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a如果你读的书太简单,就是浪费你的时间 If you read the book too is simple, is wastes your time [translate] 
a两年前,我和我的同事去杭州旅游,是公司工会组织的。我感觉并不是太好。因为只用两天时间,太匆忙。很多景点游览得并不仔细,是是匆匆而过。 Two years ago, I and my colleague goes to Hangzhou to travel, is the company union organizes.I felt is not too good.Because only uses two days time, too hurried.Very many scenic spots tour not not carefully, is in a hurry. [translate] 
a俗话说:“金无赤足,人无完人。”每个人都不是十全十美的,你在这方面做得很差劲,但是你在别的方面做的却很优秀,请你相信自己,别人能做到的,自己经过努力也能做到。不能做大树,就做小草;不能做牡丹,就做路边的小野菊;不能做大海,就做小溪;不能做太阳,就做星辰。总而言之一句话:“做最好的自己,自己的敌人就是自己。” As the saying goes that,“Jin Wu barefoot, the human does not have the complete human.” Each people are all not perfect, you do very much in this aspect disappointingly, but you do in other aspect very are actually outstanding, ask you to believe oneself, others can achieve, own pass through also can [translate] 
a人的健康 Human's health [translate] 
a对某人充满感激 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a避免枯燥 Avoids aridly [translate] 
a那只猫在哪儿? Where is that cat at? [translate] 
a我们刚才没有做我们的家庭作业 We have not made our homework a moment ago [translate] 
adate post是什么意思 date post is any meaning [translate] 
a在日本,最主要的三种上学方式是公共汽车、火车和自行车 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a今天我给大家介绍一下李开复 Today I give everybody to introduce Li regains [translate] 
aThis is Lisa from Hengwei Kitchen Equipment. 这是莉萨从Hengwei厨房设备。 [translate] 
a治安保卫 Public security security [translate] 
a,Invalid class typecast 无效类演员分配角色 [translate] 
athe rope tie did not preform as well as expected for teo reason(1)the knot slipped and was not tight enough(2)the rope stretched a little too much 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aturbobit turbobit [translate] 
alarry的叔叔上周帮他复习功课 Uncle larry helped him to review the schoolwork last week [translate] 
aDue to now many competitor in hotel industry and i can assure that 由于现在许多竞争者在旅馆业和我能保证那 [translate] 
a看完這幅照片,令我感受到世界很不公平。 Looked this picture, makes me feel the world not to be very unfair. [translate] 
a销售顾问口头报价,关提供了报价单 Marketing consultant the oral quoted price, the pass has provided the quotation [translate] 
atell me who to ask to go to fishing together 告诉要求去一起钓鱼的我 [translate] 
adamages; or [translate] 
athe pore connectivity will directly shorten the transport paths 毛孔连通性将直接地缩短运输道路 [translate] 
aDecision Power 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
astring myConStr = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=AddrList.mdb;"; 个人计算机拨号盘myConStr= “Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; 日期Source=AddrList.mdb; ”; [translate] 
aThis year,when Cater picks up Sadie, they go to visit the British Museum with their father 今年,当承办宴席时拾起Sadie,他们去参观英国的博物馆与他们的父亲 [translate] 
a当我踏进美丽的北师大珠海分校时,我的新生活也就开始了。当我遇到可爱的你们,我的新生活便开始变得丰富多彩。很多人都说在大学里没有真正的朋友,但是我不相信。一个多月了,生活在美丽的校园,身边有着可爱的你们,我觉得非常的幸福开心。不再有孤单,不再有惧怕,因为你们在我身边。我的朋友们,我爱你们。 When I step into beautiful Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Branch school, my new life also started.When I run into lovable you, my new life then starts to become richly colorful.Very many people all said in the university not the genuine friend, but I did not believe.More than months, have lived in [translate] 
a占全国煤炭储量的26% Erklärt die nationalen Kohlereserven 26% [translate] 
a首先,从时代的 角度看,现如今是21世纪了 First, looked from the time angle that, nowadays was the 21st century [translate] 
aUNIVERSITY STAGE 大学阶段 [translate] 
aのRのLのF のRのLのF [translate] 
adid nothing wrong 没有错误做 [translate] 
anot a pleasure person 不是乐趣人 [translate] 
a选派 Детализировать [translate] 
awe can see a map under china 我们能看地图在瓷之下 [translate] 
aAnd my grandma cooks fish well 并且我的祖母很好烹调鱼 [translate] 
aWhich of the following would cause the demand curve for beer in MMU Student Union bars to move to the right? 哪些以下将导致需求曲线为啤酒在MMU学生会酒吧对移动在右边? [translate] 
a玻璃纤维杆 Стекло - полюс волокна [translate] 
a我们都知道唐山发生了大地震,但是经过这次地震我们都变得坚强,团结。现在唐山已经发展的越来越好,我们应该要好好报答那些帮助过灾后重建的人们 We all knew Tangshan has had the big earthquake, but passes through this earthquake we all to become strong, unity.Now Tangshan's already developed more and more well, after we should have to repay these to help the people well who the disaster reconstructed [translate] 
aincompatible in this ipad 不相容在这ipad [translate] 
a能够把人们那种受到震惊后精神为之一振,酣畅淋漓、痛快之情表达出来 After can receive people that kind the shock the spirit one to inspire for it, full, the happy sentiment expresses [translate] 
ais Tim( )nine books 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe is too young to do the research he is young he can't do the research 他太年轻的以至于不能做他是年轻的他不可能做研究的研究 [translate] 
a●Document management, i need to manage, supervise the document management for the different projects. ●Document管理,我需要处理,监督文件管理为不同的项目。 [translate] 
awe often watch TV together. We are always very happy together. 我们一起经常看电视。 我们一起总是非常愉快的。 [translate] 
athe first and the most important thing is to believe 第一件和最重要的事是相信 [translate] 
acertification test material 证明测试材料 [translate] 
aLeft side of the mold drops 左边模子下落 [translate] 
a引进国内外先进的管理理念及机械加工技术。 Introduces the domestic and foreign advanced management idea and the machine-finishing technology. [translate] 
aif you have ever been discouraged because of failure please read on 如果您被劝阻了由于请读的失败 [translate] 
ait's only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found 它仅在所有逻辑原因可以被发现爱的神奇等式 [translate] 
amake adj 做adj [translate] 
a选择哪条牛仔裤去买 Which jeans chooses to buy [translate] 
aWhy are the exposure times available to me in HQ mode different from what is available in Standard mode? 为什么供给曝光时间我在HQ方式与什么不同是可利用的在标准方式? [translate] 
a亲爱的,如果明天就是世界末日了,我们能一定要记住彼此的样子,来生我们再续今生的未了之情 Dear, if tomorrow will be the judgment day, we could certainly have to remember each other the appearance, next life we again will continue this life not the sentiment [translate] 
a休息厅卫生整洁,没有灰尘杂物 The rest hall health is neat, does not have the dust sundry goods [translate] 
aI miss somebody 我想念某人 [translate]