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That you took, then I changed a good price you pay.


Are you take, I am changing for the better price you pay again.


Is that you shoot a better price, I read you to payment.


Was you has patted, I improved the price you to pay money again.
ahuaites family huaites家庭 [translate] 
aThis is to certify that HONGMEI CHEN, born on 12th Nov, 1990, has studied in the XXXXXXXX University with a specialty of XXMAJORXXXXXXXXXX from XXMONTHXXYEARXXX to XXMONTHXXYEARXXX. Upon completing and passing all the required courses of the 4-year undergraduate program, he is granted graduation. 这是为了证明HONGMEI陈,负担在1990年11月12日,在大学学习了以专业从XXMONTHXXYEARXXX到XXMONTHXXYEARXXX。 在完成和通过4年的大学生节目的所有必需的路线,他被授予毕业。 [translate] 
a昨天晚上我一直都没有说话,显得很安静。同学说这样的我很可怕。我自己一个人在预习我的功课,觉得天天和大家闲聊是件浪费时间的事情。 Yesterday evening I continuously all have not spoken, appear very peacefully.Schoolmate said such I am very fearful.I am preparing a lesson my schoolwork, thought and everybody chats is daily wastes the time the matter. [translate] 
aFF你永远是我的最爱虽然我们无法在一起但我会把这份爱永远埋藏在心底 FF you forever are I most love but although we are unable in the same place I to be able forever to bury this love in the moral nature [translate] 
awhen i'm a pupil,My mon and dady always take me to school and when It's ranining,My mom must take the umberaler to my classrom to take me back home. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ashengjingb 什么是 [translate] 
a前两次他们没有发出警告 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a老实说,这个男孩本身很努力学习 To be honest, this boy itself earnest efforts study [translate] 
aexploring creative 探索创造性 [translate] 
a美国文化 American culture [translate] 
awilkes wilkes [translate] 
a我们非常要好 We are friends with extremely [translate] 
ayou have encountered 您遇到了 [translate] 
a我22岁 当初他追得我厉害 我们在一起才半个月 My 22 years old initially his pursued me to be fierce we in together the only then half month [translate] 
alet me know the date then 告诉我然后日期 [translate] 
a工業區 Industrial district [translate] 
a我们将在以下两个方面有损失 We will have the loss in following two aspects [translate] 
acourse length 路线长度 [translate] 
aconfirming this letter of credit is subject to beneficiary's request, and provided that your confrimation commission is prepaid by them in advance 证实这个信用证是受受益人的请求支配,并且,在您的confrimation委员会由他们事先条件下预付 [translate] 
aFirst of all, technology makes life easier. With the invention of various electric home-appliances, housework is no longer a drudgery. With the innovation of assembly lines workers do not have to struggle with splitting lump of wood or iron. With the emerging medical treatment or therapy, the handicapped can lead a bet [translate] 
aweighe 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThat's all settled. It talked about 那所有被安定。 它谈论了 [translate] 
a钟诗慧 Zhong Shihui [translate] 
a为某人奉献自己的所有 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这些事实与这个问题无关。 These facts have nothing to do with with this question. [translate] 
a难道我还有的选择吗 I also some choices [translate] 
awithout spending all day at dragon botting 没有整天花费在龙马胃蝇蛆 [translate] 
a5.The Netherlands 5.The荷兰 [translate] 
a干预组病人 Intervention group patients [translate] 
a嘻嘻嘻~~可爱的newwy~~你长痘痘了是不是~ Hee hee hee hee ~~ lovable newwy~~ you was long smallpox smallpox ~ [translate] 
a这样做,我会觉得对不起我的男朋友 Does this, I can think is unfair to me the boyfriend [translate] 
aShut up. 闭嘴。 [translate] 
a工作婚姻是一个30岁的年轻人的面临的压力。 The work marriage is a pressure which 30 year-old young people face. [translate] 
aInternational users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content. [translate] 
a昨天他說他不得不離開了 Yesterday he said he could not but leave [translate] 
aA Boy Can Do Everying For Girl. 男孩能做Everying为女孩。 [translate] 
a在工作中,合法权益受到侵害的事情经常发生,自己捍卫自己的权益,这也是我想要研读法律的原因之一。 In the work, the legitimate rights and interests receive the violation the matter to occur frequently, own guard own rights and interests, this also is I wants to read one of legal reasons. [translate] 
afraction of times 时期的分数 [translate] 
a你好会做 You good can do [translate] 
asav vinyl sav乙烯基 [translate] 
a这座小岛位于这个城市的西南45公里处 This island is located this city the southwest 45 kilometers place [translate] 
aon failed unlock code entered 在不合格打开被键入的代码 [translate] 
acontain money 包含金钱 [translate] 
a你是人吗 连自己的孩子也不承认 无赖 你就是畜生 临 You are human own child did not acknowledge continually the rascal you are the domestic animal are near [translate] 
ataking the lead on succession planning. 在继任计划领先。 [translate] 
aReach-in Foul 到达在肮脏 [translate] 
aSo come on travel to Germany! I will show you Germany and you show me Changsha...Ok??? :D 如此来在旅行到德国! 我将显示您德国和您显示我长沙…好?执行 :D [translate] 
abeautiful - very fast delivery and wonderful ebayer......thank-you 美丽-非常快速的交付和美妙的ebayer ......感谢 [translate] 
a提升自己的口语水平 Promotes own spoken language proficiency [translate] 
a什么生活并非如此 我就要你 Any life is not true I to want you [translate] 
awe learn a lot from it 我们从它学会很多 [translate] 
apain strains and sprains 痛苦张力和扭伤 [translate] 
athe biggest number that can be fromed is 3 可以是的最大的数字fromed是3 [translate] 
aHe'S there in my heart. 他在那里在我的心脏。 [translate] 
aadduncertainty adduncertainty [translate] 
apreocupate 急切 [translate] 
a就是你拍了,我改好价格你再付款。 Was you has patted, I improved the price you to pay money again. [translate]