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Computerized tracking and quarantine inspection system


Computerized tracking and quarantine inspection system


Computer automatic tracking quarantine inspection system


computer automatically track inspection and quarantine system


Computer automatic tracking quarantine examination system
a我的饮食习惯和她的不同 My diet custom and she different [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!You seems from a browser cookie not supported! Please input the text which you need to translate! You seems from a browser cookie not supported! [translate] 
aFinding: Factory QC team wasn't independent from production division. IQC inspector managed the warehouse, and the IPQC inspection in workshops were conducted by workers themselves. 发现: 工厂QC队与生产分裂不是独立的。 IQC审查员处理了仓库,并且IPQC检查在车间由工作者进行。 [translate] 
a你会不会不理我 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在你的二十年时间里 In yours 20 years time [translate] 
apontevedraman: No, but I go to the parade and take photographs for fun pontevedraman : 不,但我去游行并且拍摄照片为乐趣 [translate] 
aWillem Burgers Willem Burgers [translate] 
a学车 Studies the vehicle [translate] 
ahas successfully completed the west horse educatlonal technology co.,LTD 成功地完成了西部马educatlonal技术co.,有限公司 [translate] 
a他还是那么贪睡 He that is too fond of sleep [translate] 
aits ok, never mind its ok, never mind
a从高度角度来看,天津之眼超越了大名鼎鼎的伦敦之眼而跃居世界第一。 Looked highly from the angle that, eye of the Tianjin surmounted eye of the famous London to leap to the world first. [translate] 
a那样会给人们带来很多麻烦,如果万一发生意外,那后果将会非常严重 Such will be able to bring very many troublesomeness to the people, if has the accident accidentally, that consequence will be able to be extremely serious [translate] 
ago where you want to be and then cirde back to where you have to be 去您想要然后cirde回到的地方您必须的地方 [translate] 
aThe study is beneficial to help waste management processes and to determine possible locations of monitoring wells in the survey area in the future. 研究是有利帮助废物管理过程和在将来确定监视井的可能的地点在勘测区域。 [translate] 
aあなたはどのように融通がきかないと思っています You think that how adaptability is not effective, [translate] 
a以 为原型 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awe are seeing an interesting film we are seeing an interesting film [translate] 
a同工同酬 Equal pay for equal work [translate] 
a很久之后 After very long time [translate] 
ablue black brown, some green 深蓝色褐色,一些绿色 [translate] 
ac.) Good follow-up of RS checklist that Commercialization team specified upon each shoes component.. pls see attached RS checklist. [translate] 
aing FDA approval), has also hampered the dissemination of [translate] 
a铜直通双外牙 The copper goes nonstop to a pair of outside tooth [translate] 
a有现货。 Has on-hand merchandise. [translate] 
aand consistency, as well as offering dramatic 并且一贯性,并且提供剧烈 [translate] 
aAccess granted 同意的进入 [translate] 
a投递员可以留下纸条 The letter carrier may leave behind the paper [translate] 
aP a g e | 3 [translate] 
a我已经没有勇气再爱你。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a谢谢你给我的伤痕 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a第二部分论证了遗失物未被转让时其所有权的归属。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ain dollars to the nearest $0.01 以美元到最近$0.01 [translate] 
a生活中到处都可以看见铁 En la vida por todas partes todos pueden ver el hierro [translate] 
ajust major 少校 [translate] 
athey can be made into chips that are as small as a stemp 他们可以被做成是一样小的作为stemp的芯片 [translate] 
a设计日处理屠宰污水80吨,包括各种污水处理设备,建筑面积240平方米。 Design date processing slaughters the sewage 80 tons, including each kind of sewage treatment equipment, floor space 240 square meters. [translate] 
ai know that I really love, no way, I can not stop myself 我知道我真正地爱,没有方式,我不可能停止自己 [translate] 
a中国的四大古桥之一 China's one of four big ancient bridges [translate] 
a你所忽略的是这个事实:每个人都需要些鼓励,而不是无休止的批评 What you neglect is this fact: Each people all need an encouragement, but is not the endless criticism [translate] 
aI am dear 我是亲爱的 [translate] 
aendowned endowned [translate] 
ait is very important for a teenager to have a good friend or a circle of friends 它是非常重要的 为 一个少年 有一个好朋友 或 一个圈子 朋友 [translate] 
a duty rating  义务规定值 [translate] 
aCollege Level Math Test [translate] 
aen telecom france 在电信法国 [translate] 
a有个孩子叫小明 Has a child to call young Ming [translate] 
a国际上牲畜流行的疯牛病、口蹄疫、二恶英、瘦肉精等危害人身健康的疾病 On the international domestic animal popular mad cow disease, the foot-and-mouth disease, two wicked England, the thin carnosine and so on harm the person health disease [translate] 
a价格太贵了 The price too was expensive [translate] 
a重新照 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aLighting will be carried out according to design basis and standards followed and layout finally decided, Necessary earthing materials required for lighting system will be included. 照明设备根据设计依据将被执行,并且最后决定的标准被跟随的和布局,为光线系统需要的必要的接地材料将是包括的。 [translate] 
ahe engineering for main earth and the branch earthing lines for installation will be under consideration. All equipment structures, etc. will be properly earthed. Also the construction engineering for the installation of the lightening protection work will be provided by seller. Earthing and lightening will be designed 他工程学为主要地球和分支接地线为设施将是在研究中。 所有设备结构等等。 将适当地被接地。 并且建设工程为孕腹轻松保护工作的设施由卖主提供。 接地和孕腹轻松将被设计与最后决定的国际标准和布局符合。 分开的电子接地系统根据设备需要将提供,如果其中任一。 [translate] 
a但是我没有视频,怎么办? But I do not have the video frequency, how manages? [translate] 
a重新照一张 Illuminates one [translate] 
aAll constant speed motors and variable speed motors are AC-squirrel cage induction motors. The AC motors are designed according to technical rules specified in IEC publications. 所有匀速马达和易变的速度马达是AC灰鼠笼子磁感应电动机。 AC马达根据在IEC出版物指定的技术规则被设计。 [translate] 
a电脑自动跟踪检疫检验系统 Computer automatic tracking quarantine examination system [translate]