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Although it is plain, but I am very happy


Although it is plain, but I am very happy


Although bland, but I'm happy




Although is light, but I am very happy
a他们吃美味海鲜和大连食品 They eat the delicacy seafood and Dalian food [translate] 
aqcdrom driver name is patacd01 no drives to use qcdrom not loaded qcdrom司机名字是patacd01没有使用qcdrom的驱动没被装载 [translate] 
a这是一个新的开始! This is a new start! [translate] 
a吸烟的人晚上总是咳嗽,小偷听到了,认为是家里人没睡着,所以就不敢偷了 The smoking person evening always coughs, the thief has heard, thought is the family member has not fallen asleep, therefore did not dare to steal [translate] 
aDon't want to give up you [translate] 
a这是著名作家余秋雨先生亲自题词 This is renowned writer Mr. Yu Qiuyu writes a few words of appreciation personally [translate] 
a你如何看待山姆大叔这个人物 How do you regard Uncle Sam this character [translate] 
a作为一个好朋友更重要的是心地善良和乐于助人 More importantly good-hearted and is glad as a good friend helps the human [translate] 
ai am no longer single 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afade away 消失 [translate] 
a我和旅行团走散了 I and the touring party dispersed [translate] 
aroyal honey nutrition essense 皇家蜂蜜营养精华 [translate] 
a我咋知道啊! How do I know! [translate] 
aWe will got will soon 我们意志得到的意志很快 [translate] 
aAs the saying goes, ask some 如谚语所说,要求一些 [translate] 
athe proposal for the change in the deck mount 提议对于在甲板登上上的变化 [translate] 
aThe following papers have been found that percentage of content overlapped very muchwith other papers been published; therefore will be rejected from this conference. 内容的百分比重叠非常muchwith其他纸被出版的以下纸被找到了; 因此从这个会议将被拒绝。 [translate] 
a牛腿骨 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aUh,I douit know Oh ... YEAH,ITIS on the Uh, I douit知道Oh… 呀,它在 [translate] 
aOf course, such individuals are rare, so it is common to supplement the committee's existing skills and experience with knowledgeable advisors 当然,这样个体是罕见的,因此它是共同的用博学的顾问补充委员会的现有的技能和经验 [translate] 
a真的成了老板姓守岁的一道风味菜了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aElectrical heater for heating gases to the catalytic reactor at start-up 电子加热器为热化气体到催化作用的反应器在起动 [translate] 
aThe greatest happiness of life is to believe that someone loves us 生活的最伟大的幸福是相信某人爱我们 [translate] 
aI very expect , our new life ! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a毒药的解药 Toxicant antidote [translate] 
athe ipsw for the following build si needde ipsw为以下修造si needde [translate] 
a如果您开始阅读这封ps时,想象着要看一个很优秀青年的成长史,那么恐怕您会失望。 和大多数人不同,我并不是一路优秀着走过童年,少年,青年。而我的人生又各种转折点组成。 When you start reads this ps, imagines must look at a very outstanding youth's growth history, then perhaps you can be disappointed. Is different with the majority people, I am not a group outstanding am passing through the childhood, the youth, the youth.But my life each kind of turning point compo [translate] 
aLES VIEUX MARIéS 老修饰 [translate] 
a销售顾问告诉我只能在展场试驾且有两条路线供选择 Marketing consultant tells me only to be able to unfold the field to try to harness also to have the two political lines to supply the choice [translate] 
a谢谢你愿意听我说这些。 Thanks you to be willing to listen to me to say these. [translate] 
aI think I should learn to hide, that won't let hurt yourself. 在认为应该学会掩藏,那不要让创伤。 [translate] 
aunforfunately it is no longer available unforfunately它不再是可利用的 [translate] 
aThe passwords you enter do not match 您输入的密码不配比 [translate] 
a我只要物理更换主板 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aNike has committed to goals to better the problems as part of the aforementioned labor initiative: 作为上述的辛苦主动性一部分,耐克做到目标改善问题: [translate] 
aa senior government think tank economist said on wednesday 在星期三一位资深政府智囊团经济学家说 [translate] 
a用手套弄我的鸡鸡 Tricks me with the hand the chicken chicken [translate] 
a大气中污染物浓度不高 In the atmosphere the pollutant density is not high [translate] 
a在市场上出现大量的仿冒产品 Appears massively in the market counterfeits the product [translate] 
aThe bad man loved 坏人爱 [translate] 
aThe men were trying to fix the road. 人设法修理路。 [translate] 
asee me warming up for u.... click "accept invite" on the left and once u join & see me we can start 为u看见我使兴奋…. 点击“受理在左边邀请”,并且,一旦u加入&看见我我们可以开始 [translate] 
a你偶尔也喝酒 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou dedicated, you took the time 您热忱,您花费了时间 [translate] 
atennis runs my body 网球跑我的身体 [translate] 
awe are too big too fail 我们太是太大出故障 [translate] 
aAbove the 100k all the Responsible, Accountable, Consulted people out of the RASCI matrix are normally invited at a review meeting within a certain sub process. 在100k之上所有负责任,有责任,被咨询的人在RASCI矩阵外面在某一次级过程之内通常被邀请在回顾会议上。 [translate] 
a因为父母对我们充满了希望 Because the parents have filled the hope to us
aTake no prisoners 攻击性 [translate] 
a大气中二氧化碳含量增加25% In the atmosphere the dioxide carbon content increases 25% [translate] 
asetup has detected that the sims 设定查出了sims [translate] 
aboyfriend sorry 男朋友抱歉 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!Love has nothing to do with happiness Love has nothing to do with happiness [translate] 
afree spase before 自由spase以前 [translate] 
a耐克有别于其它的运动品牌,他们特立独行,个性强烈,脾气暴躁,富于进攻性。在一个形象代表一切的世界里,耐克是全世界最多人认得的标志之一。要了解耐克的成功与企业文化,对于其标志的了解是不可或缺的,因为它是让耐克品牌变得无所不在的一个商业标志。由于实在太知名,以至于在耐克的广告中只见到耐克的标志,而没有看到公司的名字,因为他们有充分的把握,人们看到这个符号即知道这是耐克。它成为一个文化的圣像,一个耐克用来提高品牌价值、知名度,以及地位的圣像。没有一家体育用品公司的品牌像它那么为人所知。 [translate] 
a虽然是平淡的,但是我很开心 Although is light, but I am very happy [translate]