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It took a few years service


It took a few years service


It took years of maintenance


It has spent several years maintenance


It has spent several year services
aThe major challenge of this century is to find ways to meet the needs of growing population within the limits of this single planet. That is no small task, but it offers abundant new chances for sustainable product industries. 本世纪的主要挑战是发现办法适应日益增长的人口的需要在这个唯一行星范围内。 那是没有小任务,但它提供丰富的新的机会为能承受的产品产业。 [translate] 
amarl boro marl boro [translate] 
a车间干部汪勇反映他已申请更换旧的栈板. Workshop cadre Wang reflected bravely he applied to replace the old stack board. [translate] 
adefault-capability.xml 默认capability.xml [translate] 
a女性称谓形式 Feminine name form [translate] 
aThey look excellent. I am excited to receive them. 他们看起来优秀。 我被激发接受他们。 [translate] 
aKing river 国王河 [translate] 
ahe get off in a hurry 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a越南语也是以字母组合吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aglobal communication 全球性通信 [translate] 
athat he would win another gold medal in the 110 metres hurdle at 2008 beijing liympics was "china's great hope" 他在110米中会获得另一枚金牌障碍在2008年北京liympics是“瓷的伟大希望” [translate] 
a年度申报 Declaration [translate] 
aYour pay 您的薪水 [translate] 
a分布不均,规模较小 The distribution is uneven, the scale is small [translate] 
aGreenland is the largest 格陵兰是最大 [translate] 
asoft templates 软的模板 [translate] 
a他正在接受求职面试 He is accepting seeks employment interviews [translate] 
aPls be informed that I am going back to work in SK this afternoon and will be back on the week of 14th Nov Pls是消息灵通的我在SK今天下午去回到工作和回来在星期11月14日 [translate] 
aThe teacher, this is what group? 老师,这是什么小组? [translate] 
aZustell 集合 [translate] 
aPlease don't let me go,I just wanna stay 不要让我走,我想要停留 [translate] 
aStrangers that I am quiet,my friends think I'm cheerful,my best friend know that I am crazy 使平静上午的陌生人,我的朋友认为我是快乐的,我的最好的朋友知道上午疯狂 [translate] 
ashare with us if you have a plan for your life journey, and what impact you want to have on others 份额与我们,如果您有一个计划为您的生活旅途,并且什么冲击您在其他想要有 [translate] 
a5. How do you pay for your schooling? 5. 您怎么支付您教育? [translate] 
ahigh gloss white 高光泽度的白色 [translate] 
aPROPER SHIPPING NAME: 适当的运输名字: [translate] 
a其次,要改变跟孩子的交流方式。小学或者初中的时候,孩子或许还能接受家长的一些说教。到高中阶段,孩子自主意识进一步增强,灌输和说教的教育方式就行不通了。不要再企图做孩子的精神导师,而是要做孩子的知心朋友。不要只是急于了解孩子、为孩子排忧解难,而要向孩子敞开自己的心扉,让孩子了解自己包括自己的苦恼,并真诚跟孩子交流。孩子得到承认和尊重,就不会再拒绝交流,你的观念和孩子的观念就会在交流中交融碰撞,孩子就会在耳濡目染中自觉不自觉地接受你的合理建议,当然家长也会在交流中从孩子那里学到好多。 Next, must change with child's exchange way.Elementary school or junior middle school's time, perhaps the child also can accept guardian's some rigid theorizings.To the high school stage, the child realized independently further strengthens, instills into the education way which and preached not to [translate] 
amisshabb concentrating emulsion 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a现在我可以更换了吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAbout the English Art I will send u Next week(Because that saler went to China (Shenzhen) International Gifts Exhibition from 20th to 24rd Oct.) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIf the selection of the love, the love that you Forever 如果爱,爱的选择那永远您 [translate] 
a가끔 時折 [translate] 
a中西方在称呼模式上存在着根本的差异,这可以从中西文化对人的本质的不同界定和中西方语言交际对文化语境的不同依赖程度中找到其文化根源. The West has the basic difference in the name pattern, this may and the Western language human relations found its cultural root from China and the West culture to human's essence different limits to the cultural linguistic environment different level of dependency in. [translate] 
a这是我的义务 This is my duty [translate] 
aClaire It’s very strange. [translate] 
a然而,随着改革开放的不断发展,我国的政治、经济体制已经发生了转变。 However, along with the reform and open policy unceasing development, our country's politics, the economic system has already had the transformation. [translate] 
aAdvantage of watching TV 看电视的好处 [translate] 
a除了风还有谁值得让我为她而流泪 Is also worth except wind some who letting me burst into tears for her [translate] 
a你可以去参观陶瓷城 You may visit the ceramic city [translate] 
anext night, I will give you a sweet dream 下夜,我将给您一个美梦 [translate] 
ahave you are web cam 有您是网凸轮 [translate] 
a庆杰 Celebrates outstanding [translate] 
awe can cam 我们能凸轮 [translate] 
a采用真空放血工艺可以获得未经污染的血液,可制作人用代血浆,可提取多种食品强化剂 Uses the vacuum bloodletting craft to be possible to obtain without the pollution blood, but the producer with a generation of blood plasma, may withdraw many kinds of food reinforcement [translate] 
aI learned a lot about Japanese culture and knowledge 我得知很多日本文化和知识 [translate] 
aIt was a hard job He took it though 它是他虽则采取它的一个重活 [translate] 
aI did not pass the exam 我没有通过检查 [translate] 
a我给你发过邮件,但是你没回 I have sent the mail to you, but you have not returned [translate] 
aLocal control and signaling (green - running; red - stop; yellow - failure) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atuscansoul tuscansoul [translate] 
amany teenagers feel that the most 许多 少年 感觉那 多数 [translate] 
aRemote control and signaling (green - running; red - stop) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe Shakeout earthquake drill begins at 10:20 am. Please participate and duck, cover and hold for 2 minutes. Thank you. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a如果我们的距离只有100步,我会在你走出第一步的时候走完这99步。 If our distance only then 100 steps, I can goes out the first step in you time walks this 99 steps. [translate] 
aIn recognition of his contribution to Tourism research, he was elected in August 2009, as a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism. 按照他的对旅游业研究的贡献,他在2009年8月被选举了,作为国际学院的家伙为旅游业的研究。 [translate] 
a它花了几年的时间维修 It has spent several year services [translate]