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Price is too expensive


Price is too expensive


The price is too expensive


price is too expensive


The price too was expensive
a克隆人体组织可以挽救病人生命 The clone body tissue may save the patient life [translate] 
athe first one I ever got was a birthday cake snow globe on my seventh birthday. 我得到的第一个是生日蛋糕雪地球在我的第七个生日。 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!welcome to china! 请输入您需要翻译的文本! 欢迎到瓷! [translate] 
aNavigate to where you unzipped the ZIP file and go to the folder you just created (For Example: If you created the folder in C:\Android, then you would type in Command Prompt: cd c:\Android). [translate] 
aaaronQ aaronQ [translate] 
a因其对一国产业和经济安全产生不利影响而备受关注 Because it has the adverse effect to a country industry and the economic security to prepare is paid attention [translate] 
aLooks so ugly, not study hard! [translate] 
aお元気ですか 它是苍劲的? [translate] 
a中平能化医疗集团的英文翻译 Even can melt the medical group English translation [translate] 
a今天起床又晚了 Today got out of bed also is late [translate] 
a那时她在夜总会唱歌为主 Her sang at that time in the nightclub primarily [translate] 
a养殖场 Breeding farm [translate] 
acan be used for any mode of transport 能为运输所有方式使用 [translate] 
aintellegent intellegent [translate] 
aboring to have fun 获得不耐烦乐趣 [translate] 
a?Բ?ư??ֻʇ??܏넣????̫ȷ??????̫ϠЅ 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe blue line was Tom's idea This side of the car is mine Tom put his finger on the black maskong tape running down the 蓝线是汽车的这边是我的汤姆把他的手指放在运行在下的黑maskong磁带上的汤姆的想法 [translate] 
a手柄共有8颗螺丝,要求员工打完后一一确认 The handle altogether has 8 screws, requests the staff to hit the latter 11 confirmations [translate] 
a2nd Floor, 2nd BLD, KIC Plaza, 252 Songhu Road 第2楼,第2, BLD KIC广场, 252条Songhu路 [translate] 
aMoney, hatred, hunger, pain . 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aNational medium and long-term science and technology development plan 全国中长期科学和技术开发计划 [translate] 
aAll components listed 所有组分列出了 [translate] 
a我们家的娱乐节目,从听收音机变成了看电视。 Our family's entertainment program, from listened to the radio to turn watched the television. [translate] 
aTap wear 轻拍穿戴 [translate] 
agd nt, in CZ city ,make our lives gd nt,在CZ城市,做我们的生活 [translate] 
apudong new 浦东新 [translate] 
aDoes the new L2C process cause a lot of work or, in other words, cause more work than the old sales process? 新的L2C过程是否比老销售过程导致很多工作或,换句话说,导致更多工作? [translate] 
a我重新开机。 I again starting. [translate] 
aChapter 2: Malaysian Vernacular Architecture Part II (16th century) ................................. 28 [translate] 
a请联系工程部商讨 Please relate the engineering dept discussion [translate] 
a62 Lim The Malay House p73 [translate] 
a这首诗是一首朦胧诗,属于现代诗的一种 This first poem is a hazy poetry, belongs to the modern poem one kind [translate] 
apay attention to leaving enough space to write by the next staff 对留出足够的空间的薪水注意由下个职员写 [translate] 
aHalf of the dentist's work 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
agear-ratio changing 齿轮比率改变 [translate] 
atwo signals with 90 deg displacement 二个信号以90度位移 [translate] 
aIt is a high performance, compact to the power supplier ideal for the motors speed and torque in a variety of the steel making. For the energy saving, it will check further into the common converter system at the basic design stage, such as one common converter with the plural inverters 它是一高性能,紧凑的到力量供应商理想为马达速度和扭矩在各种各样的炼钢。 为节能,它将检查进一步入共同的交换器系统在基本设计阶段,例如一台共同的交换器用复数变换器 [translate] 
a检验合格出厂 Examines the qualified exwork [translate] 
aflex-a-min 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acontinue savedgame 继续savedgame [translate] 
aLocal control and signaling (green - running; red - stop; yellow - failure) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI don't understand "I have to tighten but only what the meaning of" 我不了解“我必须拉紧,但仅什么意思的” [translate] 
a请输入您有一个谚语叫做与人玫瑰手有余香需要翻译的文本! Please input you to have a proverb named and the human rose has the text which -odd fragrance needs to translate! [translate] 
a开会之前,务必要明确此次会议的主题和目的 Before holds a meeting, must be clear about this conference by all means must the subject and the goal [translate] 
akyle munched on cookies 在曲奇饼用力嚼的kyle [translate] 
a国际上牲畜流行的疯牛病、口蹄疫、二恶英、瘦肉精等危害人身健康的疾病 On the international domestic animal popular mad cow disease, the foot-and-mouth disease, two wicked England, the thin carnosine and so on harm the person health disease [translate] 
aCollege Level Math Test [translate] 
ahave you are web cam 有您是网凸轮 [translate] 
a电脑自动跟踪检疫检验系统 Computer automatic tracking quarantine examination system [translate] 
a有个孩子叫小明 Has a child to call young Ming [translate] 
ahe engineering for main earth and the branch earthing lines for installation will be under consideration. All equipment structures, etc. will be properly earthed. Also the construction engineering for the installation of the lightening protection work will be provided by seller. Earthing and lightening will be designed 他工程学为主要地球和分支接地线为设施将是在研究中。 所有设备结构等等。 将适当地被接地。 并且建设工程为孕腹轻松保护工作的设施由卖主提供。 接地和孕腹轻松将被设计与最后决定的国际标准和布局符合。 分开的电子接地系统根据设备需要将提供,如果其中任一。 [translate] 
a让我看看,哈哈 Let me have a look, ha ha [translate] 
aLighting will be carried out according to design basis and standards followed and layout finally decided, Necessary earthing materials required for lighting system will be included. 照明设备根据设计依据将被执行,并且最后决定的标准被跟随的和布局,为光线系统需要的必要的接地材料将是包括的。 [translate] 
aAdult game sex 成人游戏性 [translate] 
a Emergency lighting for all workstations, emergency exits, etc  应急照明为所有工作站,紧急出口等等 [translate] 
a价格太贵了 The price too was expensive [translate]