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Well, he married, broke up three months when he got married.


Well, he got married, breaking up 3 months, when he got married.


grace, He is married, separated by 3 months when he decided to get married.


Graciousness, he has all married, bids good-bye 3 month-long times he married.
a、Injury 、伤害 [translate] 
adon't create astart menu folder don't create astart menu folder [translate] 
a我的最爱---我爱大自然,我更爱她——这是我的宝宝。我就是这个快乐宝宝的母亲,虽然这是我们那时的第一次见面,但注定了我们一生的相伴。这是我和她一起快乐的成长 I most love---I love the nature, I love her - - this am my baby.I am this joyful baby's mother, although this was our at that time first time meets, but has been doomed our life accompanying.This is I and she together joyful growth [translate] 
a原因我就不多说了,现在我做受力分析,它受一个重力和一个支持力! The reason I not said, I make the stress analysis now, it a gravity and a sustaining power! [translate] 
a这些是你的兄弟吗? These are your brothers? [translate] 
aThe server encountered an internal error (No Context configured to process this request) that prevented it from fulfilling this request. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a29块五 29 five [translate] 
a家务劳动 Housework [translate] 
a烫脱 Escapes very hot [translate] 
ayes your highness 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aspace form love you 空间形式爱您 [translate] 
athe treatment is applied to forgings, cold-worked sheets and wire, and casting. the operation consists of : 治疗被申请于锻件、冷工作的板料和导线和铸件。 操作包括: [translate] 
a中国湖南省长沙市开福区芙蓉中路一段478号运达国际广场1605室 The Chinese Hunan Province Changsha opens lucky area cotton rose middle of the mill one section of 478 to ship to international square 1605 room [translate] 
aEnter the registration name and key below,exactly as given to you. 输入注册名字和钥匙如下,确切地如被给您。 [translate] 
aOct 31 - Nov 4 10月31日- 11月4日 [translate] 
a以海南岛文昌鸡为主料,配以火腿、鸡肝、郊菜,经煮、蒸、炒而成。此菜造型美观,芡汁明亮。 Take the Hainan Island wenchang chicken as the mother stock, matches by the ham, the chicken liver, the suburb vegetable, after boils, steams, fries becomes.This vegetable modelling is artistic, euryale ferox the juice is bright. [translate] 
a拥有健康的生活习惯 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afirefighting 消火 [translate] 
a我为我自己的成就 感到骄傲 I feel proud for mine achievement [translate] 
aThe place to see 看见的地方 [translate] 
a设施都很完备,整体干净整洁,虽然在装修,但整体不嘈杂,很有规矩 The facility very is all complete, whole clean neat, although is repairing, but the whole is not noisy, has the custom very much [translate] 
aGrandfather your mother 祖父您的母亲 [translate] 
ayou are very lucky.. 您非常幸運。 [translate] 
aimnotspeaktopeople imnotspeaktopeople [translate] 
a以弹拨乐器为主 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe more busier the more 越繁忙多 [translate] 
a网络媒体说乔布斯的第三个苹果改变了世界,乔布斯的一句话很好的诠释了这点:领袖和跟风者的区别就在于创新。正是由于他的不断创新,才有了今天风靡全球的平板电脑。 The network media said the Qiao Booth's third apple changed the world, a Qiao Booth's speech very good annotation this spot: The leader and lies in the innovation with the wind difference.Is precisely as a result of his unceasing innovation, only then has today to be all the rage global the plate co [translate] 
aThe film pictured cowboys as rough-riding and straight-shooting heroes 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a把腿叉开抬起 Splits the leg lifts [translate] 
a他从来也没有想到他能获得一等奖。 He had not always thought he can win the first award. [translate] 
ano customer will talk to a businessman without information about product , as a result , it is impossible to persuade a customer to perchase 顾客与商人不会谈话没有关于产品的信息,结果,说服顾客对perchase是不可能的 [translate] 
acontinue savedgame 继续savedgame [translate] 
acharacteristic scroll 典型纸卷 [translate] 
aIt is a high performance, compact to the power supplier ideal for the motors speed and torque in a variety of the steel making. For the energy saving, it will check further into the common converter system at the basic design stage, such as one common converter with the plural inverters 它是一高性能,紧凑的到力量供应商理想为马达速度和扭矩在各种各样的炼钢。 为节能,它将检查进一步入共同的交换器系统在基本设计阶段,例如一台共同的交换器用复数变换器 [translate] 
aMySpace are booming MySpace兴旺 [translate] 
aKiki I can’t imagine how serious it will be. [translate] 
a從高處拍攝 From high place photography [translate] 
apay attention to leaving enough space to write by the next staff 对留出足够的空间的薪水注意由下个职员写 [translate] 
a62 Lim The Malay House p73 [translate] 
a三连射 Three ripple fires [translate] 
aOnly a quarrel between us, she is not trying to leave 仅争吵在我们之间,她不设法离开 [translate] 
ain moment ist unsicherheit aufgekommen 在片刻不确定性出现了 [translate] 
a呵护和关心 Protects and the care [translate] 
aParents should encourage their children to do their homework independently rather than help them to 父母应该鼓励他们的孩子独立地做他们的家庭作业而不是帮助他们 [translate] 
a不打声招呼就走了 ,很没礼貌哦 Did not greet walked, did not have politeness very much oh [translate] 
aExtra Reporting 额外报告 [translate] 
a我过几分钟再打过来 My several minutes have hit again [translate] 
afragger still needs 仍然fragger需要 [translate] 
a母畜 Dam [translate] 
a你们那边一般男孩子什么时候会选择结婚呀? When can your that side common boy choose the marriage? [translate] 
a你们都用什么工具聊天? What tool do you all use to chat? [translate] 
awhat can help you with 什么可帮助您与 [translate] 
aremember ,i will be with you forever,never walk awaw,if you want. 如果您要,不要记住,我永远将是以您,走awaw。 [translate] 
a抱き 藏品 [translate] 
aaber shame that is it past 是它的aber羞辱 [translate] 
aThis delegation to China led by Councilwoman Elisa Chan is an important step in developing what we hope to be deep and long-standing ties with China and its people. We understand that developing a strong and lasting relationship takes time and effort, and we believe this mission is a good first step toward establishin [translate] 
a恩,他都结婚了,分手3个月的时候他就结婚了。 Graciousness, he has all married, bids good-bye 3 month-long times he married. [translate]