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茄子 并且 蕃茄
a地址:中国.河南.林州 Address: China. Henan. Lin Zhou [translate] 
ashe does watches TV every day. 她每天手表电视。 [translate] 
a这笔记本属于谁? Who does this notebook belong to? [translate] 
a平面规划图 Plane planning drawing [translate] 
aI should understand you 我应该明白您 [translate] 
aa 2-fold excess of 1.0M LiAlH4 in THF was added to form 2折叠剩余1.0M LiAlH4在THF增加了到形式 [translate] 
a某人将未被解释部分归为技术进步的结果 Somebody had not been explained the part converges the technology advancement the result [translate] 
aBecause of you I never stray too far from the sidewalk Because of you I learned to play on the safe side So I don't get hurt Because of you I find it hard to trust Not only me, but everyone around me 由于您太从未I迷路者离边路很远的地方由于您学会的I演奏为安全起见我不如此得到创伤由于我发现难信任不仅我的您,但是大家在我附近 [translate] 
asorry my chinese is not good 抱歉我的中国人不是好 [translate] 
apay attention to the incomplete plosive of the underlined letters 薪水注意吨在下面划线的信件的残缺不全的plosive [translate] 
aA strain of Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC 7953, 张力Geobacillus适温油脂ATCC 7953, [translate] 
aa beautiful day and Ican t see it 美丽的天和Ican t看见它 [translate] 
a... and we'll give you a tool you can use for the rest of your life. … 并且我们将给您您能为你的后半生使用的一个工具。 [translate] 
a每个人对问题的认识都不同 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSnow-Cold [translate] 
aComponent: nc.itf.uap.sf.SysFrameEJB,Detail Message: The tx component: nc.itf.uap.sf.SysFrameEJB is not found in jndi please deploy the componet's ejb 组分: nc.itf.uap.sf.SysFrameEJB,细节消息: tx组分: nc.itf.uap.sf.SysFrameEJB在jndi没有被找到请部署componet的ejb [translate] 
aThey keep me thinking that we almost had it a 他们继续我认为我们几乎有它a [translate] 
aLocal control and remote signaling 地方控制和遥远的信号 [translate] 
aPlease make the delivery as soon as you can. 当您能,请做交付。 [translate] 
athis is an advantage to the investor in a limited company,who knows that if the company in which he invested is hugely successful,he may get back many times the amount he invested 这是好处对投资者在有限公司,中知道,如果中他投资的公司在是巨大地成功的,他也许让回到许多时间他投资的数额 [translate] 
athosewatches thosewatches [translate] 
aRed heart, Green world 红色心脏,绿色世界 [translate] 
a但被一些人的拒绝后 But after by some person's rejection [translate] 
atwo factors. The linear term is used because the, b0, b1, b2, 二个因素。 使用线性规定,因为, b0, b1, b2, [translate] 
aI'll go delete the information, he would not feel free to post on the Internet. 我在互联网将去删除信息,他不会感到自由张贴。 [translate] 
athrive in the accoutning sector 兴旺在accoutning的区段 [translate] 
aReal photo,not electrical one Like it so much.Thanks the guy who give me thisyou forgot to sign your name 真正的相片,不电子一个象非常。感谢给我thisyou忘记签署您的名字的人 [translate] 
aMr Green很在乎自己的家庭。每年都和自己的家人进行两次旅行 Mr Green cares about own very much family.Every year and own family member carry on two travel [translate] 
a康康正在看一篇关于健康饮食习惯的文章 Kang Kang is reading one about the healthy diet custom article [translate] 
a我来自信息10级六班。我的家乡是牡丹江。我想各位都不会陌生。牡丹江是黑龙江省第三大城市、也是东南部区域中心城市。全市总面积4.06万平方公里,沿江河平原区地势平坦,耕地集中连片,水源条件好,是全市水稻主产区,其中“卢城稻”是中国正史唯一记载的贡米,世界历史上第一个有品牌的大米,世界寒带水稻的唯一母本。牡丹江市位于黑龙江省东南部,素有“塞北江南”之称。景色天成。 世界第二大火山熔岩堰塞湖、世界地质公园——镜泊湖风景秀丽。 国家级森林公园地下森林是世界著名的“火山口”原始森林。已开发利用的主要风景名胜古迹及人文景点有火山口国家森林公园、牡丹峰国家森林公园和国家自然保护区。雪乡滑雪场、牡丹峰滑雪场。横道河子东北虎饲养场及冬季在牡丹江江面上 [translate] 
aAlthought receiving financial support from family,community or the government is allowed,it is never admired. 虽然接受财政支持从家庭,社区或政府允许,它从未被敬佩。 [translate] 
aAs people age, they often wish they were 当人们变老,他们经常祝愿他们是 [translate] 
aon different things 在不同的事 [translate] 
a她旁边的少年鼓手正挥动着手枪,急速向前奔跑 Nearby her the young drummer is wielding the pistol, forward runs rapidly [translate] 
a不要工作或学习太迟,否则你将不会睡得好 Do not work or the study too is late, otherwise you will not be able to rest well [translate] 
athese pcesces of advice 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI bought you the subway ticket 我给您买地铁票 [translate] 
awith 12 month´s notice 与12 month´s通知 [translate] 
a放学后去超市吗 After is on vacation from school goes to the supermarket [translate] 
athey have graphing calculators,video players and lots of apps that can be used for teaching 他们有注标计算器,录影可以为教使用的球员和许多apps [translate] 
aContacts between Japan and the rest of the world have grown a great deal in the twenty-first century 联络在日本和世界其他地方之间在21世纪非常增长 [translate] 
aif we plant nothing at all,we get nothing at all 如果我们什么都不种植,我们什么都没得到 [translate] 
apreferentially adsorbs in this state and forms other more tightly [translate] 
aThe style is in fashion in China. 样式以时尚在中国。 [translate] 
afound as ethylene coverage increases, ethylene formed more [translate] 
a农历十二月三十日。 Lunar calendar on December 30. [translate] 
aconditions. Luckily, sum frequency generation (SFG), pioneered [translate] 
ais great way to do so 是巨大方式如此做 [translate] 
a生理性状 Physiological character [translate] 
aThe flu is spreading quickly among people these days.So what should we do to prevent it. 流感在人之中那些日子迅速传播。如此什么应该我们做防止它。 [translate] 
aa piece beef 片断牛肉 [translate] 
a我们应该要保持空气清新来与细菌作斗争 We should have to maintain the air to come with the bacterium to wage the struggle fresh [translate] 
a如果每小时产能低于6250支,甲乙双方再协商加工费 If each hour produces can be lower than 6250, armor second grade both sides consult the processing charge again [translate] 
aWe shouldn't ()today's work for tomorrow 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHwanin's Majesty 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aor give it to your mother She knows how to do lt 或给它她知道的您的母亲对怎么做lt [translate] 
aeggplant and tomatoes 茄子 并且 蕃茄 [translate]