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The time is coming up.


Time is fast approaching.


The time had to arrive.
a(4) You agree to carry out any other type of tasks diverging from the ones proposed, that are equivalent and that you can reasonably be expected to perform, if required and as instructed by the Employer - including at another place within a radius of 100 km from the location of employment - by safeguarding your intere (4) 您同意执行分流从那个提出的任务的其他类型,那是等效的,并且那您可能合理地期望执行,如果必须和如由雇主指示-包括在另一个地方在100公里范围内从就业的地点-通过保障您的兴趣。 在这样案件,您的早先薪金将继续被支付。 [translate] 
aTHE DEPARTMENT OF STATE'S NATIONAL VISA CENTER (NVC)asvised you of the necessary steps to prepare for an appointment to file a formal application for animmigrant visa. 国务院全国签证中心(NVC) asvised您必要的步为任命做准备提出一个正式申请为animmigrant签证。 [translate] 
a他9点开始上课,12点放学 He 9 starts to attend class, 12 is on vacation from school [translate] 
aimprove the quality standard (additional lab tests may be required). [translate] 
adescribed below which are products of the United States.” [translate] 
a可是,它原本是一个狗明星,很多人都知道它。由于一次意外,它成了消防犬,并且拥有了他的新主人---谢恩。 But, it is originally a dog star, very many people all know it.As a result of an accident, it has become the fire dog, and had his new host---Thanking for kindness shown. [translate] 
a我们吃点东西吧 We eat a thing [translate] 
aI lear by studing with a group. I lear通过studing与小组。 [translate] 
a翻译:她说的少,做得多 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的公司名称叫做物流二班有限公司 My corporate name named physical distribution two class of limited companies [translate] 
aCommission said Wednesday in a statement that risks associated with 委员会说星期三在声明那风险联合与 [translate] 
asold to 卖 [translate] 
aнь попой ньпопой [translate] 
a什么货品 Any goods [translate] 
alao zheng-something trying to get in the window 老挝人设法的郑某事得到在窗口 [translate] 
a卡塔尔航空机队现有97架飞机,已开通覆盖全球100 多个目的地的航线网络。 The Qataran aviation aircraft formation has 97 airplanes, has cleared covers the global more than 100 destinations the route networks. [translate] 
ayntax error : missing ';' before '*' yntax错误: 错过‘; ’前面‘*’ [translate] 
atake up your offer 占去您的提议 [translate] 
apROBATION REVIEW 试用回顾 [translate] 
a表现出了问题 The performance had problems [translate] 
aMy baby miss you so much Baby i love you 我的婴孩错过您非常婴孩我爱你 [translate] 
athe most important item 最重要的项目 [translate] 
a下周,我们将乘坐巴士回家 Next week, we will ride the bus to go home [translate] 
aCan you bring some things to school? I need my hat,my notebook and a pen.My hat is on the chair The books is on the floor, and my is 您能否给学校带来有些事? 我需要我的帽子、我的笔记本和笔。我的帽子在书在地板上的椅子,并且我是 [translate] 
aWill be by your side to accompany you. 是将由您的伴随您的边。 [translate] 
aProducing a promotional video takes months of work and costs thousands of dollars. However, Jeff considers the time and money may be worth it if the result is a first-class promotional tool that can be used for travel expos, promotional evenings and storefront displays. Jeff wants you to prepare a brief storyboard that 导致增进录影需要几个月工作并且花费数以万计美元。 然而,杰夫考虑时间,并且金钱也许值得它,如果结果是可以为旅行商展、增进晚上和店面显示使用的一个头等增进工具。 杰夫要您准备概述5-10周详增进录影的视觉和音频元素的一简要的storyboard。 使用在类谈论的二专栏格式: 视觉描述在左和音频部分在右边。 [translate] 
aI translate chinese work on internet 我翻译在互联网的中国人工作 [translate] 
aerror code 110 误差编码110 [translate] 
aTraditional Chinese food for good wishes. 繁体中文食物为好愿望。 [translate] 
a刘英没有她姐姐擅长运动 The Liu Ying her elder sister has not excelled at the movement [translate] 
amaya2012 serial number maya2012号码 [translate] 
afound as ethylene coverage increases, ethylene formed more [translate] 
aJerudong Park 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI DON'T WANT TELL YOU BECUSE YOU DOES'T 我不要告诉您,由于您DOES'T [translate] 
ahe doesn’t care about clothes 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a生活的压力使那个年轻人过早的失去了活力 The life pressure caused that young people prematurely to lose the vigor [translate] 
aaxial shortening in each leg 轴向缩短在每条腿 [translate] 
a这四段分别介绍了四种不同质量,规格和价位的视频设备,供企业选择。 These four sections introduced separately four kind of different qualities, the specification and the price video equipment, chooses for the enterprise. [translate] 
auncloud 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
alucy and LILY have opposite 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aplease don t be in love withsomeone else. please don t have somebody waiti 请笠头t恋爱了withsomeone。 请笠头t有某人waiti [translate] 
aI'M YUMMY TO EAT . I'M GREEN AND LONG. 我是美味的吃。 我是绿色的和长期。 [translate] 
acapital of canada 加拿大的首都 [translate] 
aHave you explored the reasons wha people get nervous in a test? What would you do if you want to conquer the nervousness? 您探索原因wha人民得到紧张在测试? 什么,如果您想要征服神经质,您会做? [translate] 
aattract too much attention 受到许多注意 [translate] 
aAlthought receiving financial support from family,community or the government is allowed,it is never admired. 虽然接受财政支持从家庭,社区或政府允许,它从未被敬佩。 [translate] 
a我叔叔呆在伦敦 My uncle stays in London [translate] 
abe decided by 决定 [translate] 
aexhaust stays open 尾气逗留开始 [translate] 
a对什么起作用 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
arefer to data assembled 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们把迈克尔带到了医院 We arrived the Michael belt the hospital [translate] 
a花园里的那些花应多久浇一次水? How long in should garden these flowers irrigate water? [translate] 
a将会伤害她们的友谊 Will be able to injure them the friendship [translate] 
adot not put hot ingredients of spoon into the container 匙子小点没被投入的热的成份到容器里 [translate] 
aAre you very busy at present? 当前您是否是非常繁忙的? [translate] 
a时间就要到了。 The time had to arrive. [translate]