regarding certain driver application procedure in, will use the special encoder signal distributor.Some encoders may pass the spatial axis and the torque arm basis situation
a中国的房产市场价格很高,贷款很难,而新加坡购房和租房的市场相对稳定。 China's housing market price is very high, the loan is very difficult, but Singapore buys homes the market which and rents a room to be relatively stable. [translate] 
a最近提高了石油价格 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aextent through pre-drilled hole in wedge 电缆在程度上 [translate] 
a你等啦,等我赚多多钱了我带你去吃好料 You wait, waited for me to gain very much money me to lead you to eat the honest material [translate] 
a你的家 Your family [translate] 
aAmbuding Ambuding [translate] 
aconditional logistic regression. 有条件逻辑斯谛的退化。 [translate] 
aclam down 下来蛤蜊 [translate] 
a槽式电站:应用最多最成熟的太阳能热发电电站 Trough type power plant: Using most maturest solar energy hot electricity generation power plant [translate] 
a最后一个夏天 Last summer [translate] 
aI just need your all and nothing--with you 我什么都不需要您所有和--与您 [translate] 
aWe are checking the area and rental and will keep you informed once we obtained the same, thanks! 我们检查区域和租务,并且保持您被通知,一旦我们获得了同样,感谢! [translate] 
aAWB DATE AWB日期 [translate] 
ahard gold 坚硬金子 [translate] 
a你知道他们打招呼的方式么 You knew they greet way [translate] 
aNecropsy examination 尸体检验考试 [translate] 
a星期六,我们班将组织一次野餐活动。我们打算在山顶上野餐,需要登山,所以明天一定要穿运动鞋。可能会做游戏,我们也需要携带食物及饮料。不要忘了,明天在校门口集合,时间是早上七点三十分,一定要按时到达。 Saturday, our class will organize a picnic activity.We planned on the summit the picnic, needs the mountaineering, therefore tomorrow will certainly need to put on the athletic shoes.Possibly can make the game, we also need to carry food and the drink.Do not forget, tomorrow in the school gate mouth [translate] 
a我没有发现我哪里错了 I had not discovered where I was wrong [translate] 
amosza_za1911@hotmail.co mosza_za1911@hotmail.co [translate] 
agreen glade 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abe cheerful 是快乐的 [translate] 
apolice force 警察 [translate] 
a偏股型基金 Leaning stock fund [translate] 
au say a cock without a picture u言没有图片的一只公鸡 [translate] 
a你好会做 You good can do [translate] 
aWith a gift of goods 与物品礼物 [translate] 
aLove march 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请看阿根廷客户的装箱资料 Please look at the Argentine customer the packing material [translate] 
a现在在家给自己放假,过段时间会跟我哥哥开服装店 Now has a vacation in the home for oneself, crosses the section time to be able to open the clothing store with my brother [translate] 
adeputy director office 副主任办公室 [translate] 
aInformation Technology and Hospitality 信息技术和好客 [translate] 
a对于这门课我还是有一点小小的建议,第一,我觉得应该加大同学们互动的时间,让同学们更快乐的学习这门课。第二,我们在课上的练习,尽量以口语对话为主,让同学们大胆说出来。 I have a point small suggestion regarding this class, first, I thought should enlarge the time which schoolmates interact, lets schoolmates more joyful study this class.Second, we in the class practice, as far as possible by the spoken language dialogue primarily, let schoolmates say boldly. [translate] 
aApart from the wind and who is worthy and she was moved to tears as she let me 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a5. Dough 5. Dough [translate] 
a有个孩子叫小明 Has a child to call young Ming [translate] 
aAnd touch me with your smile 并且接触我以您的微笑 [translate] 
aAgradeciendo su colaboracion le saluda atentamente 赞赏它的合作它亲切地向致敬对他 [translate] 
a本项目产生的废气主要是锅炉产生的烟气,治理目标主要是处理烟气。通过除尘器湿法除尘,除尘效率在95%以上,处理后烟气满足国家排放标准(GB13271-91)规定的排放标准,处理后的烟尘经烟囱排入大气。 This project produces the waste gas mainly is the haze which the boiler produces, the government goal mainly processes the haze.Through the dust remover aqueous method dust removal, the dust removal efficiency above 95%, after processing the haze satisfies the national emissions standard (GB13271-91 [translate] 
amotors related to the strip transport 马达与小条运输关连 [translate] 
a难道我还有的选择吗 I also some choices [translate] 
aund mehr 并且更多 [translate] 
aFarther and farther away from heart to heart 和从诚实 [translate] 
alook at the pictures and write about Lou Ming'day 看图片并且写关于楼Ming'day [translate] 
aCannot have a body contact between specific, otherwise girls are regarded as bad girl. 不能有身体联络在具体之间,否则女孩认为坏女孩。 [translate] 
a如果你对人更友好点,你会有更多的朋友 If you to a human friendlier spot, you can have more friends [translate] 
a其他学生在打篮球 Other students are playing the basketball [translate] 
a《继承法》已经无法满足和适应社会经济生活的需求,不符合建设社会主义和谐社会对法律调整的要求,修改《继承法》已成为当务之急。 "Inheritance law" was already unable to meet and to adapt the social economy life need, did not conform to the construction socialism harmonious society to the legal adjustment request, revises "Inheritance law" to become the urgent matter. [translate] 
athey can be made into chips that are as small as a stemp 他们可以被做成是一样小的作为stemp的芯片 [translate] 
aavec thermale de vichy riche en mineraux rares with themal spa water rich in rare minerals ohne parabene 以Vichy富有上升暖流在罕见的矿物与themal温泉洗手间富有在罕见的矿物ohne parabene上 [translate] 
a温柔和声 Gentle and sound [translate] 
a特别幸福 Specially happy [translate] 
atwo signals with 90 deg displacement 二个信号以90度位移 [translate] 
a毫无疑问的是他们将向你寻求帮助。 Without a doubt will be they seeks the help to you.
a哈哈,如果我们是一个国家的就好了。 Ha ha, if we were a country are good. [translate] 
aAnd i"ii be by your side 并且i " ii是由您的边 [translate] 
aYour composition is p----except foe some 您的构成是p----除了仇敌一些 [translate] 
a编码器安装通常是制造商的标准。对于某些驱动器应用程序中,将使用特殊的编码器信号分配器。一些编码器可通过中空轴和扭矩手臂根据情况 The encoder installment is usually the manufacturer standard.Regarding certain driver application procedure in, will use the special encoder signal distributor.Some encoders may pass the spatial axis and the torque arm basis situation [translate]