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a米莉的鞋子和我的鞋子尺码一样大。 Mi Li's shoe and my shoe measurement are equally big. [translate] 
aand she doesn't want me to get it ,too 并且她不要我得到它,太 [translate] 
aUsing ShipEditor 使用ShipEditor [translate] 
aat com.caucho.server.TcpConnection.run(TcpConnection.java:139) [translate] 
aI can exercise while taking shower too 我可以行使,当也是时洗澡 [translate] 
a电视机产业 Television industry [translate] 
aWrite the letter to the pie manufacturer for the agitated Mr. Paxton who lives at 13 Doncaster Road, Sheffied, South Yorks, SI 4AH. 给饼制造商写信为agitated先生。 居住在13 Doncaster路的Paxton, Sheffied,南Yorks, SI 4AH。 [translate] 
a英语课代表的特殊要求 Class in English representative's special request [translate] 
a我们前面仍有困难 In front of us still had the difficulty [translate] 
aCrazy, my God 疯狂,我的上帝 [translate] 
a我遇见他数次了 I met him several times [translate] 
ahigh jetness 高jetness [translate] 
aoctober 20,2011 10月20,2011日 [translate] 
a你做什么工作呢 You do any work [translate] 
a不管怎样真心希望你能幸福,这就够了。 No matter how the sincerity did hope you can be happy, this sufficed. [translate] 
afail to comply with 不要遵照 [translate] 
aCreate noise 创造噪声 [translate] 
asexwife sexwife [translate] 
a形容词修饰名词 Adjective beautification noun [translate] 
a爱情不只是宏大的表面,还体现在更加具体细节。如果在两个人不在一起时,会想到只有对方的优点。但是两个人真的长期在一起时,很多的生活中的琐事,小的个人习惯就会突出出来。两个人一起能克服这些小的琐碎的问题,也是爱情的一个方面。因为容忍和谦让是爱情的升华和提高。 Not only love great surface, but also manifests in a more concrete detail.If in two people not in together time, can think of only then opposite party merit.But two people really for a long time when together, in the very many life trivial matters, the small individual custom can come out prominentl [translate] 
a它在椅子下面吗? 是的 It under chair? Yes [translate] 
a那是,英语6级的呢 That is, English 6 levels [translate] 
aごこらく It is dense and others the [ku) [translate] 
abeing the richest man in this cemetery doesn't matter to me.Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderfulthat's what matter to me. 是富人在这座公墓不事关对我。上床在夜说法我们做了某事wonderfulthat的什么问题对我。 [translate] 
aNow the patient's family must answer some difficult questions.Should they think he is dead?Should they ask the doctors to use the machine to make him breathe?Sometimes a machine can make an unconscious person breathe for years. 现在患者的家庭必须回答一些困难的问题。他们是否是应该认为他死的?他们应该要求医生使用机器使他呼吸?有时机器可能使一个不自觉的人多年来呼吸。 [translate] 
aHarvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Columbia: These schools have a lot in common 哈佛,普林斯顿,耶鲁,斯坦福,哥伦比亚: 这些学校有很多共同兴趣 [translate] 
aConsistent with the research findings, the Japanese emoticons for happiness and sadness vary in terms of how the eyes are depicted, while American emoticons vary with the direction of the mouth 一致充满研究研究结果、日本意思号为幸福和悲伤变化根据怎样眼睛被描述,而美国意思号随嘴的方向变化 [translate] 
a你有空嗎? You have free time? [translate] 
aWhere did Wiklliam park his park his car on the night of the robbery? Wiklliam在哪里停放了他的公园他的汽车在盗案的夜? [translate] 
aSome people prefer to have friends who share the similar ideas of the world. 某些人喜欢有分享世界的相似的想法的朋友。 [translate] 
a合理健康地发展蓝色经济 Healthily develops the blue color economy reasonably [translate] 
abut is very expensive! 但是非常昂贵的! [translate] 
ahave a nose for something 有一个鼻子为某事 [translate] 
aeverybody fletch it [translate] 
a在争取动物权益方面 Is striving for the animal rights and interests aspect [translate] 
abe frustrated by a succession of adversities and setbacks 由患难和挫折连续是沮丧 [translate] 
aD3D Creation error! your pc is not compliant with minimum specifications or you've locked you pc dur D3D创作错误! 您的个人计算机不是服从的以极小的规格或您锁了您个人计算机dur [translate] 
a这要取决于你住哪 This must be decided in you lives [translate] 
awhen they crossed the frontier 当他们横渡了边境 [translate] 
aIntegrated intelligence about roles, routing, business rules and processing 联合智力关于角色、发送,商业惯例和处理 [translate] 
a小学从一年级到六年级 Elementary school from freshman class to sixth grade [translate] 
a10-year-old British girl saved 100 other tourists in southern Thailand 10年老英国的女孩在南泰国保存了其他100个游人 [translate] 
ahave you got any... 让您得到其中任一… [translate] 
aSpecialist Physicians 专家医师 [translate] 
a你住在离学校多远 You live are leaving the school to be far [translate] 
aGlaubst 相信 [translate] 
a我的感情很单纯,我从没想过要得到什么,只是告诉你一个秘密而已 My sentiment is very pure, I from had not thought must obtain any, only is tells you a secret [translate] 
athe imagin has stoped [translate] 
aVous donnez amour est réel 您给爱是真正的 [translate] 
a4. 我到期返回中国,我们暂时什么计划也不做,包括合影也不拍,然后我们保持通信往来, 如果你愿意娶我,我也愿意嫁你的话, 我再次申请旅游签证来美国, 到美国后再商 [translate] 
a快来和我们一起玩吧 Comes and us quickly plays together [translate] 
a昨天回来后我感到很累,晚上八点半就睡了.我想你也非常累,比我更累.你昨晚休息得好吗?但是跟你在一起我还是很愉快! [translate] 
aThis game works only by Japanese edition Windows 这场比赛仅运作在日本编辑窗口旁边 [translate] 
a让我们去踢毽子 Let us kick the shuttlecock [translate] 
a机不可失, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们这一代在学校相识,初恋通常是不完美的,从好感到恋人都是没有责任感、没有从长远考虑的,只是想到眼前的甜蜜,花的是父母的钱,这时是不成熟的 Our this generation in the school acquaintance, the first love is usually not perfect, all does not have the sense of responsibility from the favorable impression to the lovers, not from the long-term consideration, only is thought at present happiness, spends is parents' money, by now was not matur [translate] 
aradically new 根本地新 [translate]